I start writing because I fell in love with her some kirukkal in my mind so i am kirukkan

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  • kirukka 3h

    Dear girl 100i

    Girl! Dear
    Learn to handle ..

    Along with you!
    She will fall in love!

  • kirukka 3h

    "I am"

    “I am” is not only comforting, but sometimes even that great warmth!

  • kirukka 5h

    Oooi 100i

    sweetly! Sour! For this love that is indescribable! Too much bitterness !! The heart does not accept what is said! Many people do not like what is happening!

  • kirukka 15h


    What is really love ..
    Except to realize ...
    It is not necessary to realize and kill ....

  • kirukka 17h

    Hard work

    Try to do your duty ..
    Only then
    You will know your worth ...

  • kirukka 19h

    What is love?
    The student asked,

    Compassion, mercy, devotion
    Affection, love teacher
    In a similar sense
    He went on,

    What then?
    Thirsty again
    Asked the student,

    So ...

    Chicken! Chicks her
    Packing under the wings
    As if holding, the monkey gave his cub
    Clinging to the stomach
    Like jumping,

    One crow and the other
    Assemble the crows
    Like sharing food,

    Rat and cat as dog
    Playing together
    As happy,

    On the mother child
    Mixed with blood and milk
    Like the living body,

    He went on and on! But ...
    By him
    Could not,
    Love is
    "I feel sorry for you"

    # Love

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    The love I put on you is real!

    "I feel sorry for u"

  • kirukka 1d

    Oooi 100i

    Despite conquering the world,
    To his own girl
    That's defeat
    The beauty of the male. !!

  • kirukka 1d


    Laughed truly at last,
    That last minute of talking to you ..!

  • kirukka 1d


    Need! Will only be completed
    Like election-time promises

  • kirukka 1d

    I love u 100i

    small! small !
    For pleasures
    No mistakes
    Do not let ...
    In life
    More than happiness
    Relaxation is essential!