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  • krutikamehta 2w

    This girl I know
    She cries for a day, goes back to sleep
    Overthinks her brain off the next
    And then pledges, "Never let them deep.."

    This girl I know
    Writes poetry because she says she loves writing
    But only she knows, what a relief it is to finally say something
    To someone who won't judge her for who she is or what she thinks..

    This girl I know
    Meets people, lets off her guard and becomes attached
    But everytime, expects more and gets hurt over and over
    Then swears to never not be detached...

    This girl I know
    Sometimes, wants to sleep all day, and do nothing but that and eat
    Wants to speak not a word to a soul, just be by herself
    But has big plans in her life with travel and new people everyday to meet!

    This girl I know
    Reads fiction, and hears people tell her over and over,
    "Read mature books..", "Try something new",
    But in her mind she knows those are the only perfect stories she knows..

    This girl I know
    Always thinks she has it all sorted out,
    And then one setback, and she's lost in this never ending abyss
    Filled with self loathing, cynicism and doubt..

  • krutikamehta 6w

    Be kind

    Be there for someone when they need you
    You never know how much they've been crying
    Behind that smile..
    Or how far they've come
    For that last extra mile..

    Listen to their silences
    Hear their words, their tone
    For they have nothing else left to say
    Until you hear them long after they're gone..

    Watch their pauses, their texts, their 'hmms'
    For that might not always be their boredom talking
    But a cry for help, for once, just try thinking
    You might just be around a dead person walking..

    Tomorrow you may not have someone to come home to
    Or rant about your crappy day at work
    Maybe today if you brighten that someone's day a little,
    They won't have that self loathing darkness around them to lurk..

    Hold them close while you still can
    Make them feel like they are worth living for
    Kiss their forehead and hold their hand,
    Let the light in, hold open that door..

    Make time for those you love
    Don't wait for them to sob and come to terms with it
    Sometimes , if not always, hold them close
    Listen to what they want to say, that will be your bit..

  • krutikamehta 24w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

    Dressed in black, the darkness peers
    As the light takes on all the shine
    Yet, a small part of everyone's mind sits in fear
    Smiling pretentiously, and saying "Thanks, I'm fine!"

    As mellow and charming as the sun might seem
    There's still a tint of agression it hides
    Like a million little schools of fishes swimming in the ocean
    While in the depths of it, a huge whale silently glides..

    As quiet and calm as the beach may seem
    There's still some chaos it's trying to embrace
    And while you stand on its shore, in the awe of silence
    Amidst the waves crashing into one, you can hear its heartbeats race..

    As beautiful and royal as the museums and forts look
    An eerie, dark silence engulfs them at all times
    Staring at the outside world in silence,
    But disappearing in thin air when the church bells chime..

    Maybe it's not always about a happy ending
    Maybe a happy ending doesn't come alone, but just gilds the sorrow beneath it
    Maybe we need to stop living for roses along the broken path, that is this life,
    But start trying to make peace with the gravel and mud underneath it..

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    The seen and the unseen

  • krutikamehta 29w

    Cloud play

    Staring out the window,
    The Sun doesn't feel like coming up today
    Clouds like shards of glass laying everywhere
    While the sky does everything it can, NOT to look grey...

    Staring out the window in a daze
    She lights up a cigarette, puffs up some smoke
    Holding it between her long, trim fingers with grace,
    Inhaling it in, as if she's waiting for it to soak..

    Soak it into her lungs till she can't feel it anymore
    Soak it till they get so full, she can't scream them out
    For life hasn't just been how others put it: a 'bore'
    But full of bickering, sobbing in her head, filled with doubt..

    For it feels like forever since this feeling in her head
    This feeling of not knowing where to belong, what to think
    What to do when it feels like you're frozen in endless time,
    When you start wondering, "Maybe I should see a shrink.."

    And, this feeling, she thinks to herself
    Doesn't feel like her
    Doesn't make her herself, but makes her more unknown
    More distant, more hostile, more fragile
    More on the verge of breaking after so many cracks underneath...

    That's what makes her all choked up:
    This isn't her.
    This isn't what she used to be.
    Because the Sun didn't always not feel like rising up.
    Sometimes, it was just a peck of laughter, and everything would go away...
    Somedays, it was just a trick of the eyes and cloud play.

