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  • krishna181193 7w


    చైతన్యానికి విలువ చరిత్ర పుస్తకాలలొ చిరిగిన పేజీలు

  • krishna181193 17w

    నాడు - నేడు

    ఏడవకండి ఏడవకండి జగన్నాథ రథ చక్రాలు వస్తున్నాయి అని అన్నాడు ఆ నాటి శ్రీ శ్రీ

    ఏడుపు ఆపుకొని చావకండి చావకండి అంబులన్స్ చక్రాలు కదిలొస్తునాయి అంటాడు బతికుంటె ఈ నాటి శ్రీ శ్రీ

  • krishna181193 59w

    Price Of Freedom

    I had to let go,

    while my heart started to ponder

    am I truly free or still a caged bird?

    I could fly across anything

    I could swim across everything

    I could run above all things

    yet still I had to account for their boundary

    I could hold anyone's hand

    I could talk with anyone

    I could learn about anything

    I could question everything

    yet I still had to account for their listing

    I could still dip my wings

    in the orange sun rays and dare to claim the azure.

    for a heart that can stalk through his wide cage,

    I can seldom see through the bars of their rage

    I am airborne with my wings clipped

    I am leaping with my feet tied

    long I had this longing enough to hold it long

    now I open my throat to sing

    I trill across ridges

    until my shrill voice pierces their aristocracy

    I trill across alps

    until my tune is heard on the distant hill

    as I long for real freedom

    They think of the other breeze to brush away the air

    and the classified trade slips through the sight of the wailing.

    While the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn walk on,

    they are greeted with great boon

    And here I stand on the grave of dreams,

    dreaming of absolute free realms.

    until I disappear into a shadow

    leaving one last scream on this nightmare vision.


  • krishna181193 83w

    Halluca nations

    The inexplicable infinite that binds us to a reality unproven.
    The past is paramount to the future but only for the dreamers that see beyond the illusion of reality.
    Time is a cyclical masterpiece, we are the universe.
    Dust as we see , we find it nowhere
    Only time we see that we are dust as doomed we are
    Barging through the dungeons of earth gathering no good moss
    Implanting hallucinations of cruelty
    We are here until we shall be heard we were here.


  • krishna181193 94w


    Nothing shall be left on the corpses of choicest words as they expose their unexplainable wounds to the rude burns of society

  • krishna181193 94w

    The Last Odyssey

    Like a watermark through crisp white vellum face appears through the veil of dreams,
    to color wash away a montage of image and decorate a mosaic of sleep dust seams.
    As halcyon lakes waterfall into prism nebulae and the courtesan face evades its emotions,
    inevitably slipping between the chasms of space like golden dolphins through plasmic oceans.
    The whirl of dust turns into a monstrous form clad with irreversible constrained state
    and ridden with angst.
    Incomprehensible dealings with endless halls
    and no ceilings drowned out by the sound of silence.
    In the chambers lies the secrets thou shall never get to hear.
    It shall detonate forever yielding sorrow,
    never revealing its brain overload.
    It remains lying in wait within the maze to take us back from whence we came.
    It remains back in the shadows of the silhouettes waiting for the liberty to shine some day.
    It remains still to still become remains to be buried one day.

  • krishna181193 95w

    Moist past

    The grief is inexplicable
    The loss feels unbearable
    The bereavement seems never-ending
    The lament seems to do nothing
    The pain is strong and relentless
    The hurt has rendered me helpless
    The damage done is permanent

    Your death was my life’s worst moment
    I can still envision your smile
    Faint but still so fine
    Although I do remember
    The last promise I made to you
    Stopping my flow of tears
    Which I haven’t been able to

    I miss you
    While I was caught up trying to manage
    All the wrong priorities in life
    I overlooked how the nasty disease
    Had taken over yours, causing endless strife
    A false assurance, I used to give myself
    That you were being cared for
    Even when i visiting you in hospital
    Never did i realise that
    you would leave me one day

    You don’t exist in this world anymore
    But you always will, in my memory
    You are not present in the house anymore
    But in my heart, you will always be
    You are not there to wish me goodnight
    But from the Heavens, I know you’ll say
    You will make sure I’m never lonely
    Watching me from above every day
    Even though your existence
    Is now personified by nothing but ashes
    I know that if your love is with me
    I will never feel alone

    I Miss You Mother.

  • krishna181193 99w

    Safety , a lost entity

    Times immemorial we have been at war fighting
    Earlier to prove our greatness
    Then to prove our innocence
    Then to gain independence
    But now we are at war with mankind again, as we still have invaders invading safety of women.

    Aroused they are, at the walk of a charming woman
    Alas here we are , gaping our mouths at them attacking a months old infant

    Is it a mistake they wantingly commited to be born as a girl
    Is it a mistake they unknowingly commited living in this world
    Or is it a mistake we are just not able to tackle without loss of near and dear

  • krishna181193 109w

    Might of the oceans

    I know a place where the world is still
    where time and space have no hold
    I know a place where my heart and soul are one
    and there are stories left untold
    I know a place where i unlock my peace
    As the moist air breezes through my face

    I know a place where I rest in tranquility
    where my body lies numbed to pain
    where my eyes lie opened to the light above
    And I've broken gravity's chain
    I know a place where a grain of sand lies under me and a canopy of stars spread over me like the velvet on the fairy.

    I know a place
    Where I must leave as seconds pass
    my frail mortality cannot stand against its grave
    and my lungs shatter like glass
    I know a place where i can belittle this mortal self against the mighty tides.

    I know a place so wonderful and deadly
    It pulls me into deep
    Oh my deep blue ocean world
    I'll return to you after the surface bids me a farewell

  • krishna181193 115w


    రాజకీయం లొ నటన
    నటన లొ రాజకీయం
    కాదేది ఇరువురుకి సమంజసం