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  • kinghanamel 4w

    "'s calm peaceful love for me. Too much chaos in the world already." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 4w

    What is confidence? An inability to compare yourself to anyone else.©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 4w

    "...force & fuss about nothing. Just ride your waves hi-lo & be happy." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 5w

    Beyond the kaleidoscopic grandeur
    of your allure, lies a sinisterly cryptic

    I fear perchance, if I waded into the
    depths of your gloom, my light might
    get lost in the totality of you.

    But my curiosity overwhelms my soul,
    to the point of drunken risk.

    I'd live the rest of my life questioning
    the quotient of my courage, and love
    for you if I never take that leap of faith.

  • kinghanamel 5w

    Whether or not you choose to accept it; people change. Like night and day, it's inevitable. You need to desist from the habit of thinking that someone you knew five years ago is the same person a decade after. It's not necessarily physical change, but a change of mindset and a better way of life.
    That someone was a drug addict five years ago, don't mean it's a permanent habit.

    It's totally wrong to go slandering your exes or friends when relationships fail. I was on this table. But no more. I had to recently unlearn it, because I met new people with more open minds than I thought I had; and I got to understand how shitty I had been. Taking the role of victim and labelling another a villain just because things went awry, doesn't absolve you of the role you played in the circumstances that led to the demise of the relationship.

    Regardless, if your ex was an evil person, you have no absolute monopoly of conclusion to say that they can never change. You're wrong! People change - either for better or worse. People who changed for good, deserve that chance to be themselves around you, without you condemning them or making remarks like "you can never change." No! You're the one who can't change, because you don't even believe in it in the first place. So you carry around the "victim" tag, and the delusion that you're way too perfect for anyone. ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 5w

    "...but of course, you're deserving of a shower of carnal gifts, mi luna." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 5w

    "...but of course, you're deserving of a shower of carnal gifts, mi luna." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 5w


    From the moment of birth, to the time of
    death; we're in your faces like one huge
    retributional pestilence. The one your blind
    ancestors spent several lifetimes trying so
    hard to dim and annihilate.

    We find it totally disgusting to think that
    you deem us cretinous and undeserving of
    breathing your precious oxygen, let alone
    living your hallowed existence, gifted you by
    a racially partisan deity.

    The hate you heathens give, can never match
    the golden polish bestowed upon our Nubian
    nature by the sun. Yes! We're children of the

    Even if you tried using the speed of light to
    escape the reality that we've become; you'd
    get lost in darkness, travelling at such velocity.
    You can't unnotice us. ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 5w

    "An Excerpt"
    [From my book]

    "Dearest Christopher,

    I am unable come to Africa at the moment. It would get me killed. Your 'cavemen mentality' countrymen vowed to lynch me upon sighting, and plan to make you watch as they castrate me. They claim I misled you to the accursed path of rainbows and bedevilment. I fear for your life. But I find temporal solace in the fact that you are currently in hiding.

    Fear not! Help is on the way. On wings of angels. We, at the consulate, are tirelessly working round the clock to get you asylum in my continent; where you and I, can freely bud, blossom, and become whoever, and whatsoever we desire to be - without judgement - irrespective of our queerness."

    - yours forever and a day lover, Patrick.

    To be continued... ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 6w

    "...but I write for tomorrow's hybrids. Not for this blind & deaf generation." ©Hanamel