i love the way i am

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  • killer_princess 16w

    No one's

    I am no one's life
    I'm not on anyone's mind
    I have no real friends in this mysterious world
    I have no real family in this new fake World
    I am just an unwanted stranger
    Who no one cares about
    I exist in there eyes
    But not in there minds
    I have no one in this so called trust worthy world of mine

  • killer_princess 17w

    Strange figure

    Oh strange figure outside my window
    what ferocious beauty you flaunt
    your soft pink check that golw
    are tempting me as you want..

    when you leant on the bark of the tree
    a sword piercing into my heart I could feel
    That song you sung to attract me
    just lingers in my mind like a BIG DEAL'

    you theathen to chock and tare me,
    I wonder how you hate me
    you forgo your pain just to hurt me
    I'm just a young woman you see....

    I need not remind you that day when it rained diamonds in our place
    your breath got stronger, your veins got thicker
    and you sat tall even when the icy winds freezed your face
    it's just a waste of time if you think you could fool me with ur face..

    I am just wondering how could I escape......

  • killer_princess 53w


    The day I saw you
    I had a volcano of love erupting inside
    For a spunky tiny fellow
    Who barely ever cried
    This handsome tiny fellow Agonize
    what type of soul am I
    He then scanned me with his shimmer eyes
    That afflected me and made me smile
    I thought love at first sight was just a fairy tale
    But then I became an aunt and notion had changed
    I got a grin of cheshire cat in a second I gave mine
    I was proud to be a aunt of a spunky fellow of mine


  • killer_princess 54w


    We look into each other's eyes
    We look for each other's cake slice
    We cry when one of us cries
    We cover up over each other's lies
    We hit each other and pay the price
    We love each other so sweet so nice
    We form the opposite like fire and ice
    We are poles apart like sugar and spice
    We complete each other like the dots on the dice
    We are heaven sent couple in sibling disguise


  • killer_princess 60w


    We meet,we became friends,
    We loved, we got close.I will never forget that day when u just misunderstood me for something that I was trying to solve.
    I didn't mean to hurt u but u felt I was
    I really love you and I never new that this small thing will make are love come to an end
    It's just a misunderstanding my love. my love for you will never die please come back I still love you my

  • killer_princess 60w

    Fake love

    You stare at my cleavage
    With lustful eyes
    But you stare at my scar's
    With judgemental eyes
    The thing is you only chased
    Beautiful faces and not pure souls
    The difference is that you wanted a
    Beautiful face and a sexy body Which I never had
    The thing that I had was a pure heart and wanted a pure souls to love

  • killer_princess 60w

    Best friend

    We are not in love
    We both speak late in the
    We spend time together
    We share everything
    We gossip
    We laugh
    We cry
    We quarrel
    But not even a day I can stay without taking to her
    She is more than a lover
    More than a sister
    And more like a second mother
    Yes she is my best friend

  • killer_princess 60w

    Too late

    I gave you my love
    and expected the same,
    But what you had was,
    The pain_the shame
    You promised me you'd
    Stay the same
    Sadly you changed
    Thing's aren't the same
    Everyday I remember the
    Date of the day
    That we met and the
    Way we played
    I hope soon you'd
    Realize your mistake
    And maybe then
    You will relate
    I hope when you do
    I'm not out of the gate


  • killer_princess 88w

    You smile with your teeth
    And not with your heart
    You look at me with cheatful eyes
    And not with truthful heart
    You await me to suborn you with gold
    And not with love and kindhearted
    You are the new creation
    And i am your prey

  • killer_princess 88w

    Girl child

    She was soft like cotton
    And cute like a bear
    She had dreams in her mind
    And goals in her life
    She wanted to explore the world
    And live it her way
    But she ended being in the bin
    Like a unwanted child