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  • khushu_ 53w

    So when do you write your perfect poem?

    Is it on a bright sunny day
    With the yellow hues of happiness
    When you beam with that smile
    Seeing the piece you just created?

    Or is it on that rainy day
    When memories strike back
    When you bleed red on the parchment
    At times when your heart feels heavy?

    Or is it just on a random day
    When you recite stories of vague love
    Writing poetries that taste like a heartache?
    Where the void between the words echoes with the sound of heartbreak?

    What is your definition of a perfect poetry?
    Is it something to push you closer to sanity?
    Is it made to over write on your permanently tattooed skin?
    Is it the last hope of wanting to breathe again?

    So what is it? What is a perfect poem?

    Bg source : Pinterest.

    Ik I'm late. Happy new year y'all ✨❤️
    Hope you're all doing well.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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  • khushu_ 60w

    @veloc1ty_ This was completely inspired from you. I am veryyyy late to post this but wanted to write this from so long. Ofcourse I'd never be able to match your level but I tried :))
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    P.S. This isn't written from a bestfriend's point of view but from my boyfriend's point of view.

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    A Eulogy to myself

    I've been struggling to put everything I feel in words. We all are so grieved by her loss not only because we all loved her but because it was too early fo her to leave us.
    I had known this charming girl since my childhood. We had made amazing memories together. She was smart and funny and gawky. She was beautiful but she denied it. You'd see her tying to radiate as much happiness she could. She'd run in anxiety from here and there. You'd see her working continuosly. I wouldn't tell my love story today, because I can't. Because if I would do it, I'd burst into a puddle of tears.
    She was a listener and I had barely ever seen her shouting or arguing with me or anyone. She listened to me ranting about things even though those topics never actually interested her. But she never made anyone feel disappointed. She loved ranting about her favourite novels and the weird dreams she had. She surprised me with her optimism, Like you always said to me K, it's a phase it'll pass away, I don't want you to go ever. I wanted you to stay. I always wanted myself to be your last sip of whiskey you held upon your confessions.
    But unfortunately, I had to bid an adieu to her a few days ago when she succumbed to death right there, in my arms at our favourite spot.Nothing could be worse than that.
    God had a different plan for her. She was brilliant and bold.She wanted to be an activist, she became one. She wanted to fight for rights,she did it and proved it. If you're listening to me K, like you always did, I just want to say that you had an amazing life, it was short yet it was worth living. And I'm proud of you.
    I love her more than she'll ever know. Of all the total pranks I played on her, I still think she's joking with me. Maybe she ain't dead. She's just taking a revenge. She's just playing another prank on me. I still think I'll see her dimpled smile bursting out of nowhere and assuring me that she's fine, that she's not gone. But alas! Fate took her away from me, away from the world that truly admired her.
    She wasn't famous, but she was satisfied with what she had and she knew she was loved and admired.
    When I look back at time, it feels like yesterday when we met. She was so stubborn that she'd make you do anything with her smile. She could make your heart warm. She was always ready to help us no matter what. I am not a poetic person, but I can say that this girl burnt herself to keep us warm.
    As a writer,she told me always that I was her special character in her story, I'd want to tell you K, you were always the one for me. You were always the one who made me proud of being yours. You captured hearts of people in ways you'll never know. And wherever you're, I hope you see me from up there continuing your legacy to make people smile.
    And K, my girl, rest in peace, my heart still belongs to you. I love you in present tense, always.

