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  • kv1504 1w

    कह गए थे पहले ही तुम्हे कि बसेरा फिर नहीं मिलेगा,
    तेरे सपनों का बाग़ जो उजड़ गया तो दुबारा नहीं खिलेगा।
    जब बोले थे की मत ध्यान दो उन बहलाने वाली बातों में,
    कि सपने देखना छोड़ कर, मत जागो उन रातों में। ।

    अब मेरे सामने किस मुंह से शिकायत कर रहे हो?
    आने वाली जिंदगी से बेवजह क्यों डर रहे हो?
    मैंने पहले ही कहा था कि मत रोना किसी मोड़ पर,
    यू तो बहुत से आएंगे और चले जाएंगे छोड़कर। ।

    इनके पैर थमते नहीं बस कुछ देर रुक जाते हैं,
    जो पूरे रास्ते साथ चलें, बस वही हमसफर कहलाते हैं।
    उम्मीद तेरी मर चुकी है पर रास्ता अभी भी दिख रहा है,
    इस बात का सबूत है कि यह कवि आज भी लिख रहा है।।

    तेरा दिल टूट गया है माना, पर आज भी धड़क रहा है
    फिर काहिलों की तरह क्यों विधाता पर तू भड़क रहा है?
    मत भूल तेरे सीने में सांसे आज भी चल रही हैं,
    भगवान की मर्जी है तेरे दिल में ख्वाहिशें आज भी पल रही हैं।।

  • kv1504 1w

    Its alright, we are men, can handle the rest.

    Boys don't cry, my mom always said,
    Narrating me stories of bravery, at night, on bed.
    But she never told that to my little sister,
    Then mom left us but I could not cry when I missed her.
    There was my little sister to be consoled,
    As to her those stories were never told.
    But then, that day, I saw my dad crying,
    Then to me, was my late mother lying?
    To understand that thing, I had no time
    As our finances said, "You are not left with a dime! "
    My studies suffered and I had to get a small job,
    My dreams shattered and I could not even sob.
    But I did not let my sister suffer the same,
    I gave no reason, for her, to blame.
    Then the time came, with her love, she also had to leave.
    I was left with nothing but I still could not grieve.
    Here at my home, I had my father bedridden.
    Day by day, going worse but my tears still forbidden.
    He left me like everyone else had,
    I was dying but could not show myself sad.
    Finally, one day to someone, I lost my heart
    She cried on my chest but my tears could not part.
    Then, I had infront, my wife and a sweet daughter
    Her studies, their dreams could not allow my eyes water.
    Life has been harsh but I proved myself,
    As per mom's teachings, I never cried for help.
    However dead inside, a strong framework, I showed
    All my duties performed well, just as I vowed.
    I still work hard to give my family the best,
    Its alright dear, we are men, can handle the rest.

  • kv1504 2w

    PS: Am not promoting drugs.

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    High on weed

    Today, I am high on weed
    Narrating my tale, should I proceed?
    It can harm my heath, is all what they say
    But to give it up, I can't find a way.
    A drag of Marijuana soothes my soul,
    Everything seems to dance and seems to roll.
    They call me bastard and drug addict,
    My death is near, they all can predict.
    Where were they, when I needed love?
    Now they are trying to cage this free dove.
    I may be intoxicated but I am content,
    I don't want to look back through what I have went,
    Just a day before but my mother came to my dream.
    All of a sudden, at me, she started to scream.
    She knew my pains as she had seen my agony,
    But she left me midway and there was no one to accompany.
    It provoked me to consume this heavenly poison,
    And I caged myself in this deadly prison.
    I wanted to cry in your lap, which used to be warm.
    Now I sleep in the lap of death, which can harm.
    Today, she came again and held my hand
    I see myself lying but I am above the land.
    But she is with me, that's all to my comfort
    I fly away, away from the world that can hurt.

  • kv1504 2w

    And I left..

    I slept on Mumma's lap last night,
    I day before that, we had a fight.
    I did not eat but she came and fed,
    With shame and regret, my face was red.
    Some more time in her bosom, I do crave
    But I will not let her down, 'cause am brave.
    As today I stand in my marriage attire,
    And infront of me there lits a fire.
    Tears are at the edge as we have tied the knot,
    But bravehearts don't cry, she always has taught.
    As we are approaching next day's morrow,
    No one can help my sharp rising sorrow.
    I can see dad from the corner of my eye,
    And that smile on his face is nothing but a lie.
    This love, only till today, was written in my fate,
    I realized this never, never before this date.
    Then the time came, when I had to leave,
    And the tears finally parted my eyes, expressing my greive.
    They also cry, whom I have never seen crying
    There blessings, with me, will always remain, no denying.
    Covering their dark teary faces, colours of smile, they have paint.
    It seems like never but today I am to faint.
    Holding my hand, my soulmate seated me in the car,
    Felt as if he was taking me away too far.
    He sat beside and kissed my forehead,
    With shyness and love, my cheeks are again red.
    Finally, with a heavy heart, I bid them farewell,
    And in his comforting arms, forever I fell.

  • kv1504 3w

    My bosom was wet by the blood that eloped
    Dipped my pen and it never stopped.....

  • kv1504 4w

    Our heart sits in corner of darkness,
    May this Diwali enchant our souls......

  • kv1504 4w

    Pearl OR Reward

    The pearl is too expensive to attain,
    But once mine, it will always remain.
    Should I chase it or walk on my own road?
    But at the end of it, I am destined to get a reward.
    The reward will be completely unknown,
    But qualities of pearl have already been shown.
    People will laugh at me for dreaming so high,
    And all this will add to my quality of being shy.
    All the paths that I discovered before,
    Have been diminished and I stand ashore.
    The waves are so high and the boat awaits,
    Should I go for it ,ignoring the fates?
    But if I try to part this beach,
    My conscience scolds, "tis what your birth givers teach? "
    My eyes are moist for the reward I deserved.
    What if, for someone else, pearl has already been reserved?
    The pearl afterall has a great worth,
    And the owner of it shall be special by birth.

  • kv1504 6w

    It all seems like a word play game,
    All what is today will not be the same.
    A day old thoughts are in seconds, proved wrong,
    Opinions are changing like on a radio does a song.
    Things that seemed to be in hands are miles away,
    Closer ones are vanishing. Whom should I say?
    Inside a ship and the Captain is nowhere to be found,
    Can hear the melody but unaware of the direction of the sound.
    The waves sometime try to surpass,
    Feeling like an eerie road being walked by a lass.
    I know my condition, he can behold.
    Watching me silently, not an advice he told.
    What has he written, he never ensures.
    The desires I develop is how he lures.
    May he come to me and hold my hand,
    And make me clear: its just a mirage in sand.
    Or may he tell me the way to reach,
    The destination I am destined to go, I do only beseech.

  • kv1504 6w

    Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, finds a dream; who looks inside awakens.
    -Carl Jung

  • kv1504 6w


    How can these men be so strong?
    How can they hold feelings within for so long?
    How can they burn a dead body and not cry?
    How can they be depressed and still lie?
    How can they choose their duties over dreams?
    How can they hide their anger, feelings and screams?
    How can they suffer all pains and still smile?
    They provide all comforts to us and send themselves into exile.