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  • knives_and_pens 155w

    My mind today is still like calm water.
    No waves of thoughts, no stream of paras.
    Bloodless fingers holding the pen lifelessly, verses are needed to be weaved tirelessly.
    No imagination excites my mind,
    inspiration from fictions is getting hard to find.
    The shade of blue is fading today,
    unable to paint the pages from ashen gray.
    Tried to reminisce about love but all in vain,
    then erased the proposal as too much pleasure ends in pain.
    Neither stuck in deep introspection, nor am i sailing on cloudnine.
    Despite tickling my wit for hours, the colours of blue and gray are refusing to entwine.

  • knives_and_pens 156w

    We humans are so restless.
    Stitching our wounds caused by the disappointments, we try to move ahead without leaving the hands of past.
    Concealed emotions bleed through verses,still we roam in search of the zephyr of little love and acceptance.
    Everybody demands the human, the persona they would cherish or praise.
    Yet nobody wants to accept him, without putting a weight on his soul.
    Everybody is a step ahead to criticize and question his numbness.
    Yet everybody forgets to absolve him from the chains that injure his happiness.

    There are many to make you question yourself , yet there's nobody to help you find the answer.

  • knives_and_pens 168w

    Dragging the body through disappointments from everything.
    Little did i knew that spring has already arrived at my door.
    Aroma of love is spread all over and eyes are wet in hallucinations of sweet romance,
    where nature exhibits its alluring sight .
    Naked restless feets of childrens smeared with dust are running all around .
    And the joyful laughter could be heard out of the window that could hardly go unnoticed.
    The mischievous wind sneaked through the open window and gently blew the messy strands of my hair.
    Fragrance of blossoms all around consoled my soul that weeped through countless nights in desperation of acceptance.
    The secret diary where i scribbled everything what i couldn't say out loud now rests in the dusty corner of the shelf.
    The fingers that were once entwined with someone's have become numb and lifeless now, are afraid to even etch out the thoughts of losing.
    Those foggy glasses are trapped somewhere between those pages of the novel that reminded of my golden days when my smile was bona fide.
    Oh i forgot, the spring finally knocked at the door. When everything will be new, when life will bloom again.
    Everyone is cherishing the golden rays of the setting sun and am still imagining the presence of the one who used to set my demons free and hold me between those warm hands.
    Ahh....finally spring came, i smiled at the horizon out through the window knowing my eagerly waiting blank pages would never be able to cherish the moments i had lived during those cold lonely lights.
    Then unfortunately a drop of tear escaped my eye and lifted off the curtain between illusion and reality.

    I realised i was day dreaming again...........


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  • knives_and_pens 190w

    Why search for a paradise when we can drive out in the desert in midnight ?
    And dance endlessly,smearing our bodies in the dust in the candescence of the headlight.
    If the world catches us, we'll hide us under the light of the old moon.
    Laying on the rooftops of the car, your head on my chest we'll get lost in the arms of imagination and murmur our favourite song.
    I don't want to stop here, as i can't stop to think how it feels to spend a whole night with you.
    Aurorae's will fill up the dark sky, and make me wonder should i cherish the stars or the bewitching smile on your face that bears my name .
    Where there will be no noise and our heart beats entwined with each other will play a melody, making us fall asleep with you safe and secure in my arms.

  • knives_and_pens 191w

    The lamp of enlightenment of soul would never be out in you.
    Till you keep burning the fire of compassion, love and generosity in your heart.
    The world is pleased with you when you do something exceptional.
    But first, please yourself, please your core by becoming your own inspiration.
    Accept your flaws, adore your wounds like war wounds,the world will hail your name .

