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  • kidsarol129 21w

    Painted Mirror with a twist of ‘Where the Walls Meet’ & ‘Home Cooked Verse’. [ A Meal’s Prompt]

    Sometimes parables come,
    to the relish of the abundance of food,
    of a fervid viand in a fastfood:
    It’ll pass in the form
    of a filthy kid,
    whose teeny-tiny fingers
    and wretched palms will be adherent
    to the refulgence and chasteness of crystal cleared window,
    and to his departure,
    because of your indifference
    indicated by the aversion of your gaze,
    the terms will be left
    as sticking dirt on the glass,
    until removed, polished with scourer’s abstertions,
    rub with white capped liquid,
    shipshape detergent and a streamy sponge
    in conjunction with wiping the perspiring hand on the sweaty brow.

    Sometimes parables come
    in the midst of profound serene of slumber:
    To startle you one dawn,
    in the darkest hour of night
    before the first rays of light came,
    was a tacit mystical woman
    harkening to the impulse; awakening her minds eyes
    body rise, went to the dinette,
    asked herself, “How’s the verse cooked?”
    Little did she knew;
    behold at the memory of an trivet archaistic yesterday,
    she cooked it on the rig of spiciness from bittersweet aches,
    the sweetness caused by his makeshift love.
    From failures, she squeeze the bitterness
    and blend it with the acerbities of poison.
    Now, the flavor that springs from it
    In the intensity of rage, she boiled it.

    Before she serve the latent cooked verse,
    she mollified it first with the cooked of delight,
    and when the spirit of table is set,
    she share the dish prepared!


    #meal #wod #pod

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    A Meal’s Prompt

  • kidsarol129 21w

    Truelse?? ����

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    Love is only for those
    who love.


  • kidsarol129 22w

    Fidgety efficacy mused along the shore,
    There grooping the essence and waitin’,
    Jilting the fragrance of pomposity at the same time,
    Easing the outburst of mulligrubs emotions.

    Jinn puzzled akin vowed promises,
    Gist tattered unto bazillion pieces,
    By the wringed heartbreaking emotions eyes envisaged,
    Almost eluded of sanity and void,
    Precipitate, facing to the savaged flame but did nothing.

    Felt exhausted sitting for so long,
    Went unto the ocean of hardship, petite grains welled up,
    Carrying the jotter of life that core loved,
    Whether in solace or perturbation;
    it became its own sympathy.

    With the quill, experiences were written hard,
    But on the occasion of the downfall and misfortune,
    It vanished from core’s reverie that it would break free,
    So the foolscap skiff was fabricated
    and let go of the tide.

    The foolscap skiff floated unto the jubilant dancing surge.
    The focused was on the cadence flamboyant course,
    But when the tune obstinate jinn manumitted the knot,
    Flew in scrupled clouds, toppled anon.

    The foolscap skiff akin to a man’s heart,
    It softens when drowned by candid compassion,
    Sometimes it’s adamantly firm and unshakable to win,
    Looking forward to the seventh heaven;
    just really enticing.


    #origami #wod

    ps. thank you so much @writersnetwork for the ❤�� it means a lot.

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    The Foolscap Skiff

    The foolscap skiff akin
    to a man’s heart,
    It softens when drowned
    by candid compassion...

  • kidsarol129 25w


    Gradually the sun rises,
    Thousands of shadows

    flock towards the city besieged
    by the clouds. The blanket shifted

    which misty, replaced by smoke.
    Light arrows pierce

    every lane, ditch, vehicle.
    Resignation on the brink of silence:

    bodies will rise again.


  • kidsarol129 25w


    G — Government, politics, corruption. This is said to be the most problematic in our nation. Wrong choice! Wrong set! Service ends without doing anything, pure stare, pure sitting, even so it costs ten. Ten, twenty, thirty thousand and sometimes up to millions.

