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  • kingbts 1d

    Felony Part 2

    Finally, I can Breath
    Found peace within.
    No Shadows, No deceits
    The dispensation of My free Will,

    Finally, I chose carefully from the meadows
    Planted in time, Harvested in Season
    Every Runaway is for a reason

    Finally, I can stop running,
    From the things that frighten the Future
    From the Script displayed at Hand
    And the uncertainty indoor

    Finally, I'm out of Felony!
    (breaths Out)


  • kingbts 2d

    The Writer's Block

    Mind's Full
    Pen in hand
    Bodily set
    But nothing to write about!
    The Writer's Block
    Has Visited me,
    Never thought this day would come
    But here it is.
    Standing right next to me
    with its blank sheet.
    My emotion suspended,
    The Corridor of my perception, Intercepted
    A writer's Blessing or Curse?
    Why are words retained from the Source?
    Know what to Write, But not How to write it (So Funny)
    I guess I have to come back
    When he is Gone packing.
    However, Have learnt my lessons
    Write what you feel, when you feel it
    Never allow procrastination set In

  • kingbts 1w


    To those Gone
    And to those with us
    To those who fought the fight of our Heroes Past
    To those who stand at the War Front
    With No shield, No Gun
    Just their Voices raised at Day and Night
    You Will Always Be Remembered
    Now and Forever

  • kingbts 3w

    FELONY part1

    Most times,
    I Can't express my feelings
    Except through poetry,
    My writings give Inner peace
    It's a cross I have to carry ✝

    I thought I Had Love ❤️
    No, I didn't.❌
    I thought I could live up to my promises
    But my cut is too deep!
    I can't breathe.
    The Memories come as a glimpse!
    It makes me wonder, I'm I right for this?

    My obsessions Delayed!
    My attention, Blockage
    If Loving again were a Course
    Trust me I can't have A's

    Is this a fate I have to live with day-by-day?
    I don't know, I guess I have to pray
    It's a burden that has to be lifted away
    Cos' My cut was so deep, haven't healed a bit

    So please forgive me if I pulled this off
    Forgive me if in our conversation I'm lost
    Forgive me if my actions hurt
    Moving on just hurts me more
    Please, Please, Please try to get this
    This Feeling is worse than FELONY
    This Love circle ain't my thing! (Swears)
    I'm So So Sorry
    (My Heart pierced beyond repair)

  • kingbts 4w

    Dark Poetry






  • kingbts 5w

    The Legacy!

    I I just want to write poetry
    Reflecting the life of Christ through my writings
    (The Lifestyle, The process, The Down Sides)

    I just want to tell a story
    To give a cinch of what was, to young lads
    Expressing my gifts to the World far and large
    I just want to help humanity
    Give answers to endless-Strifes like poverty!
    Solve complex socio-political crisis
    Alleviate Haiti
    Circulate the gospel from country to country

    I Just Want to Taste Freedom
    Although under the Jurisdiction of Abba's Kingdom
    But exploring the World at Leisure
    I Just want Family
    Becoming a Proud Father is everything!

    I just want to Worry Never
    listen to Good Music
    Travis, Bellion, -Philus, MaverRICK and etc
    Not once, Not Twice
    But For-Ever Moore!

    I just want to become a Blessing
    Every time, I Pray
    Father make me.
    I just want to become a legend:
    The weak; defend
    The voiceless; Voiced
    The cheated; Helped
    The Rights; Restored
    What a Legacy!
    At the tip of History

    With all being done
    And purpose Fulfilled
    HEAVEN is My Home
    That's the peace within

  • kingbts 5w

    Only God Knows?

    2 days of illuminated House
    The Ray beams on every path
    No Darkness, Full Light
    With the illuminated House
    Sighted on site

    2Days of Vision
    2Days of Plans on Track
    2Days Apparent Decision
    2Days Assuaged by a Fag
    2Days 2Days 2Days!

    Only God Knows
    What the Future Holds!
    Favourable tucks Good
    Upon the Path Unfolds!

  • kingbts 5w


    Be a friend. You don't need money:
    Just a disposition sunny;
    Just the wish to help another
    Get along some way or other;

    Just a kindly hand extended
    Out to one who's unbefriended;
    Just the will to give or lend,
    This will make you someone's friend.

    Be a friend. You don't need glory.
    Friendship is a simple story.
    Pass by trifling errors blindly,
    Gaze on honest effort kindly,

    Cheer the youth who's bravely trying,
    Pity him who's sadly sighing;
    Just a little labor spend
    On the duties of a friend.

    Be a friend. The pay is bigger
    (Though not written by a figure)
    Than is earned by people clever
    In what's merely self-endeavor.

    You'll have friends instead of neighbors
    For the profits of your labors;
    You'll be richer in the end 
    Than a prince, if you're a friend.

  • kingbts 5w

    Justice Afghanistan!

    Upon the Web of Pain
    Woven by injustices,
    We came to be Constrained:
    Victim of Crisis

    We urged to be heard
    We raised our Voices:
    Unwilling to be deterred:
    We made riots, devices

    We Sought evil to be undone
    By fighting fire with fire
    Our Youths picked up guns,
    Now we seek stability for hire.
    Oh, Afghanistan!

    We've had many days of terror
    As Men and women lament
    Children are growing up in error,
    And heartbreaks at different Sphere

    We are stranded yet savable
    Terror at its rhetorical level
    Brokenhearted to a high degree
    The web of pain is escapable
    Butterflies do; So can we

    Justice come by non-violence!
    We sought it by the wrong means.
    Take Luther and Grandi for instance,
    And we'll have a better means

    All we need is Peace; We Cry! We Sing!
    #EndAfghanWar, #WePlead
    Together still, some way, it will cease

  • kingbts 6w


    Cause I'm hopeful, yes, I am
    Hopeful for each day
    Take the poetry and use it
    Let it take you away
    And be hopeful, hopeful
    And He'll make a way
    I know it ain't easy but that's okay
    Just be hopeful