Just Another human. Sometimes flub, Sometimes Valiant.

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  • komo_senses 9w

    तेरी ‌एक झलक, चाँद पे भी भारी ।
    मुझे कर गुलाब,
    मेरी स्मृति को भी कि आभारी ।


  • komo_senses 67w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Upset

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  • komo_senses 67w

    A white lie.
    my mind awake;
    Effusion of emotions on surly pages.


  • komo_senses 106w


    I still remember the gaze,
    Felt the binding of our craze.
    Everything felt foreordained;
    Falling for all the imperfections.
    As cheesy as it may sound,
    Everything I searched for; was found.

    Shared thoughts and walked for miles,
    Time seemed to run out,
    But we stayed a little over,
    It was almost like the Sun always shines.

    As beautiful as it could be for a story,
    Life is not always in your glory.
    I was there, once again, left with the truth,
    It was nothing else but duplicy which was pure

    As fumble as I could be,
    Wrote stories earlier and entitled them " Until next time ",
    Only to know, it will never come again.

  • komo_senses 109w

    Dear Love..

    You are the silent letter that I should never have pronounced.


  • komo_senses 110w

    Afloat in the fantasy.
    Lost; in its ecstasy
    A dream; so allure,
    Embraces her wants,
    In the form of a solstitial colure.


  • komo_senses 115w

    You were a Chapter and that's all you were.
    It starts, it progresses and it ends.


  • komo_senses 131w

    Until Next time..

    The destination that was 54 miles away; the hush hush of last night. One is a phobic and another is a Wild Fly. Few words and readable eyes; His smile was blazing in that showery daylight. Approached the brilliance of nature, detoxing the pollutants within. Short steps side by side; luckily they don't see an ending and an uninterrupted passing of smiles. The sky dusted and with a promise to meet again, two heavy hearts bade goodbye..


  • komo_senses 133w

    Shabdo se panno ko toh bhardiya humne,
    Bas iltija hein ki koi inhe parhne ki tamanna rakhe.


  • komo_senses 139w

    Dear Comrade,

    You are a replica of the moonlight,
    Warm on an extremely rainy night.
    You are myrtles, roses, doves, sparrows and swans,
    Symbolizing Aphrodite; The Goddess of beauty and love.

    Those tiny light brown eyes have their own charm,
    Clones the curve of your smile, giving the most pleasant sight.
    Cheerful and graceful is your every move,
    Your dance; replicates the Paradise Riflebird in it's most gleeful mood.