खुशियाँ नाराज हो गयी।

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  • kunaln 4w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Ego

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    Ego has lot to tell in this love world

  • kunaln 5w

    दबा दबा ही सही दिल मे प्यार है या नाही?

  • kunaln 9w

    इन बारिशों से दोस्ती अच्छी नहीं ‘फराज़’
    कच्चा तेरा मकान है कुछ तो ख़याल कर ।

    - अहमद फराज़

  • kunaln 9w


    So I was reading so many messages and quotes like when you are in love everyday is valentine's Day for you and if you love someone there is a whole year to love someone.
    But tell me have you ever tried to find what actually valentine's Day is?

    It's a well in time day.
    It's for to show gratitude for our loved ones, for our people.
    Whoever it is.

    Even if you face struggle everyday
    You deserve all love on valentine's Day.

    Even if you don't meet your loved ones daily
    Even if you have problems in your life Daily
    But this day 14 February is all about forget everything and look for something to love and to be loved.
    Because you don't do it everyday.
    You don't show gratitude for your loved ones everyday.
    So do it today
    Do it on valentine's Day.

  • kunaln 11w

    What are your basics?
    We listen people saying "I can die for you".
    But do we misunderstand whole phrase?

    What actually you wanna do for your loved one?
    Are you really gonna want to die for them?

    Or shall we change the phrase?

    Make it clear

    You want to love them for life.
    You want to live with them for life.
    You want to give them importance for your whole life
    Love together
    Live together

    And then happily die together.
    Because if you go from here
    It's possible to live with pain
    But I have a choice I don't want to live with pain.
    The pain is you are not there.

    happy - die - together.

    But only after loving them for whole life.


  • kunaln 24w

    मेरी ज़िंदगी का
    रविवार हो तुम,

    सोमवार से ही तुम्हारा
    इंतज़ार रहता है !

    - रायसाहब

  • kunaln 24w


    When people start knowing each other
    Unknowningly they start assuming each other.

    Assuming is very strange thing happens to us because after one Stage we realize this is something real shit we experiencing but other person don't even idea of it.
    That phase is learning about not to assume anyone.
    You become Freak !
    Yes Freak
    You change the way you look at life.
    Feels like everything is related to that person.
    What we feel for the that person No feeling is Greater than that. ( As in our own equations)


  • kunaln 25w

    Recently watched this beautiful series.
    And loved this quote.

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    We can Love People still we can let them go.

    So I Love You and I let you go.

    - 13 Reasons why.

  • kunaln 25w

    Tested positive for always being *understanding one

  • kunaln 29w

    I am in love with the places that reminds me my troubles are so small..