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  • lance_arthur 10w

    We Were Free

    If I knew your name, I loved you.

    I don't know the people in this picture frame. Did I know them before?
    I guess it's all the same. A million flames burning and I can't get warm. I guess it's just how I feel on this long journey. If it was just you and me I think id feel free but even with all this landscape, I shackle myself to a glass castle. The rooms where we laid and smoked cigarettes are hard to find, I don't have the passion to find them anymore. I'm sorry I let you down. Could we always feel the cold of this stone ground? Maybe before? We got old!! That's it I'm tired of making conclusions that the vandals outside cant make for us. We changed and with that change came shackles and chains. We were free once, we were free so unbelievably free.

  • lance_arthur 11w

    Pill Chili

    Pill chili effect
    Listen to birds peck
    Creeks where some sleep
    Cold is their feet
    Blues is the day
    Troublesome views
    Zoomie storms of Jupiter
    Shores of Neptune giving refuge
    Lines become ancient blurbs
    Next whistle let's dance
    Don't lose the change
    Half horses prance
    I lost the books page
    Half-eaten soup
    Stage a coupe
    Only purple and red groups
    Chickens home to roost
    Life needs a boost

  • lance_arthur 11w


    Seven angels tattooed on her chest and spoke like Pythagoras.
    Symptoms of madness that you adore.
    A brain licked maiden with curses that hollow the floor.
    She had golden bracelets on her wrist and sliver painted in her hair.
    She was the heir to the night, the Nile blessed her fair.
    The toll for the gentile she did call before the world would fall.
    Assume she was in control of the life beyond the grave. The seven angels kept no slaves.
    Written on the wall like a jackhammer was a creed that led the weak to sunshine. It was a tribute to all the minds to keep a steady eye on all that is.
    She'll be missed

  • lance_arthur 11w

    Patient 1497

    All the dogs were barking and the wind was outrageous. The night looked like it was about to crumble mountains into the ocean. I still can't forgive my mind for bleeding this emotion. I'd like to say I was crazy but really was I not attacked by aliens or some supernatural force? Three wise men followed one stare to find a messiah but I can't watch the sky crumble just once?

    Doctor, I think will increase your medication. I don't see you going home until these delusions are resolved.

    I think you're turning my mind into the clay. I can't feel love anymore, I've tried but it's just all blank like wax silhouettes plastered on a white wall. The nervous pounding of my heart makes me feel I'm marching to doomsday every time I step to the nurse's bay. I'm living in a manufactured hell driven by social norms and constant reform. How can one not be forlorn? Anyway, the blue in the sky looks like it's holding up quite well now, can I please try and touch it again I know it's low enough. Why do you always look at me like I need to bow?
    I don't need to start a fire to prove it's burning on the sun. I don't need to pitch the room black to show the moon is half-hidden. So many riddles to be unwritten and medication placed at nurses' stations. I'm not following your game, I'm not staying in the picture frame. I'm leaving this worrisome world.

  • lance_arthur 11w

    Little Secrets

    Little secrets go on about the words from your breath that you're better off mute and compressed.
    Little sayings that you have transcribed from Egyptian tombs have made you pale as the moon.
    I'm not going to tell you how to escape the fate of evil due but ill give you a key and let sail the ocean blue.
    And when you find the door that key keeps I hope it shelters you in its grace for that room saves sweeter than the opium tastes.

  • lance_arthur 11w


    You talked of paths of glory through the apocalyptic nightmares that we see in the mirrors.
    You talked of dreams upon the sea shall be all we need if we are sick by society and seek to be free.

    Now if I'm detected by the forces beyond my mind will I see you dancing from the west or will I be beaten like the rest.
    In my ragged shirt and baggy pants, I sing you hymns from the temples of Hermes now illuminate the earth and let us see.

    The cannibal king smacks his gavel looking for a well-known archer thief somewhere in the lands where Cinderella lays out her hand.
    The kingdom is landlocked by the storms of Noah's great ark and the thief outruns the bark.

    Goes to show many things give advice whether it's a cannibal or priest but the best way to learn is to put your ears to wishing well, just don't go selling your soul to a witch from the east.

  • lance_arthur 11w

    Old Times Sake

    Can we coexist together here or does the pendulum swing against us?

    Thanks for putting out my guitar from the attic. It feels like a lost relic of a youth that I've stung to death with intruding on the memory of. I hope there is some chance that you can see my failures as a token of wisdom. I know it was hard being alone those shapeless nights as I wandered through the world like a gypsy dream.
    I thought of you so sweet and wonderful with your hair in a bun, going through an old Burroughs book. I wished I could have seen you then, we could have studied Bukowski together and threw the books we despised onto the fire. You know we never cleaned that beautiful brick chimney. I wonder if the smoke now carries the whispers of the lost literature to the sky only to make rain and pour down on us. It's ironic how the books we burned may now rain upon us. I laugh at that. I suppose I'll get back to that guitar now.

  • lance_arthur 11w


    I understand your infernal hand and the red wings that now fall from heaven's gate and lay low in primordial hate. Before the land, there was void and a stream of constant consciousness that was driven by the sacred lines that illustrated the way of life as it would be wild and roar from shore to shore. Naked but limitless the body would only be a vessel for a voyage of the spiritual crown.
    The ego would be in constant rebellion against any actions of awakening the mind beyond vanities pound.
    In the sun the third eye finds solace in a blanket of wisdom passed down by sacred geometry.
    This is how one is free, so alone is never a product in which we consume.
    Love the moon.

  • lance_arthur 11w

    Social Thrist

    I've lost many a friend to social thirst on highways as above as they're below. I gotta read my crystal ball real slow or be part of the celestial show. Navigate the pleasures of happiness and break on through to the place where haunting ghosts flew. Never again will my stormy ocean be blue.
    Kiss my neon lights goodnight I cast you back to which you came.
    The palaces molded of wax and sand close the door on those who don't look the same. Shelters of shame.
    The place that screams look what I made. It's a million messes cast out to the sea. Giving distant ships troublesome waters to ride. Social thirst has taken thee.

  • lance_arthur 11w

    Hauntingly Misunderstood

    The broken bottle of perfume still spills on the vanity room floor.
    The make up all clustered together in a color palette of ruins.
    I called the hospital they said you would be on another seventy-hour hold.
    We have done this before.
    I can't recall loving anyone else in such a perfect union.
    We can sell the house and move to a quieter street where the people don't gossip as much. Maybe a home on the coast of Oregon?

    I never told you because consultant Hall said to not feed your delusions but I see the ghosts in the mirrors too.
    I see them mocking, I see them knocking. There tragically accurate at the timing of stressing us when we're most naked to their obsession. I have no idea if the world would even entertain such a question but do others see these grave jumpers too?

    We just need a new perfect view.