A Rare Poet

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  • kwamena_wrighter 46w

    I was condemned
    to live eternity in the labyrinth
    of love unrequited.
    they warned my waxed wings
    of love would not stand
    the heat of your beauty
    should I fly to close to you;
    and should I fly too low, I would
    have to wait another eternity to have
    a glimpse of the heaven
    your beauty brings.
    Now my wings have melted
    and I’m falling into the abyss
    of a love that would never be mine.
    in time,
    even my broken wings
    would not deter me
    from getting closer,
    not once
    I’ve grown to see
    the truth in her eyes
    that her smile,
    the one I’ve long waited for
    has been there
    the whole time,
    not for me to behold,
    but shun like a Medusa.

  • kwamena_wrighter 58w

    and my dear,
    this heart I give you
    is no man’s land.
    but once on it,
    just take care of
    each step you take,
    else you trip on
    the dead emotions
    and memories
    buried here

  • kwamena_wrighter 59w

    My dear,
    go soft
    on this boulevard
    of love;
    many souls
    lie here
    hurt and invisible

  • kwamena_wrighter 59w

    most of us settle for
    what causes our pains
    even when we keep getting
    the right offers of happiness

  • kwamena_wrighter 59w

    Yes sweetheart:
    in 2020,
    the dolphins returned to waters,
    and so did all of us,
    especially our hearts and minds.

  • kwamena_wrighter 59w

    You trick the wind,
    and I tease the rains:
    a tempest we create
    when your hand is
    tightly fixed in mine

  • kwamena_wrighter 59w

    the truth is;
    I would offer
    even for one
    last moment
    in the depths
    of her shadow
    and my soul
    just to have
    the salvation
    that comes with
    her smile when
    she says “hello”

  • kwamena_wrighter 59w

    you may have not
    been with me for
    a while.
    but like I’m used to,
    come this night,
    I would search out
    for the moon 🌙 in
    a sky full bright stars
    as if it were
    an old friend
    sharing a hello
    or a glimpse
    of your smile,

  • kwamena_wrighter 60w

    In the end,
    your heart would always
    be my talisman:
    for absolutely nothing
    could go wrong,
    around it

  • kwamena_wrighter 61w

    the path to your heart
    is beyond oceans;
    beyond the drifts
    of sinuous time,
    missed directions,
    and damaged emotions;
    I’m still willing to walk on
    these broken edges,
    waiting for the day
    you’ll stretch a hand
    to walk me through this
    hopeless journey to forever
    with you.