    O — Oh! Many disagree, many don’t respond, promise to be buried in the chair, irritating emotions, just pure imagination, blaming the government, blaming the politician, blaming the person who voted. Blaming the person who voted!

    V — Voted? It’s true. Because we’re blaming other people, you’re pure, He’s pure, they’re blaspheming. What about me? Me, I don’t admit, what I did wrong, they were just sarcasm and laughter, angers that you thought had done something, now I thought and

    E — embarrassed, they aren’t the only economic problem. Now I count the number of infinite, question whose answer is corruption then finished. Let's look in the mirror we can’t judge, when did you throw trash in the right trash can?

    R — Right. Social problems, how can we end, if only garbage can be found on the road, command that even the youth don’t obey, youth is the hope of the people, but where’s the ability, is the reason for their struggle right?

    N — Now, you can see that the streets are full of cars. Those who are uplifted, speeding up, squeezing, shouting, you don’t understand, if they are in a contest! The amount of answers, sporting the horn and what has happened in nature? The forests are cemented, when did we plant trees and plants?

    M — Men, women, it’s strange. Why else do we ever put a warning, it’s forbidden to throw it here, it’s forbidden to urinate here, it’s forbidden to cross someone who has died here. Warnings that we often do not,

    E — even with floods, even with signs, even with laws, remember that isn’t all from above, we still have a lot to discover, we don’t have to blame the government. Because we are the root they are the tree, let us be a bridge to our leaders.

    N — Now, we need nourishment! Let us live as disciplined people! It’s a chronic disease that needs a cure, this is the solution for the long tomorrow.

    T — There’s no discipline in the problems of society, do not keep up with the softness of the pillow, do not be a cement in what those in charge do. All heroes died bravely left behind.

    ©kidsarol129 #pod

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    We need nourishment!
    Let us live as disciplined people!
    It’s a chronic disease that needs
    a cure, this is the solution
    for the long tomorrow.

  • kidsarol129 25w

    From the moment
    she touched the paper & the pen
    she seemed to find a home.

    Ever since she read
    the poems from the poets,
    her mind becomes open, and
    unconsciousness becomes closed.

    They accepted her for who she was.
    They kissed her void, frailties & dearths.
    They gave her an exceptional liberty;
    liberty so that she could introduce
    herself to other people.
    They let her to be herself.

    She write because
    there are many reasons;
    she write because there’s a reason.
    She write because of love.
    She write because of hope.
    She write because of freedom.
    She write because this is her war
    in the struggle for truth.
    She write because she want
    to be a light to people who are
    ashamed to accept their identity.
    She write because this is what she want.

    She’ll not stop until you hear her
    long struggle in the judgmental world.
    She’ll not stop until you hear her.
    She don’t need mercy.
    All she need is acceptance
    and hug that she have long hoped for.
    All she need are those who’ll
    listen to her poems.

    She write because
    she want to be free.
    She write because
    she want to liberate others.
    And now, she can write again.
    Yes! She writes again.
    Listen to her. ��


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    This is the piece of a poet
    who was shaped, altered & found
    herself in her own stories.

  • kidsarol129 25w

    You’re surrounded by many possibilities and choices in how you want to live. You create your own life in accordance with your decisions; often your decisions affect your relationship with those around you. What you show; will also show you — may you always do the things that are good for you. #decisionmaking #wod #pod

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    Decision Making

    You’ve your own life
    and your life defines you
    as a person.


  • kidsarol129 25w

    So wait with long patience, there’s always the right timing for everything. ❤

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    If you’ve difficulty waiting
    for the right person for you.
    Then always remember this,
    it’s more difficult to repent
    because of your haste.

  • kidsarol129 26w

    Hey, nuts. ����

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    Even if my eyes aren’t
    enough to watch you over,
    I hope my love will be enough
    so that you can be honest.

  • kidsarol129 26w

    Kindled Candle

    Let the gleam open your eyes
    to see positivity & chances
    while walking in the valley
    of darkness.