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  • kween_b 1w

    So before the pills settles in
    Before I get dizzy and loose my sense of reasoning
    Before sleep overwhelms me and puts me in a state of incomprehension.

    Please listen to this slurred words spewing from my mouth
    Never mind how they come but only consider the efforts put into the thinking and the words said.

    Because I mean them even if I may not remember any of it tomorrow
    But right now and right here....I just want you to know that you mean more to me than you could imagine.

    And I look beyond your imperfections because indeed no one is perfect.
    I'm not asking for you to be... because I love you just the way you are.


  • kween_b 4w


    Sometimes i wake up and my body battles with me to still let it lay down ; but i fight against it and struggle to lift myself off the bed even though reluctantly.

    With puffy eyes and huge eyebags, looking like i took a punch to the face.
    Dragging my body out the room, i make a stop by my mirror to look at my tired self and still smile and say "look at you this little pretty thing; you're doing great, keep pushing "

    With my fists clenched upwards, i say "goodluck " to myself imitating the countless scenes I've seen in K-dramas.

    I realised that no matter what I'm going through or what i experienced previously, i can't give up cos there's still so much worth fighting for.
    And I'm glad i keep getting reminders by my mind to keep pushing and never give up no matter how tired i am mentally or physically, cos I'm a relentless fighter.

    I can't help but include God in the equation because he's just the right guy to talk to without me being afraid of someone judging me. Ever faithful, kind and true to me.


  • kween_b 5w

    Tu me manques

    I don't know if it's right for me to say that i miss you and everything we had when you're still with me.

    It's even strange that i write in past tense because even though we're together, the bond we shared isn't there anymore.

    But still i can't help but miss you and hope that everything will return to normal soon enough .


  • kween_b 5w

    Every sentence you utter reminds me of a book i have read


  • kween_b 5w

    I have been awakened like the leaf by the road side whose lips is being kissed by the tender splashes of dew drops on a chilly morning.


  • kween_b 5w

    This is a piece for those who have battled depression and overcame because i know how it feels. And for those still going through it, i hope and pray that you receive all the help you need to get through it.
    Ps. Wrote this in one of my darkest days and didn't have the courage to share it then.

    @childauthor_345 @unspoken1927 @kosachaya @puranidiary

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    Is it ok to feel lost or is it so weird and awkward?
    In the midst of the crowd, there's no where to find warmth because nobody could even see beneath your thick skin.
    Locked behind doors with no one to call on when the demons you're chasing starts to eat you up bit by bit.
    You scream but can't be heard and salvation seems deluded...

    There's no ray of sunshine and doom is all you can see boldly written on the wall.
    It's clear and you can see it, that there's no light at the end of this so called tunnel. Only hurdles and ditches and it feels like you're going round in circle cos you've lost your way and Can't seem to find the perfect route back.

    The pain, the guilt, the shame, the anger keeps sucking you up threatening to devour all your essences, you cry and beg to be let alone but your please are shallow and timid and these demons know better than to listen to you .

    Where do you go from here, with this halo of doom hovering over your head and your skin as a withered leaf in Autumn....
    You could escape if only you knew that all these shenanigans is only going on in your head and that the redemption you await can only be given by you.

    You're lost....yes lost in your head.
    No one knows and no one can save you but yourself.
    You can find your way out, there's a portal waiting for you to find it and out you come to light and live in reality escaping all your fears and worries.

    You're only lost in thought but who's there to help you realise that????


  • kween_b 5w

    Zen you know we are all born as plain and natural rocks and hurdles are like sculptors who break us, beat us and scatter us before we transform into beautiful sculptures.
    Life itself would twist and turn us and take us through a spiral of hardships and pain, but that doesn't stop the sun from shining down on us after a heavy downpour of rain. All that we go through are like clay moulding us into the best we can be, and the stonger and finer we come out, the better we can stand the test of time.
    So Zen, remember that things happen for a reason and life isn't all bed of roses and neither is it full of hardships. There's always a sliver lining and light at the end of every dark tunnel only if we are brave enough to go through it. Be reminded that things can only get better because you chose not to give up.


  • kween_b 5w

    When the music dies....
    Realisation begins to seep in and we're reminded of what was and would be..

    The once free mind becomes clouded with thoughts...
    Thoughts that were taken away only few minutes ago in a state of euphoria.

    When the music dies, we tend to gather ourselves and find our way home.


  • kween_b 8w

    When the sun is up and you can only see the dark clouds hovering over your head no matter how hard you look...

    When the night comes and you feel the weight of your darkest thoughts cascading through your mind like trapped water escaping a trench....

    When the birds chirp and tweet but you're reminded of the noises that constantly fill your head swearing to steal the little peace you have left....

    When all seems not to be going well and you don't feel the urge to share your problems cos it won't get solved anyway...

    When you're stranded and can't seem to find your way home even when the Google map is on and pointing directions....

    When it's bitterness you taste from the tears that fill your now hollow eyes.....and a pool is forming and drowning you in it..

    When you stretch your hand looking for help with your last breath even though you've lost hope....

    Will you have peace knowing that you stopped fighting when you were at the brink of triumphing??

    Will you smile when you remember your struggles cos you conquered it or will you be sad all over again cos you didn't even try but only allowed yourself to wallow in self pity.

    You can do can get through it
    You're stronger than you think.....the strength lies in you, you only just need to search deeper and believe in your will to do exploit.


  • kween_b 11w

    Along the line we come to realise that time on it's own is something to treasure while we have it.
    That it lives in it's own existence and not waiting for anyone.
    It certainly doesn't respect anyone and flies as quickly as possible.
    Why then are we afraid of something we have no control over, something we could only try to manage and live with.
    It's not something to be tamed because it changes now and then; the best we can do is dance to it's tune and move with it as it goes.

    But no....we worry about the time we've lost forgetting that we've got another time ahead of us.
    We worry about aging and fading when it's the natural thing to do.

    Time is limited; nothing stays the same forever.
    Limited time to work, make an impact and enjoy special moments with our loved ones.

    Let's just hope that we find and achieve that happiness we seek before it is too late