खुशियाँ नाराज हो गयी।

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  • kunaln 6w

    What would feel as happiness if there was no grief at all?

  • kunaln 6w

    Do you guys make the list of what you want in your lover? Like smart, beautiful eyes, sweet voice?

    But this is wrong , I mean I think it's wrong.

    People aren't lists and and I always wanted to be the person who made someone realise that.
    and I want to come across someone with list in their that nothing like the person I am, I want to show them what they didn't even know and what day want is pulling themselves

    Nobody really knows what they want, not intil it's right in front of them.

  • kunaln 7w

    Or friendzone krna hai?

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    यूँही तुम मुझसे बात करते हो..या कोई प्यार का इरादा है??

  • kunaln 8w

    Just a short line !
    But this is for everyone who keep trying things, keep doing whatever they want, keep working i am sure
    You are going to cross oceans.
    I love you all for being there and trying continuously.

    You all are �� !

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    हर काम अपनी एक उम्र मांगता है ।

  • kunaln 11w

    It's always one person who suffers more.

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    People deserves your whole heart, they love you alot more than you do

    So If you can't give them your whole heart
    It's always better they know.

    That's the kinder thing to do.

    ( I mean see just please tell them you don't love them before it's too late, otherwise they will put all energy into you for the ages and suddenly if you tell them you don't feel the same way so it's like you are Intensionally hurting them, so please tell me them ASAP)


  • kunaln 11w

    Saari duniya ki mohabbat se kinara karke,

    Humne khudko rakha hai tumahra karke !

  • kunaln 12w

    वोह शहर जहाँ हम मिलते थे
    वहा अब़ शोर कम़ है ।


  • kunaln 21w


    Beautiful is not only because
    Particular way.
    You are beautiful in everything
    The way you are.

    When I say beautiful to you
    Because i appreciate and value you so this automatically becomes whole different level of beautiful To you and to me.
    And that level of beautiful is way too pure and sunder.

    You are sunder
    You are sunder in all forms of you.
    You can tell me about your dreams
    Or I can give you flowers,
    I always send you quotes because I think you will feel good, or you will laugh or something.
    And You look always prettier than past.


  • kunaln 38w

    दबा दबा ही सही दिल मे प्यार है या नाही?

  • kunaln 42w

    इन बारिशों से दोस्ती अच्छी नहीं ‘फराज़’
    कच्चा तेरा मकान है कुछ तो ख़याल कर ।

    - अहमद फराज़