I write what's not only bright but also feels right .#Myredeemerlives <Only by Grace>

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  • kipnic79_marus 2d

    If you light a lamp for someone,
    It will also brighten your path.

    Gautama Budha

  • kipnic79_marus 2d

    Don't try to calm the storm.
    Calm yourself.
    The storm will pass.

    Gautama Buddha.

  • kipnic79_marus 4w

    When it starts to pain
    You've started to gain.
    Until it gets into your veins
    It is in vain.

  • kipnic79_marus 4w

    Each time she says
    "I love you"

    There's always an echo
    from the walls of her
    fragile heart
    silently whispering

    "Don't hurt me"


  • kipnic79_marus 4w

    With every sunrise
    Comes a surprise

    and every step you make
    Has two for you to take.

    You either break down
    or break through.


  • kipnic79_marus 4w

    Life ni seasons
    Leo ukiFALL kesho utaSPRING.


  • kipnic79_marus 7w

    If you fall hard and break into pieces,
    become the masterpiece.

    That's who you are.

    A Masterpiece.


  • kipnic79_marus 7w

    If you fall hard, try hard not to break.
    Should you break, do not be torn into pieces
    but still should you be torn into pieces,
    Become the MasterPiece.
    That's who you are.
    A masterpiece.


  • kipnic79_marus 8w

    ce n'est pas encore fini,
    ce n'est pas encore la fin,
    Même si le jour se termine,
    il y a encore demain.
    Même si cette vie se termine,
    il y a la prochaine vie.
    c'est comme ça que j'ai espoir.


  • kipnic79_marus 10w

    You could be the most beautiful flower
    but if you grow where you are not wanted
    you become a weed.
    Environment matters.