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  • kunalgirotra08 67w

    @arushisaxena for you again and always ❤

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    As tears roll down your eyes
    You'll know I am beside you

    Just close your eyes to see my face
    Endure to feel a warm presence

    With a smile so wide
    It brings tears to your eyes

    Endorse your smile across the set
    As I mingle through the threads

    And wiping off the tiny drops
    Bringing to life from a corpse

    Hold you tight beneath my arms
    Kiss your forehead, along your charm

    Mingle through the nose and cheeks so soft
    Anything I'll do, to bring the smile I ought

    Love aint difficult you'd choose yourself
    Never ever cry is I ask from an elf

    Call was to eternity
    Beginning, to end, you just never flee

    When I'll see you one day
    I know you'll have endless to say

    As shiny rays of light
    Fell upon the perfect creation of your soul

    And gives your life some roses
    I promise that'll make it bliss

  • kunalgirotra08 67w

    @arushisaxena for you! ❤

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    Dreamt of a woman who was
    Clothed in white
    wearing a nose-ring
    With a golden light

    Her eyes just hold
    The vision of my life
    Her hair are fine like
    The ocean's tide

    Her smile allures
    In the flowery night
    Escatic world with a
    Solemn sight

    I grow embraced
    By the heavenly height
    And here she comes
    As she carries her light

    Her waving eyes
    did all the talk
    All was it just me
    Still Falling for her ?

    Every day turned out so wide
    With a morning text and a gloomy smile
    And every night we talked so late
    About our lives and leathery fate

    Every call made my heart in sight
    Or were the love bugs ready to fight
    Her every word just meant so much
    Like her lips just rolling for the touch

    Is it true that you are real?
    Every day I ask for surreal
    In my dreams I hold you tight
    Walking to the moon in the hazy night

    In my arms you always lie
    As if it was me to die
    Every day I cherish your smile
    Wishing to walk just another mile

    She walks in Beauty, like the night
    Of Cloudless climes and starry skies;
    And all that’s best of dark and bright
    meet in her aspect and her eyes.

    With all the wailing stars I see
    Alluring hearts and a ceasing bee
    Praising you for all your love
    As if we were just two doves.

    Sometimes I’m sad and life gets me down,
    but I always know I can turn that around,
    by closing my eyes and picturing you,
    the source of my joy, I thank you.

  • kunalgirotra08 79w

    He never looks for praises.
    He's never one to boast.

    He goes on quietly working
    For those he loves the most.

    He's there when nights are solemn
    And words are less to speak

    Among the shiny whispers
    Which come across the street

    His dreams are seldom spoken.
    His wants are very few.

    And most of the time his worries
    Will go unspoken, too.

    He's there , a firm foundation
    Through all our storms of life.

    A sturdy hand to hold onto
    In times of stress and strife.

    A true friend we can turn to
    When times are good or bad.

    One of our greatest blessings,
    The man we call as Dad.


  • kunalgirotra08 82w

    You can never hold onto something for eternity
    And the good things always end too fast
    The candle that you lit that night
    Has melted along with my heart

    Sometimes I can hear you in the bathroom
    Sometimes I can see you next to me
    Sometimes I still try to grab onto the nothing
    Onto the ghost of you

    Maybe I will one day move on
    Maybe I will one day meet another
    Maybe I will find it once more
    That feeling that from within me has escaped


  • kunalgirotra08 84w

    I was a boy that said very little
    My heart was young and very brittle
    You took my hand and showed me peace
    Love still seems to be the missing piece

    You fell for someone I’m still trying to be
    But my mind I’m still trying to free
    Even though it was only for a short time
    The feeling was so wonderfully sublime

    I made a mistake to come up with a lie
    And I still continue to wonder why
    Immature and afraid of just asking you
    I sent a message I didn’t think through

    I lost the type of friend I’ve never had before
    And now I’m still searching for
    My mind is a prison of obsessions
    It never ends with the questions

    I’m sorry for the pain I created
    It was probably best we never dated
    Because if you did give me that chance
    My touch would have probably been the only romance

    I said little in person and nothing on the phone
    Because there was so little I known
    You were the first girl I kissed
    Your touch I have missed

    I was lonely before and still am today
    But ahead of me I’m sensing a brighter day
    Thank you for being such a great person to me
    I still hope a great person I will one day be

    I hope you will find a good guy
    A man who isn’t very shy
    Who is honest and respectful
    And never neglectful

    Maybe I’ll see you again one day
    I hope that day I’ll have good things to say

  • kunalgirotra08 84w

    याद है…
    वो बचपन की अमीरी,
    न जाने अब कहां खो गई…
    वो दिन ही कुछ और थे,
    जब बारिश के पानी में हमारे भी
    जहाज चला करते थे…


  • kunalgirotra08 85w

    Dilo ki inn guftagu mei
    Do pal ka ikk raaz khula

    Naa jaane uss pal mei kitney
    Ashqo ko humraaz mila

    Aakhe padhte padhte unki
    Phone liya jo haath mei apna

    Toot gaya tha naa jaane
    Kitne zulmo se aaj ye sapna

    Dillagi ke manzar ne
    Naa jaane kitne roop liye

    Phone utha kar dekha unka
    Aakhri ikk message aaya

    "Barat aa gayi hai
    Apna khayal rakhna"

  • kunalgirotra08 85w

    Open your eyes,
    People are not worth it

  • kunalgirotra08 86w

    Safar do kadam ka
    Jise ishq log kehte
    Magar ishq wale
    Sab safar mein hi rehte hai

    Khatam hota na
    umra bhar hi
    Ishq ka ye raasta
    Jo hai yu behisaab sa

    Ishq Aashiqui Mein
    Kuch Log khwaab bunte Hai
    Zindagi ke gham ko
    Ab aasuo se kehte hai

    Zakham baant-ta hai un phoolo ko
    Jo dard mei bhi khilte hai
    Jism rooh se jab
    Do dil yu dil se milte hai


  • kunalgirotra08 87w

    Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers,
    things standing shall fall,
    but the moving ever shall stay.