~Some wounds never heal~

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  • kri_k_sni 3w


    This is gonah be a long break
    Hope to return soon !
    And read all ur posts .

    Tags are always open for you guys but don't mind if I can't or may be I'll reply later to you

    Till then keep smiling stay home
    stay safe stay blessed and enjoy all the upcoming festivals ❤️

    Happy birthday in advance to all those who shall be having a birthday in my absence


  • kri_k_sni 3w

    You can never outgrow your past. Who you are today is defined by all the experiences you have had growing up. And more often than not, you’re stuck in your head, reliving the moments that make you… you.

    The past has changed you. The trauma has stayed. You never really got over it. Sometimes, you think about ending it all… to end the pain, but you know there’s more to life. That hope keeps you going on. That hope keeps you alive.

    Sometimes, you think about paradise. How would it be like over there? What’s paradise anyway? A place where you are happy, a place where you are with the ones you love. That’s your paradise.

    You Were Never Really Here captures the life of a trauma survivor, Joe, and gives us a glimpse inside his head. The story revolves around Joe, who tracks down missing girls who are victims of trafficking. He rescues them, and then, brutally murders their captors. But he just might lose all he has left.


  • kri_k_sni 3w


    Whenever she tried to do something better in life she always end up ruining it ....she always ignored ...but once realised she was just escaping the reality of life....


  • kri_k_sni 3w

    You know

    People drift apart everyday. I understand if someone else came along when I wasn’t there. It still will never change those laughs we have had and those secrets we have told. You will always be my best friend till the end. I guess in the end, I was replaceable even though you will never be.

    I'm trying really hard to just let you go.
    I've realized that you will probably never be my friend again. But part of me really wants me to just move on. But part of me is holding on. And I just don't know why anymore.

    I really just let you go. But the thing is part of me still wants to fight for us.

  • kri_k_sni 3w

    Am stuck

    I don't think you realize how much those words hurt me. I don't think you see my side of things. I don't see you how much I want to stop fighting for us, but I can't. I'm just stuck.


  • kri_k_sni 3w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork


    If you are sensitive to bad words, please try reading something else.
    I really don’t want you to get upset!

    I cried again,
    I did it at ten.
    And I did it in front of you.
    Something that you will not come through.
    Your words are like a viper's,
    Hits and aims perfectly like a sniper's.
    I dread...
    For what is about to be said.
    "People out there suffered more"
    "At least, you aren't poor!"
    Things that make me hurt,
    Shit that makes me feel like dirt.
    I am not a person in need.
    Not someone who can bleed.
    Oh, how my wound pains,
    As the water from the acid rain
    It falls on them, with no care,
    Makes my wounds flare.
    Why do you think I am stupid?
    This question makes me livid.
    I am not ignorant nor dumb.
    Neither am I a big bum.

    Does my pain matter to you?
    When you see my face being red
    Do you say or listen?
    Do you want to make it glisten?
    Or do you want me to suffer,
    Until supper?
    I can't tell if you care.
    So don't you dare,
    Say that I am self-pitying,
    When you do self-pitying.
    That's an insult to my intelligence
    And a slap to my sense.
    You think you'll inspire
    But instead, you just tire
    Tire my soul.
    My fractured mind has taken a toll.

    "Go fix it!"
    Why do you need to tell me this shit?
    I am gonna,
    It's not like I don't wanna.
    The only thing I cannot fix on my own,
    And this is also told and shown...
    Is my fucking mind.
    So please be kind.
    Be gentle,
    Because I won't settle
    For some bullshit advice,
    Even if you are being nice.
    I don't want any damn sympathy,
    I want empathy.
    That is all I ask?
    Isn't that a simple task!
    So, you go "fix it",
    Fix and correct your bullshit.

    "Please think about us"
    You really do have guts!
    Why do you expect me,
    Even though I feel crappy?
    Since when did it become about you?
    Though you knew
    That I am still suffering
    And my mind is cluttering?
    Tell me, please!
    What are you trying to appease?
    My teeth are gritting,
    My head is hair-splitting,
    And that's what you're trying to achieve?
    For fuck's sake, let me breathe!

    Our good times are not an excuse,
    For you to bruise
    My already non-existent pride.
    Yes, some of my whinings aren't justified
    But I still am in pain.
    I am on the brink of becoming insane.
    So don't tempt my patience,
    Because I won't feel any complacence
    When I finally snap
    And scream "STOP WITH YOUR CRAP!"
    I may not do it now,
    Still, don't do it anyhow.
    Your words don't help or care
    Neither does your insulted glare.
    If you want to help then fine,
    You should know where's the line.
    I want a shoulder to cry on,
    A person I can count on.
    I don't want any advice or suggestions
    I want you to hear my reflections.
    When you see me cry,
    Don't just walk by.
    All my life, you never listened to me.
    Neither will you ever see
    My voice and my pains.
    The sadness runs in my veins.
    There were never any dialogues,
    There were just monologues.
    And that's the saddest part,
    Even when I fell apart.
    There was a you...
    Never a me.
    And that's something you'll never see.


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    I am on the brink of becoming insane.
    So don't tempt my patience,
    Because I won't feel any complacence
    When I finally snap
    And scream "STOP WITH YOUR CRAP!"

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  • kri_k_sni 3w

    What's the point of living if
    we're all gonna die anyways?

  • kri_k_sni 4w

    Perhaps you don't care,
    'cause you never see yourself the way
    I see you.

  • kri_k_sni 4w

    I’ve never felt so loved and hated by a single person. One minute, I feel like you love me the way I do you. The next, it’s like I don’t exist in your world. Are you just that good at pretending or are you just that confused?

  • kri_k_sni 19w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Miss you guys ����

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    Taking break for months

    I'm just going off mode . I'll be active again .
    After that I'll post regularly , I hope that you understand this !

    Tags are always open for you guys but don't mind if
    I can't or may be I'll reply later to you

    Till then keep smiling stay home
    stay safe stay blessed