  • knives_and_pens 194w

    Darkness closely crept inside my blanket, as dead silence surrounded me.
    Putting of that mask of a smiling face, i threw myself on the bed to catch sleep.
    That's how i look, that's who i am. The smile that the world sees and praises is just a camouflage.
    Dark circled, tired eyes are my real lenses through which i gaze at the world. That are now tired of emitting a false spark and want to close its lids for a while.
    That old pale lifeless face is what i own , the mask just fooles the world around.
    Smiling and laughing with those greedy souls and motivating the whole damn world to be happy.
    The heart of glass doesn't wants to express emotions tonight.
    The bewildered mind doesn't wants to create lines to please.
    Dragging the body through the lashes of people's greed all through the day.
    My tear stained face made me realise i have lived with a facade again for one more day.

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    Darkness crawled on me and buried my scream in its lungs.

  • knives_and_pens 194w

    Cold frozen hands lifted the pens atlast.
    In the hope of etching something on the stones.
    Cause the wamrth of your arrival can be felt to the core.
    That has relieved me from tons of desperations and melted my stiff bones.
    A couple of moments left.
    When i would be in your arms again.
    When we would rejoice all the those moments that we stacked holding the hands of imagination.
    Your arrival with the winters seems a happy ending drama.
    When your little one touch would send me back to that warm spring that we had spent together some months ago.
    With your arrival, i won't be dependent on your pictures anymore whom i used to gaze all through those endless nights.
    The nightingales would disappear in the dense fogs now.
    But still i would sing a melody of the homecoming for you.
    Your tender red wine lips would kiss my soul.
    And i would be freed from the prison of distances too.
    Poetries are too boring to describe.
    Want to cry like a baby boy and not make it much lame.
    Cause when you'll stand in front of me at the footpath.
    Placing your head on my chest, i would whisper, darling! Finally you came.

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    Not fond of distances since you left me at the door.
    Pulses are racing fast as the zeal in my soul is indicating something indescribable.
    May snowflakes shower at the horizon and bringing you close within my arms reach.
    Standing under that same lamppost , a long warm hug would make all my worries lovable.

  • knives_and_pens 197w

    Turning my eyes out through the window, i witnessed two birds pouring out love to each other on a branch in the limelight of the full moon.
    This exquisite scene reminded me of those days when we used to hide from the world in one corner and stained our souls with those uncountable shades of our love .
    When each morning gave a hope of cherishing your smile that pierced through the sun rays and became my favourite distraction.
    The days when everything was like a bed time fairytale and we stole heart melting memories that we will cherish from the foggy future.
    The time when pens became paint brushes and painted masterpieces for each other, shading in thousands of colours of untold emotions.
    Suddenly a whisper of wind tickled my ears and i woke up and found myself lying like a sloth on the table.
    Rubbed my eyes and saw clear white pages scattered all over under me and the pen was trying to camouflage itself under those untold stories that were meant to be inked on those lifeless pages.
    Rolled out of the window again and saw the birds were gone.
    The moon already wore the black cloak of the calm night sky that were studded with a handful of glittering stars.
    My dreams lingered at the point where the horizon meets the rooftops.
    Stroking my head i realized insomnia took a great toll on me and i recalled some days that had already got lost with that wide smile that used to adore my lips.
    Turning my face away from the strange stillness outside , i threw myself on the bed thinking that some stories look good being captivated in the prison of my heart rather than stained with blue in those pages that will become a dust of nostalgia.

  • knives_and_pens 197w

    Respect and value the presence of that one person who has always been there for you in your happiest moments and your hardships.
    If you don't.
    Then its pretty reasonable that you don't keep any right to mourn in their absence. Your tears become valueless

  • knives_and_pens 205w

    Heart is a balloon that flows away through the gushing winds of memories.
    Avoiding down there all the lies and resistance.
    Love has got to fight for its existence.
    And the tears console endlessly through the nights that these black clouds will emit candescence of acceptance again.
    In the evanescence of the morning mist.
    The soul feels rejoiced when smeared in ashes of nostalgia that were alive.
    The pages that were meant to be illuminated with stories of mesmerizing intimacy, ended up dressed in stains of desperation of that one magical touch that would have set all the demons free.