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  • kumbasu 4w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #relationship #life # quotes

    When relationships are important, we need to keep our egos outside to have valuable relationship and it's mutual ☺️

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    Ture Relationship

    When you really respect ture relationship, winning or loosing the arguments doesn't matter because you always value the relationship more than anything

  • kumbasu 4w

    Tiny Hummingbird

    Today evening while enjoying coffee, I looked out the window and saw tiny beautiful hummingbird bird. Poor one was trying to move against the blustery wind to its nest.As the little one moved closer to nest, hard wind waves sent it back again and again. Tiny bird faced blustery wind with full force by falpping wings harder and it made to the nest... I got delighted and rejoiced. Littreally calpped too.

    Small/Big achievements from others can also impact our life.These acts make us happy.Always motivate us to achieve greater heights. Also teaches to enjoy every moment of the life

  • kumbasu 4w

    Have you?

    Always wonder why so many thoughts comes in and goes away. Are these all random? Is there any relation for thoughts as well? Like have you ever wondered why only that specific thought, at that point in time and at that place?
    Is their some relation like ex: some person is thinking about you so universe made you also think about that person? Or all these are completely random.
    Have you felt like you are thinking and the other person starts discussing the same as if it's on thier top of mind too?