A Rare Poet

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  • kwamena_wrighter 66w

    you are never broken
    and that’s enough to show
    you’ll come back to yourself:
    you just need another sunrise.

  • kwamena_wrighter 66w

    And...oh darling,
    you are much more:
    you just don’t have the right
    mirror to show you that.

  • kwamena_wrighter 67w

    You! 😔
    You are my irony
    You showed me the stars and drew a path through the galaxies to follow;
    You were the pilot to take me to the space where our stories would beautifully be crafted amongst the galaxies.
    Instead you became easily disconnected like MTN.
    Like Vodafone, you took all I gave without thinking of how much I lost;
    And like Tigo, you gave what you felt was not needful.
    Yet like Airtel, your loss made you an easy object of an unworthy merger.
    Your love came with terms and conditions like a promotion
    and you were nice only when it benefited your cause.
    Sweet words and lavishness of unwanted praises became my day when I met your terms.
    As a loyal customer,
    I was still stuck on you like a drug,
    hoping to get more of your pretentious rewards for loyalty.
    Now it is dawning on me like a new day
    and as I stand here,
    in front of this innocent mirror,
    staring blindly at what should be my regrets,
    all I see are scars of you,
    decorating my heart and skin like a bad tattoo-
    carefully drawn out of pretence and lies.
    And I am guessing ,
    probably you were not meant to look good in my reality
    because you looked too good,
    but only on paper

  • kwamena_wrighter 68w

    the way to her heart
    is the right path to
    all the wrong directions,
    and yet it gives that blissful chill
    to survive it all

  • kwamena_wrighter 68w

    How we went from happily ever after
    to nothing but a beautiful disaster
    still remains the favorite part of
    our story that is yet to get
    the right ink colour
    to write it

  • kwamena_wrighter 68w

    I did love you, truly.
    but you were a chain smoker
    and I,
    just another pack of cigarettes

  • kwamena_wrighter 68w

    I love You.
    I didn’t mean to fall in love
    but in your eyes I see
    the gateway to the heavens;
    your heart is the moon always
    shining brightly in the wake
    of the nights,
    and your move,
    the tides that sweep me off my feet.
    So sit here quietly with me and
    let’s watch the world while it burns
    until it runs out of light.

  • kwamena_wrighter 68w

    and in the end,
    when we get there,
    promise you’ll hold my hands
    and show me they way around your heart.
    I Cant promise anything in this moment,
    but I only hope forever
    has been seeded with our destinies
    just as the sun in bright blue skies
    and the moon in dark nighttime

  • kwamena_wrighter 68w

    of course,
    we each have
    our blessings and curses.
    but what we so often
    fail to understand
    is that sometimes
    our failures are a blessing
    and too often our blessings,
    the curse.
    and so,
    here lies the unwritten stories
    behind our hallelujahs and
    being heaven’s elegant poison
    to my mind and I,
    the charming danger
    to your heart.

  • kwamena_wrighter 71w

    if a genie gives me a million wishes,
    I'd spend them all looking at the world through your eyes
    and save the last wish just to stay right where I am: forever stuck in your gaze.