sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits

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  • kllla_94 46w

    #Let’s have fun

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    To the fruit fly
    I said, “hey guy,
    Why ya tryna be sly?”
    Caught red handed, no reply

    As he stood on the side
    About to…..slide
    Into some sweet berry wine
    The most divine

    I said “careful little fellow,
    Temptation is deep, the ledge shallow,
    A false step, you’ll be more than mellow,
    But dead, like dudes in the gallows”

    He said “chill holmes,
    I got eight chromosomes,
    My life is now 39 days gone,
    3 hours to live and I’m done”

    So he jumped.
    Damn now I have a fly in my wine, let me get a spoon.

  • kllla_94 46w

    Beautiful smile

    Never stop smiling
    For even on rainy days
    You can melt the clouds away
    With smiling a simple gaze
    Which illuminates
    The world with brilliant rays,
    of your,

    Beautiful smile

  • kllla_94 47w

    #amodee is fire 🔥
    #inspiration 🙏

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    A tribute to @amodee

    She said to let go,
    I couldn’t tho,
    You see,

    To be free,
    First I had to see,
    That in the end,

    Love wanted in.

    So I released.
    So I breathed.

    I am her and she is me.

  • kllla_94 48w

    @fromwitchpen, thank you for the inspiration!!

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    A Tribute

    She asked me,
    should I use?

    I said,
    Choose the one that’s you,
    For you are beautiful and true, and,
    Despite your attics in the ground
    Your beauty is real
    And I find it quite profound.

    She replied,
    Can I write?

    I said
    From the pen within your heart,
    The one with you from the start,
    And even though it causes you pain
    Don’t ever lock it away, because
    It’s a passion you can’t contain.

    Set it free
    And you will see,
    That this is which your pen should be.

  • kllla_94 48w

    Who Am I

    Today I went missing,
    To find what I’m missing,
    Embarked on a mission,
    Without a prediction,
    Or reserve of contradiction,
    Because in a world of fiction,

    My only purpose is conviction.

    Who I am

  • kllla_94 48w


    Music is...

    An ocean of emotion.
    Leaving you closed
    Leaving you exposed.

    Music’s presence in present
    A gift of time
    Past memories survive
    Passions ignite
    Anger revives
    Sadness cries
    Future ambitions thrive
    Convos alive and refuse to die

    then the album stops, and an eternal memory remains. Time to sleep.

    Music is life

  • kllla_94 48w

    The Fall

    It’s like time suspended
    The last words we spoke upended
    You to me,and me feeling offended
    Then silence

    Now I’m crying;
    Wondering why;...and
    staring at this seat,
    Thinking about if we’ll meet,

    In the future,
    Or if the future exists because
    Time isn’t granted, like we take it,
    But I still contemplate it.

    Like, what happens if,
    Tomorrow implodes or,
    I die on the way to the store, Or
    If I wake in this silence some more.

    I guess it doesn’t matter,
    Because, what matters is the present,
    A gift we take for granted,
    So I’ll bask in the silence of this blessing.

    Reminiscing on the the memories
    About how we were,
    Two shooting stars in the night
    Passing each other by.

    Our gravity attracting each other’s flight,
    I was illuminated by your light
    Our orbits becoming intertwined,
    And for a moment we suspended time

    But then I realized that
    the orbit we created had dissipated
    And that I was on the way down as
    You were merely taking flight

    And how could a falling star like me
    Hold a comet like you
    Shooting it’s way past the moon
    As I was falling back to earth

    So here’s the fall

  • kllla_94 48w


    Once Lost but found
    The Noise of a faint sound
    A heartbeat

    Still silence,
    The sound of life, provided,
    By the life of one alive,
    A woman

    To a man,
    Once dead, revived
    And raised by love, through
    A connection

    The reflection,
    Seen by the man in the woman
    Their two parts intertwined by
    A fusion

    For a lifetime
    Patient and caring
    Both Open to failing
    Without boundaries

    Only bounded by love
    A passion
    Only bound by love

  • kllla_94 48w

    The night is long
    Yet illuminated by light

    Of a brilliant moonbeam
    Ready to take flight

    As soon as it crests
    Over the mountain tops

    I’ll then find my rest
    In the comfort of my loft

    Where my body lays
    And my mind goes dark

    Upon that beam I’ll climb
    To find you in the stars


  • kllla_94 48w

    Carpe Diem

    It’s like...
    Time erased
    I’m running through space
    Providing all my energy
    Only it dissipates,
    A waste, true.

    I Analyze my place,
    And what do I see
    A vision of me, asking myself,
    Is this where I want to be.
    Desiring to be free.
    Defining TO BE.

    Let’s see,
    Despite the shitty days
    The lack of praise
    Stuck like a rat in a maze
    I’ll keep my faith
    And never deviate my ways

    For the storm will break,
    The light will appear
    My face in the mirror
    Older in appearance
    Yet wiser in years

    You can’t stop my hope
    A faith in the unknown, I know
    I’ll forever keep moving on
    Until I’m gone, Carpe diem