aLL tHe rEd thoUghTs Of my loVe onLy pEn GrEy quOtEs of His cALm!!!

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  • lady_witch 5h

    When incandescent thought drinks dewy breath in the corridor of hope,and that gleaming licker hydrates my dry desires of empty throat, I call it maple blushing WORDS pondering my cameo silence.

    "It's my tendency of resilient to enunciate my silence in words. "

  • lady_witch 22h

    Lost and Found dr(I)p

    When ink drops slide down from quill
    My fingertips press propitious time on sheets,
    Damped eyes reads pungent metaphors drop after drop
    And I jibe poetries of scorched me 'neath words.

  • lady_witch 1d

    #simile maybe��
    @darksoulz Do you know I love uh?? ♥

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    Darling,can I hide you in fist of word?
    To replace poetries on heart instead
    of rise and fall of breaths and heartbeats,
    So that I may taste exquisite rhyme between
    my lips when ever I narrate love in verses.

  • lady_witch 2d

    I am afraid of this humanity,where human is praising beast on the name of everything they like. If senses of right and wrong will be lost then how will we identify difference of rights and occupancy.

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    Rotten humanity smelling like nauseous egomania
    Now humanoid is nobody but a wretch
    This world is not aiding battlefield anymore
    Where happiness and sadness ameliorate person
    I am feeling now it's lap of serpent under my feet
    And walk are scrunch over exposed mortal
    Lots have assassinated because of being no body
    Few are clapping disgust from chair of richness.
    Where do I dig for lost homo sapiens
    When shovel of my hand is itself a cutthroat.

  • lady_witch 4d

    Is what,
    A pragmatic illusion,

    Of love
    With concrete hope,

    As rhyming
    Obliques and distance,

    Composing world
    In confessed pain,

    A poetry
    Of unfathomable sentiments.

  • lady_witch 1w

    How clouds you wrap in womb
    filling space from candyfloss awe,
    Your daybreak amaze my hopes
    and cobalt promises kiss my dying
    courage even though darkness lay
    on my eyes I wonder in dazzling stars
    of your lap.
    Are you only nurturing celestial in acmes
    Or burgeoning my descending dreams too?

    ~ your whimsical nut
    The ombre sky
    Earth's Valentine
    Tranquility street!

  • lady_witch 1w

    When flowers bloom at the boulevard of my fragile hope,I see sunshine of cares lingering in silence to greet own reflection,Warmth of love starts to stimulate in barren heart,And awkwardly my wounds deny to bleed over self love.
    The nights I know for choked me and bitter bed tends to sow moon upon my skin,my scars are not nightmare anymore than a mirror imaging an exquisite senora.I wear beauties of own convenient courage to become an ugly me bathed in praise by own tears.Perfumed buds never stand by my side than those fragrant stars teeming shine inside bone marrow.I don't care what flowers everyone grow in their garden but my balcony of insecurities only breeding peculiar bouquet of wisdom rather than pleasing anyone.

    Astro:Name of a star(means out of this World).
    Don't know what is this...
    Feel free to correct.
    Maybe delete it soon.

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    //I've picked dust of Astro
    to sow seed of a composed me.
    I'm blooming scars of my past to harvest moon in future.//

  • lady_witch 1w

    What's the punctuation of love?
    A mark of life by exclamation of promises.

    What's the exclamation of life?
    Marks of promises punctuated by love.

  • lady_witch 2w

    Poetry is my last hope

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    Under the feet of angst
    Poetry is my last hope
    Chanting melodious words
    As a sangfroid abetment.

  • lady_witch 2w

    Thanks for EC. ���� @miraquill

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    From drip drop correlative thought
    Dozens of superfluous images
    Are tasting like deciphering wine
    On the Ivory laconic utterance
    Tactile aromas of inky sheets
    Are slightly melting firmness on tongue
    Enhanced softness by unfermented words
    promising jibe from vogue of garnet
    The texture of poetry is off-dry emotions
    It addicts heart bustling crispness to brain