  • khushu_ 61w

    I heard a rumor about you. Is that correct? Well who cares, I have moved on. I guess. They say, you found my look alike. And also that she is beautiful and hot. Wait, you're trying to fill the void of my absence by someone else? I've been trying to hate you. I made some progress you know? I have hated the cologne that usually filled my room. I have emptied the cluttered closet of yours that you left that day. I have thrown all of your belongings that I held upon for three months.
    But I hate the fact that I can't hate you the way I hate your belongings. I want to hate you the way I love you. (Present tense;still) I want to hate you for all the bittersweet goodbyes and concussions of memories you've left me with. It's strange right? After all the crap you put me through, I can't hate you.
    I don't think she'll ever handle you at your worst. Or she will never understand your lame humour. You still have this habit of singing and humming in the midst of a conversation right? She gets irritated of it. She hates it when you call her at three a.m. ranting about your favourite character of that classic novel. She gets irritated when you don't take her to Starbucks for coffee. She doesn't like your favourite chinese restaurant just because it is not a five star one.
    I just hope that she's smarter. I just hope that she knows how to put her ego aside and assure you everything will be fine when you drown in the memories of your grandma who died on your lap. I hope she understands that you are still dealing with your past traumas. I just hope she's a good listener. I hope she know that you too are weird at times.
    I have been isolated since the day you left after that fight. I waited, waited for you to come back. I was so confused that I broke my phone. I got a new one now, the one you always wanted to gift me but I denied because it was too costly. So, finally after three months I find my way to this party. I am dressed with your favourite dress. It seems like ages since I wore this. It still reminds of the day you proposed me.
    You enter with that girl who's busy bitching about others that you clearly hate. You hate bitching. And then your eyes meet mine. Why does my heart beat quicken? I don't want to feel love again. It's exhausting. I'm here with that guy you were always jealous of. I knew you'd be here. You sit beside our table and call your 'new girl'. Oops! You said my name. You aren't used to saying a different name right?
    You deny to have dinner now. Anxiety takes over your face and she ignores it. She calls you to dance but you hate dancing so you deny her. But again, she doesn't know and gets offended. To hurt you, she goes and dances with a stranger and I see you not giving a damn to what she's doing. You're too busy to see what am I doing. I put my palm on this boy's hand and he knows why I brought him here. I can see your eyes turning red with longing and jealousy.
    I just know this one thing, when you're mad at someone, you've two choices. One, you find ways to solve your problem. Two, you find someone else to make things easy for you. You chose the second one. You're trying to resemble me in her.
    We're both too crazy and stubborn to express everything. And from what I saw today, you clearly don't want anybody else loved by me. You miss me and that's what your bestfriend told me. I just know, you'll never find me in someone else just like I cannot find you in the guy beside me.
    ~ Khushi.

    This post was inspired from a scribbled story I read on instagram. I don't know if I did justice to it. Ik it's too long. But it kept on increasing and increasing the more I wrote.
    Take care everyone.

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    I love you, present tense.

  • khushu_ 62w

    It started when he looked at me,
    That glare was so serious, I must say.
    I've been his since that day!
    Since the day he sparkled pixie dust on the bare parchment.
    His words were magic, I was under his spell.
    He taught me about the pretty good fairy tale endings
    He wrote about how I was his 'last leaf'.
    He seeked for stories that kept him young.
    I sobbed when he wrote about his heartbreak.
    Everybody says, he was an unexpressive man.
    Little do they know,
    That I'm the luckiest one on this earth
    To know all his ups and downs
    In his roller coaster ride of his life.

    He taught me to fly,
    Fly from the cage where I could be away from the darkness.
    He started writing love letters,
    I knew he was in love with an ethereal beauty.
    And after some months, he wrote about heartbreak,
    I knew he suffocated himself with all the guilt
    In an attempt to breathe again.
    And there came a phase
    When I fell in love with him.
    And he went, went away from me
    Without a promise of returning again
    They say, he needed space and time to think.
    He came to me when his mind was cluttered
    Gripped me tight but couldn't say anything.
    He blankly stared at me.

    His stories are still young in my mind
    Of how he would be a divine penman.
    Spilling magical metaphors on the parchment.
    He was blessed even though he wasn't loved enough.
    He isn't gonna return back
    Because now he knows he cannot write anymore. Or maybe he can?
    I still wait for him, to write about the fairy tale endings.
    About truth triumphing over evil
    And see the child he had inside him
    Alas! All I see now, is a drunk-with-sadness-man
    Who bleeds poetry.

    ~ Khushi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod
    Finally I wrote something! :")
    P.s. The last leaf part was inspired from @mauve_ 's recent post. Sorryyy :/

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    I was his one and only. And I still am.

  • khushu_ 63w

    This piece was inspired from a drawing that @fireblast_ made. It was very beautiful and at that very moment I thought I should write this.
    P.S. I suck at long posts.
    Take care everybody ❤️

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    F O R G I V E Y O U R S E L F

    Those warm summer days when you seal yourself in the blanket of guilt and suffocate yourself. When you allow darkness to suffuse in your life. You don't have to do that, really.

    You don't have to make yourself wine stained and bloodshot teary eyed. You don't have to punish yourself for something that you had no control over.

    You have to leave the unfiltered discoveries behind and burn down the insecurities that forbid your growth.

    You'll not always be the warmth of Sunday for everyone, somedays, you'll be the boring Tuesday. You'll be a human version of entangled earphones, but it's fine. Really. You don't have to punish yourself just because you couldn't be the version of you someone else wanted.

    There were days when you sympathized their pain so much, that you forgot you were hurting too. You are your priority. Make it. Think about it!

    You mustn't stop loving yourself just because you weren't loved enough. You are not selfish to ask someone to reciprocate the same love.
    Forgive yourself. Pull out that stabbed knife of guilt from your back. It'll bleed, it'll hurt too. But it'd make you free. Free from nights you stayed up crying. Free from the heavy weight of guilt you've been carrying everywhere. Your soul is too delicate to carry this much guilt but believe me, you're too strong to forgive yourself too.

