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  • kim_89 8w

    My Incredible Date!

    It was my first time meeting a guy,
    So nervous and unlimited thoughts like,
    'How to start the conversation?'
    'Will I recognise him?'
    'Should I go or no?'

    He messaged that he's reaching soon,
    I started saying my prayers,
    I was so nervous,
    Yet wondering whether to go or no?
    But then I went.

    On my way too I was wondering,
    Will everything go well?
    When I reached college,
    He called me and then I saw him.

    Butterflies in my stomach,
    Sweat down my face.
    When we came face to face,
    He had a sweet smile,
    Which made me fall for him.

    We went to eat something at a bakery,
    He ordered chicken roll,
    And I ordered the same thing.
    After that he was searching,
    For a good place to go,
    While I was yet eating my roll.

    We were walking and talking,
    The places we wanted to go,
    Were closed due to the pandemic.
    So we just walked,
    And enjoyed the breezes.

    He asked me hundred times,
    If I'm getting late or no?
    And I was like there's still time.

    He was the talkative one
    He was caring and sweet
    He didn't make me feel awkward
    He asked me a few times,
    If his hair is ok or no?

    We were yet talking,
    When suddenly I got a call from home,
    And I had to go.

    He was going to drop me home,
    But he got a call,
    So he didn't come.

    He came with me till the gate,
    We shook hands,
    And he was like we'll meet again,
    He had that smile again.

    After that I couldn't stop thinking about him,
    Whole day and night.
    I was lost in his thoughts,
    This was the best date ever.

    (P.s- Please give me your opinions about this poem. I would like it if you do so. )

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    My Incredible Date!


  • kim_89 16w

    Having someone who would cry for you is a blessing.

    Having someone who would make you laugh until your stomach hurts is an ultra blessing.

    But having someone who would convert your cries to laughs is heavenly. ❤

  • kim_89 16w

    I'm missing you

  • kim_89 17w

    Yesterday is history,
    Tomorrow is mystery,
    But today is a gift.
    That is why it is called the Present

    #writersnetwork #miraquill
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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  • kim_89 18w

    Just The Way You Are

    Don't change yourself,
    Trying to please me.
    You don't need to be someone else and so-
    I just want you the way you are.

    You maybe crazy,
    You maybe behaving weird.
    But you know what?
    Don't change yourself and so-
    I just want you the way you are.

    By being stupid,
    My love for you will never change.
    I won't stop loving you
    For the way you are.

    I don't want clever conversation,
    I never want to work that hard,
    I just want a soul who I can talk to,
    I want you just the way you are.

    We would never come this far,
    If I never wanted you to,
    Just be you.
    Because you brighten my world and so-
    I want you just the way you are.

    You make me feel good,
    Even during my crazy mood,
    And just the way you are
    Makes all the difference....

  • kim_89 19w


    Are you made of Copper and Tellurium ?

    #mondo #wod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Because you're

  • kim_89 19w

    Stay Pawsitive

  • kim_89 21w

    Dear little me,
    I really enjoyed alot with you. We had so much fun together and I miss the naughty stuff we did together. I wish you could come back again. Do you remember those days where we use to watch TV every Thursday that too our favorite programs in the morning. Best part was when we use to go to the park every evening and treat it like it's our own park. We had many ups and downs too but we enjoyed alot plus we learnt many good things too. We did lots of stupidity.You remember every Saturday- Sunday we use to go to my grandma's place and do lots of mischief there. Sometimes we use to feel so left out because my cousins use to never include us but we couldn't do anything about it. Anyways I had fun with you more than them. My parents took us to so many places, it was like our dream was fulfilled. We both loved travelling alot and it felt like we are far from all those people who never treated us nicely. I want thank you for always being my partner in crime and always being by my side whenever I needed you. There's a lot to tell you but for now I'll stop. Hope to meet you soon. Love you.

    Yours faithfully,
    Future me.

    P. S- I don't know if the letter is good but I just tried to write it. Please give me your opinions about the letter I would really like it if you do so.

    #littleme #futureme
    #fun #enjoyedlife
    #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    Letter To My Childhood Self


  • kim_89 22w

    to see
    a trip to the park ends with a
    It begins with a coy
    and before you know it
    you are running around together
    enjoying the pleasures
    of slides and swings.
    Uninhibited laughter rings free.
    If only we never lost those values
    how sweet life would be.

  • kim_89 22w

    And then i realised
    that to be
    more alive

    i had to
    less afraid
    i did it

    i lost my

    and gained
    whole life.