  • krutikamehta 32w

    Midnight crises

    Aren't we all just waiting for someone to love us?
    To take us for just the way we are?
    Even when we're on top of the mountain of our desires
    Or even when we've drowned in the mighty waters of our insecurities?

    Aren't we all just waiting to be unraveled?
    Not really knowing who we are:
    Someone with a pretty face, but tainted souls
    Or someone with a soul of gold
    But nothing left to give to others?

    Aren't we all the same?
    Underneath that 'interesting' or 'unique' disguises we chose everyday?
    Talking about leaving everything behind and running away
    But secretly , searching for reasons to stay?

    Tired is all we are;
    Tired of waking up and realising you've got nothing else;
    Nothing else to expect, after you do the same everyday.
    Nothing else to say, when you're done saying the same thing that goes around in your mind on repeat.
    Nothing else to do, when you promise yourself you won't go through the same shit anymore, but eventually, everyday you do.
    Tired of thinking to yourself everyday, "Is there an end to this, or is this what it's going to feel like everyday?"
    And gradually, everyday, giving bit by bit of yourself away..

  • krutikamehta 41w

    New year

    Ever been so sad on a new year,
    That when the clock strikes twelve
    All you can think about is hugging someone tight
    And just going to sleep?

    Ever been so sad on a new year,
    That the beginning of a new day
    Suddenly just doesn't feel right anymore
    Like, it's just time slipping off your hands?

    Ever been so sad on a new year,
    That you begin thinking in reverse
    Like just yesterday you were a kid who didn't know anything
    But all of a sudden, it's you against the world?

    Ever been so sad on a new year,
    That when you could be thinking of kissing someone
    You just think about how they're not around you then
    And all you want is for time to pass so you can meet them again?

    Ever been so sad on a new year,
    That when you could be binge watching episodes
    And typing and replying to all those "Happy new year texts"
    You realize you're writing a poem, about feeling lonely?

  • krutikamehta 45w

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

    Dearest Rishi Singh Shekhawat,
    I haven’t always been a fan of love stories, but ever since I first saw you during the trailer release of Mismatched, I couldn't wait to meet you. Not to be cheesy, but I think it was love at first sight.
    When you came and greeted Dimple for the first time saying, “Hello future wife!”, a part of me laughed, another wondered “who the hell meets someone for the first time saying that?!” ,and a third one just hoped for Dimple to like you in the upcoming episodes , being raised watching romantic Bollywood movies since childhood. The way you were so excited to meet a girl you thought is perfect just by a photo, that she doesn’t even need any makeup to be beautiful melted my heart in the very first episode.
    Then, I got to know you better when I got to know about your family, how your parents got separated and how you think you've been born in a wrong generation, because "you're one of those guys jo abhi bhi 60s waale romance mein jeeta hai". Seeing your parents' marriage fall apart, you didn't abandon the concept of love, instead, you chased that feeling you've always longed, the feeling they call 'love'. That was one of the very first things which I'm pretty sure made not just me, but every girl watching the series fall in love with you.
    Initially, I thought you will chase Dimple for a few days and give up on her, because even though people try to make everything perfect, some stories don’t always have a happy ending. After all, love can't always be sunshines and rainbows! But watching you two become friends while hunting for photos for your app, watching you hope that you get her as your partner for the same showed that you weren’t one of those who would back down just because of an embarrassing first day and first meet. You were the one who would stay.
    Your first date, or as Dimple mentioned it, 'non date' was not what you'd thought it would be, but had a perfect silver lining when you guys kissed for the first time. It was so perfect, seeing that even though you guys got off to a bad start, you were headed the right way. It was one of those moments you watch in movies, where the audience hopes for the couple to stick around and have a happily ever after, no matter what happens after.
    But, when you stood up for Namrata against Dimple, it showed me how much you valued your friendship and how big of a heart you had. The fact that you could sacrifice your love for your friend, with a heavy heart, tears in your eyes and having a lot more to say that just words in anguish, and still stand at the gate of the girls hostel for the last time , hoping you’d see her for the last time just broke my heart. I guess, somewhere I hoped you guys would get back again, because I guess we always search for silver linings even if the whole world is falling apart.
    Rishi, you are one of those guys who stand alone amongst the crowd. In a world of guys like Anmol and Krish, who aspire to get any girl in bed with them by their toxic masculinity, you are a guy who proved that understanding , giving your love some space and letting it breathe is the way to a better relationship. You are a guy, who still listens to old Bollywood romantic songs. In a world where everyone thinks old Hindi songs to be “ye gaane remix mein rakhenge, to bhi sab so jaayenge”, you are like a slow, melodious Hindi ghazal, which soothes everyone's heart and paves whatever it's been through with love. Guys like you are hard to find , maybe because girls don’t see them, or if they do, they aren’t as patient and willing to wait as you.
    You proved it in just six episodes that love doesn't always win or find its way, or maybe there always isn't a happily ever after, however bitter it may sound in a world of fairytale romances you lived in. Your fearlessness to stand up for your friendship showed that not everyone and everything is meant to 'fall' in love. Some things are meant to be saved and cherished forever.
    Here's to a sweet, romantic boy who fell in love with a crazy , ambitious girl and to their imperfectly perfect love story! Always be the Rishi to your Dimple however difficult things may seem and don't change even if the world around you forces to sculpt your love into something it's not.
    Till then, always be the “jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaaye' in this world of item songs and EDM!
    Loving you always,
    Krutika #life #love #thoughts #friendship #inspiration #diary

