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  • krati147 45w

    फर्क बस इतना ह

    तुम्हारी ज़िंदगी में पहले से इतना शोर ह,
    की मेरी आवाज़ तुम तक पहुच नही पा रही।

    मैं यहाँ भीड़ में इतनी अकेली हु
    की तुम्हे दिख नही पारहि,

    तुम साथ तोह हो,
    पर महसूस नही का पा रही

    अंधेरा सा छा गया ह अपने बीच
    की अब दूरिया दिख नही पा रही ।


  • krati147 54w

    Paas hoke bhi kitne door hai.

    Paas hoke bhi kitne dur h
    Jo sath rehke bhi kitne majboor h

    Jo hai nhi , wo dikhate h
    Jo asal me h wo andar hi andar dafnate h

    Jo dukh me hi sirf muskurana hota h
    Aur khushi ka lamha sirf ek fasana hota h

    Waqt ki kaid me h zindagi aur kaid me h hum
    Khud se bhi kaha kuch bol pate h hum.

    Itne paas rehkar bhi koi mehsoos nh kar pata
    Itni galtiya karke bhi koi afsos nahi kar pata .

    Chand ki roshni me sab chamak rahe h
    Andar se dil pe dhul àur sab bikhar rahe h

    Nakli ki dor se sab rishte baandh rakhe h sabne
    Isme koi saza bhi nahi aur koi azad bhi nahi .

    Yu toh pyaar karte h saacha
    But kisi ko kisi ka suhata na aacha

    Paas hoke bhi kitne door h
    Sath rehke bhi kitne majboor h

  • krati147 74w


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    ना जाते तुम छोड के ,
    बेशक ज़िन्दगी जी रही होती मैं ।

    अब तुम्हारी याद बस इस
    रात को बयान कर पाती हूँ मैं।

  • krati147 74w

    Some nights

    Some nights will be spend in tears
    Some nights will be spend in fear

    Some nights you will be fighting a battle
    And you wonder now there is nothing to settle.

    Some nights you ll feel anxiety and pain
    Some nights you ll feel you are becoming insane.

    Some nights you want him back,
    Some nights you ll feel your life has been hack

    Some nights everything will be downcast
    Some nights you ask for the recast

    But it's okay to feel affliction and vulnerable
    It's okay to hate yourself for the one whom you love the most.

    It's okay to feel broken and splintered
    Sometimes life dosent come with filter .

    Its okay to fall seven times
    But stood up the 8th time more stronger
    More powerful , and more courageous.

    Life is yours and it's just you who decide to live in your way ,
    Let no one come in your path that is full of
    Happiness , adventure and play.

  • krati147 74w


    नाराज़ मुझ से कोई एक ह ,
    खामोश में हज़ारों से हु ।

  • krati147 75w

    To the goodbye

    That goodbye had the feeling
    Inside my heart was bleeding ,

    I couldn't accept that we are apart
    You were the first priority in my cart .

    I said sorry , pleaded and apologize.
    How much i love you now i realise

    It wasn't my intentional lie
    All i can do is cry .

    That goodbye made me in tears
    Loosing you was all my fear

    I couldn't imagine my life without you
    All i wanna is a life with you.

    I regret for all my mistakes ,
    My one fault and my life got at stake

    I miss all those happy memories
    I wanna tag you in all my stories.

    I will wait forever to be your wife
    Please come back and give my life.

  • krati147 78w


    नज़र लग गयी ह हमारे रिश्ते को ,
    वरना जो मेरी खामोशी भी समझ जाता था ,
    आज मेरे शब्द भी नही सुन पा रहा।

  • krati147 86w

    Innocent being

    How dare they are or how high is thier lust ?
    So that they can alter a ambitious girl life into dust |

    Is there no punishment for this henious act
    Or are we really living in a patriarchy infact.

    Will ever be that innocent being
    (If able to survive) be live freely ?
    Follow thier passion deeply
    Or she has come on this earth to sell thier
    Body and soul to such a creepy.

    They suck her blood
    They left her in wounds
    They even bury her in open
    Are we really blind or
    Are we really bound ?

    They just don't kill her
    They kill her dream
    Her hope, her desire, her ambition
    Very reluctantly
    And they even kill thier whole family.

  • krati147 86w

    Innocent being

    Living in such a place
    Where men hide thier inner demons behind thier face ,

    Why are we even celebrating our independence ?
    Where the daughter of our country
    Can't walk in common paralance ,

    Her father sleepness night will never turn into dream
    Her mother broken heart and home will never turn into realm

    Does justice really prevail
    Or thier mother 's tear are mere a reel .

    Those mysigynst dosent even deserve to live
    Those who molest , who slaughter , who took other s life for thier pleasure . Don't deserve to live.

  • krati147 91w

    Adhura pyaar

    Jo adhura pyaar wapis aaya mere pas ,

    Jo bikhar gayi thi usko jodne ya
    Jo bhikhiri hui thi usko aur toddne !!