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  • kshama1404 162w

    Lucifer was a Musician too

    "He's a Musician!" " She has the purest voice I've ever heard!" " He/ She plays so well!!!." Is a great way to tell one's friends about the person one is smitten with. Musicians!
    Their words are like Music to one's ears, a song that one always wanted to hear.. And then when it comes crashing down, one realizes, it wasn't just the instruments they played , but a heart too!! The strings of their guitar , turn into "no strings attached" . Charmers? Charm is indeed deceptive. They strike a chord when they want, pull it when one thinks there's a rhythm.. and viola!! With incomplete lyrics, one has got the best unwritten song ready! When one reads in between the lines, they say the page was blank.
    Wasn't Lucifer a Musician too?
    Oh wasn't he the head of the Worship Team?
    The Morning Star , a fallen angel on the land,
    The Son of Dawn, the lead player of the Band...
    And everytime one meets someone of this kind, all one thinks is -
    "Whenever I look at you, I remember that Lucifer was a Musician too..."

  • kshama1404 199w

    We all are protagonists of a show called "Life"
    There are twists and turns,
    Heals and Burns

    New faces switching new role
    Struggle at every end of the pole

    There's fight for an identity,
    Finding peace and security

    With people, so special
    Making moments, memorable

    There's travel of time
    A hope everything to be fine

    We all are protagonists of a show called "Life"
    _ Kshama Aghamkar

  • kshama1404 202w


    पता नही क्यू लोग करते हें हमे बदनाम?
    हम तो बस अपनी दुनिया में मग्न हे।

    चूप रहे तो कहे हुरूर हे ,
    शामिल हो तो संगत का असर हे।...

    वहा वो मस्ती मे मग्न हे
    लेकीन उन्हे क्या पता?
    हम तो बस हस्ती
    बनना चाहते हे।

    बस एक हस्ती
    बनना चाहते हे।...
    Kshama Aghamkar

  • kshama1404 208w

    Sugar-coated words that seem nice,

    For every Poker Faced white lies..

    Vanilla may be used as Fragrance

    But originally it is a Spice

    __ Kshama A


  • kshama1404 213w

    A fine line...

    Is there a fine line between
    "feeling safe" and "being protected"?
    One makes you feel at home,
    Other makes you believe nobody can harm you....
    When you find people like family, you feel safe.
    When you're troubled and get help, you feel


  • kshama1404 214w

    Just because

    Just because you're independent, doesn't mean you don't need help.
    Just because there's a NO, doesn't mean
    You stop trying...
    Just because there's silence, no fire burning
    Just because the eyes meet, the hearts are racing..
    Just because there's a smile, no pain
    Just because there's a loss, no more gain.
    Just because there's people around,
    You can't be a Loner.
    Just because you don't cry, you don't need
    A shoulder..
    Just because you're strong, you can't be vulnerable
    Just because you're underestimated , not capable.. Just because... Just because...