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  • kimhye 11w

    One Last Hug

    It was a spring day,
    When we got married.

    My first day with you
    I got to know about you
    Your Love , Your Respect for me,
    was not as I expected it to be!!

    My love was pure as hell for you
    but you gave me only hate
    I did my possible efforts to make this relationship work,
    But why did I get this unwanted fate??

    U hurt me!!
    behave cold to me!!
    you push me away when I try to show love,
    Is this what we give to the person in return
    who try to put us first!!???

    Never any sweet-lovely words
    I heard from you for me
    Do you know how much it hurts
    When you get ignored like you do to me!!

    I just can't take it anymore
    Am so done with my life
    This marriage just went in vain,
    now I only want to die.

    Am going my love
    Please take care of yourself

    I hope you remain happy throughout your life,

    I never asked anything from you
    But am asking today,
    As I won't be able to feel your presence from tomorrow
    So just give me ONE LAST HUG today.....

  • kimhye 11w

    Today , through this poem I wanna reveal a very big secret of mine.
    Sorry to all those ppl who loved me
    I just can't do anything but I got into it
    I don't know how to come out of it and need help of u ppl
    Plez help me
    And a request plez read the poem till the last

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    Once on a call with my friend
    I revealed her my secret
    a secret that has been
    hiding from everyone!!

    a secret of me being a drug addict

    She was shocked
    and did many questions
    when , how , why....
    but I didn't reply

    My one and only answer was
    she ensured me and after that we hung up.

    But the lesser known fact was
    my sister was standing by the door,
    hearing our chit chats

    She decided to investigate me to find out how
    She started by searching for a clue
    under the bed,
    in the cupboard
    in the bathroom and else...

    but got no sign of it
    done with everything she came to me and asked
    bout my secret of being a drug addict,

    After listening her whole story
    I laughed like anything

    The drug which she thought
    and the drug which I take
    has a huge difference

    For that drug is alcohol or so
    but my drug is YOU!!!

  • kimhye 11w


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    It's better to stay alone sometimes!!

  • kimhye 11w

    Sometimes crying is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain how BROKEN your heart is!!

  • kimhye 11w

    It hurts,
    but it's OK
    Am used to it!!

  • kimhye 11w

    There will be many people who Know you but very few who Understand you!!!

  • kimhye 11w

    It hurts knowing that you tried your best and it still wasn't good enough!!

  • kimhye 12w

    Dedicated to someone...who was once a friend and now a stranger....������

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    "HURTING someone can be easy as throwing a stone in the sea. But do you have any idea how DEEP that stone can go?"

  • kimhye 12w

    Be HAPPY!!
    Be YOURSELF. If others don't like it , then let them be. LIFE is not about pleasing EVERYBODY.

  • kimhye 13w

    One Sided LOVE

    When I first met you,
    I lost my everything
    my family , my friends
    and my every belonging
    My one and only world was you!!!
    this was how I felt , when I first met you.

    Though we were arranged
    I still fell for you
    But lesser did I know
    that you didn't feel the same for me!!!

    I loved you from the bottom of my heart,
    and sacrificed everything for you,
    But you hated me!!!

    You were cold to me everytime
    You never gave me love,
    You didn't even remember that day
    When we became a couple!!

    You cheated on me with another girl
    You sacrificed everything for her,
    and when she's gone
    you blame ME for that!!
    and say that you want me to DIE!!

    If I would've known about you
    I would've never done this mistake

    As I tried to keep you happy everytime
    by fulfilling your every wish
    I'll do the same today

    You want me to die
    OK am going!!
    But remember one thing....
    I thought this love would last forever:I was WRONG!!!