Some words cannot be expressed by speech .When you're in pain. I won't give up 'cause there will be a day.We'll meet again

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  • kri_k_sni 1h

    Okay okay ��
    This is just a dare given by my friends

    I have to post my favourite
    pic of my celebrity crush
    ����‍♀️ ��

    So my celebrity crush is Jimin ��
    This is only 1 pic ��
    I have an entire album special for him��

    #dare completed

    Disclaimer :
    This post is just for fun purpose
    no serious issues to be taken
    No negative comments accepted ��

    Army can be tagged into the comment section
    Do mention ur bias����

    To be deleted tommorow ��

    #army #bts ��

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  • kri_k_sni 1d

    Lol seriously i never expected such a worse match from CSK ����

    And yarr the fielding today was the worst than any match of csk ever watched

    And the bowling was just like ������

    I never expected such they just let go of simple balls
    And the last few minutes Dc just shot 6 and 4's
    �������� Winning the match ��

    #ipl #csk #cricket

    wha kya mazak kah match tha��

    Waiting for you on 16 april ��
    Hope u win there��

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  • kri_k_sni 1d

    #mirakee #kri_k_sni #love
    #goodbye #wod @mirakee @mirakeeassistant
    Thhxx for the editor's choice mirakee ❤️��

    Dear love ,
    A good bye to you

    In the end it was just me and my thoughts,
    A painful trap, long after you were gone
    Then I knew the heart beats not,
    I'd not met love but hate,
    how did it go away,

    what happened to the old you,
    do you still remember me ?
    Will u come when i cry ?
    Will you be there when
    i need you the most

    I couldn't get you out of my
    Am not good at goodbyes as you
    Stop haunting my dreams
    Cease out of my memories
    Then burn me up
    Dont try to save me .
    Good bye !!

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    Am not good at
    good byes


  • kri_k_sni 2d

    Cricket has its own charm.
    Cheers of the lovely fans,
    the key to win is in players hand.
    Bowlers handling the ball,
    to hit wickets is his goal
    Batsmen hitting a six
    Cricket is a game of joy .

    RCB winning today ����❤️❤️

    Waiting for my fav Team tommorow
    ( Chennai �� CSK )��

    #cricket #RCB #kri_k_sni

    ( My fav sport is football
    but i also watch cricket ��)

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  • kri_k_sni 3d

    This is me after every live zoom class ������

    This was after my phys class
    Which i hate the most

    Dont forget to tag Zoom users

    1 ) This was a free zoom meeting!!
    Lol how can it be free we pay for the net used in the zoom meeting �� if the teacher is ready to pay for my net then i will accept it as a free zoom meeting

    2 ) second was " thxx for choosing zoom "
    I never choosed zoom.�� Infact i was forced to choose just to study ( study �� in which am never intrested )

    3 ) ok
    I guess it should be replaced by a No because i don't agree with the free meeting ��

    #kri_k_sni #phys

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  • kri_k_sni 3d

    @kri_k_sni @mirakee @mirakeeassistant
    #kri_k_sni #childhood #wod #memories
    (repost of my old post )

    Childhood memories !!!

    Here you are 5 years old

    Adults sit at the table and argue loudly about something, laugh and drink anything alcoholic and not pleasantly smelling

    Why do you think? It’s not so interesting. It’s better to play, because how many toys they can afford.
    They all sit, all drunker and more drunk. They have fun.
    And you are still waiting for them to leave, so that they do not interfere with sleep ...

    Here you are 13 years old
    You have already sat your time of "courtesy" with adults at the table and left to go about your business.
    Years go by and the picture does not change - they drink and talk the same way.
    Unless everyone is already older, and some are no longer at your table ...

    You are 17.
    You don't owe anyone anything.
    And you don't pay attention to these gatherings for a long time, they don't concern you, they are not interesting to you.
    Your experiences, your first love are more important to you, you want money, you want everything at once. Youthful maximalism.

    You are 26.
    You gather with your friends at the table and chat all evening.
    You so rarely get yourself together. Everyone has work / worries / problems.
    You listen to songs of your childhood and school years. You dance to songs
    Your soul becomes warm and cozy, your family is near and you feel good. All worries are left behind the wall, on which after a while neighbors begin to knock, because you make noise.
    It's funny to you.
    Now you make noise with a serious face after and a quiet "shhhhh"

    And nothing else makes sense except for these gatherings at the table, with this incomprehensible alcohol, with songs and discussion of problems and your gossip ...

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    Happiness is in simple things.
    The main thing is that loved
    ones are near.
    And you begin to
    understand this is how life goes on

  • kri_k_sni 4d

    Hope a single day passes soon
    without getting a reminder that
    I was once loved by you

  • kri_k_sni 5d

    My eyes are clouds
    Filled with rain droplets
    Dropped during the
    Sad silent nights


  • kri_k_sni 1w

    #reality #heartbreak #love #miss #sad #kri_k_sni #alone #memories

    Kuch log zindagi mein aate hai
    Aate jaate bahut kuch seekha jate hai
    Ab jate huye ko kon rok paya hai
    Ek seekh de gaya hai zindagi
    Dil bhi ab thehar sa gaya hai
    Toote khwaab ko batore sa raha hai
    Hm bhi sambhal rahe hai
    Rahoon mein badh rahe hai
    Seekh chuke h jeena
    Aur ab chahiye nahi kuch
    Alfaaz mere sab baayan kar rahe hai
    Jane wale ko raasta do !!!
    ( A comment by @_the_nightmare )

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    Kuch log zindagi kuch pal keliye ateh he
    Bus sirf yadein banake jateh he

    Vho toh chaleh jateh.
    Koi shak nahi kih vho
    kahi bahar humko bhul bhi jateh he

    Magar humko hi unkih yaadein
    unkih batein hamesha keliye rulatih he
    Hum jinta bhi kush rehneh kih khoshish
    Kyu hi nah karle magar yadh ahi jateh he.


  • kri_k_sni 1w

    This is based on when lovers
    separate due to there family
    They both separate on there on different ways leaving love at the center
    #kri_k_sni #mirakee #love #breakup

    Kbhi dil na mile
    Kbhi jazbat na mile
    Kbhi pyaar kam tha
    Kabhi kahani adhuri hogyee
    Milke hum na mil paye
    Raste ka safar alag ho gyaa
    Pura krne ka jo sapna tha
    Ek dum se wo choor ho gya

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    Kabhi tumneh socha he kih
    Vho shyam keseh katih hogih
    Jab hum donoh neh apneh
    Alag rasteh chuneh the pyaar ko bich
    meh chord kar