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    Dearest Rishi Singh Shekhawat,


  • krutikamehta 52w


    Day passes after day
    Night bears the same awkward silences
    Dawn has just given up trying
    And dusk is still finding its way..

    As I ponder on the same question
    Every single day
    "How come it was so damn easy for them to leave me?"

    Some days, it's more grief than the others
    On others, it seems easier to just forget
    But at the end of the day, it just makes me realize
    More and more, every single night before going to sleep
    "I guess I'm just easily replaceable, that's all!"

    Some songs which remind me of who all I had in my life
    Some pictures to remember them by
    Some people , more important, in less pictures
    Some others, perhaps unimportant, but everywhere the eyes go...

    Everyday, thinking , perhaps overthinking
    What would've been...
    If those someones and somethings could've stayed.

    That's the thing, I think
    If you err, it makes you human, they say.
    But how much grieving,
    How many of these errors
    To make it all go away?
    Is the last thought I have everyday.

  • krutikamehta 55w

    Modern Love

    "And how do you do that?"
    "How do I do what?"
    "Be in love with just the idea of someone, keep them in your heart forever, yet love someone else completely?", she asked.
    "It's easy. Once you know they're never gonna be what you fell in love with, you begin the process of letting the love you truly deserve find you. I guess that's what conventional love stories don't teach you", he smirked.

  • krutikamehta 65w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

    Just this once I wish
    I wouldn't open up my heart to anyone.
    When a mere silence can suffice,
    If only I could just smile, nod along
    Not be this clumsy and just keep my words knit tight?

    Just this once I wish
    I wouldn't wonder about things that come to my mind
    Random things, like why am I the way I am, what makes me
    Or fleeting moments of everyday life
    Like did I do it right when I smiled at that stranger? Or was it far too kind?

    Just this once I wish
    I wouldn't get sucked up in this blackhole, that is my mind
    Which weaves each and every strand of thought I possess
    Some, which are a part of me, while others which feel like a distant, far-off land
    And yet, all of these play in the background on a loop and rewind

    Just this once I wish
    I wouldn't wake up the next day with total oblivion
    What to do next? What's the purpose of life?
    What do we live it for? Or exactly whom?
    What if all of it isn't true at all? Just an illusion?

    Some days I think I am too full of everything
    The others, I just sit still, gazing at the moonlight streaming through the window
    Wondering, if I'm the person I think I am
    Or am I someone else entirely, just feeling a bit low?

    What is it that I am?
    My whole life, up until now?
    Just a labyrinth within me, waiting to be unraveled
    Or, is it just this bleak image of a lost soul
    A small, abandoned island between this vast ocean, which I've already discovered and traveled?
    ©krutikamehta #life #love #poetry #thoughts

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