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  • krishluv 25w

    Do I deserve?

    I love her
    But am I the one?
    I mean I know
    I want to be her's
    But I still feel
    Do I even deserve?
    That's where we all
    Lose it all at once.

  • krishluv 25w


    I love you
    Yes I do
    I am not faking
    I really do
    I know it's hard
    To trust broken paths
    With memories of pain
    And life tearing apart
    But I promise you that
    No matter whats the gap
    It's gonna be I
    Accompanying you
    In this path of sigh
    I love you
    Yes I do
    Your beautiful soul
    Needs a heaven too
    With a home of love
    And a life full of lust
    I'll be there
    To trust you with love.