    //Forgive yourself, because you could forgive them//

  • khushu_ 66w

    Morning folks. Have a great day ahead! ♡♡
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod
    Sorry If I am not replying to your comments and tags. Take care. :-)

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    S E A S O N S A N D L I F E

    S E A S O N S and L I F E
    I believe our life changes just the way seasons do. You change, you grow,you break,you fall and yet, you rise again. This time a bit better than before.
    Just like spring, you are born. With joy. Surrounded by brightness of a colourful life. The youth years of your life. The months of first experience of love. You absorb the nourishment of the environment you live in. March surpasses love in February and ascends to summertime before the flowers prepare to bloom in April. The seed of a new beginning is sown here.
    May begins and brings you success and love. The heat of youth and the success in relationships. You nurture your seed to success. June brings satisfaction with your beginning of adult years. Summer ceases with June bringing fullfilment in life.
    The nurtured seed, laden with success and prosperity now matures into the retired years of life. The fall begins, with withering of ego in the crisp air and the sense of maturity. September is the inception of the crucifixion of inner fears and the start of a new other half of life. The setting about of contentness and perseverance. October welcomes the tender leaves falling and certain seeds ripening to fruits. November shows the impermeance of life and embracing the present.
    And just how gracefully you rose. That is how gracefully you fall. Just the way you were nurtured, you nurture others. December succumbs the coldness over your life. The beginning of the end. The detachment of the fruit from the body. December promises a new beginning. Beginning of a realisation that you've been alone throughout your life and that how you will decease.
    January brings newness. The new beginning. The hope of rising again at a different place. The month where we know that it is not the end. The possession of experience of past and a preparation of sowing a new seed for the future.
    THIS is the cycle of everything
    You sow, you grow,you reap,you decease,you rise again and the cycle continues forming a life worth living.

  • khushu_ 68w

    Anatomy of a poet.
    You may drown in the deep eyes of a poet
    Or may get lost in the darkness soaked eyes
    Swords of memories piercing through the mind
    And maybe she must have remembered them and whined.

    Alphabets might swirl inside her mind
    And you may lose your track wondering the complexity.
    The permanent memoirs etched on the heart
    And the light entering from the nooks and crannies of the spaces.
    Giving pathway to hope in hopelessness

    The flawless suit of unrhymed poems
    Witfully sewn and depressingly beautiful
    Dark and a perfect fit for a mending heart
    To wear with utter pride.

    Mystical metaphors meandering her mind
    She's an epitome of literature within herself
    her mind is the classic literature
    Sometimes she can't be deciphered.

    What you might not see
    Is the passionate abyss that resides in her
    And the light that enters through her cracks of the broken heart
    You'd perceive the flickering light of hope in that adobe.

    She's no different from the people around you
    But she has a soul of fire
    The deep eyes of an ocean
    And the heart of gold.
    - Khushi
    Your Khushi is back now! I missed you all so much.!
    Might be going inactive again. It's been long. I hope you guys are healthy and safe. Sending loads of love <3
    Might not be replying to all the comments.. but I'll make sure to come active more often.
    @writersnetwork first like ��❤️tysm

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    T H E A N A T O M Y O F A P O E T

    Mystical metaphors meandering her mind
    She's an epitome of literature within herself
    her mind is the classic literature
    Sometimes she can't be deciphered.
    (Read the caption).

  • khushu_ 94w

    September, 1993

    It was the first time when I had an encounter with fear. The night was flawlessly dark. Like a black silhouette had covered the sky. I was three years old. Mum had just slept beside me while she was singing the lullaby. I was awake. Made no sound and just walked out of my room. I could barely see anything. I was alone. That time I realised, the fear of being alone. The fear of darkness. The fear of standing alone without anyone holding you.
    The very next year I lost my mother. Barely aware of the truth, I realised her absence.
    // It's not the darkness, but it's the silence that frightens me //

    February, 2015

    I was in tenth grade. I wasn't a good student though. Fear of less marks, not getting popular and so many things mounted on my head. But dad always held upon my branches when I was growing. Fear of losing him feared me!
    People had expectations attached with me. I felt like that host plant, attached with the parasite called expectations on me. It ate me up from inside! I feared failure. I gave my exams and passed... Though with not so good marks. I had given up my hopes.
    // Losing in a game is okay, losing and not meeting someone's expectations is heartbreaking //

    January, 2020

    I am an intern in a company. I have all my necessary degrees. I have experienced everything. Losing a dear one, not meeting someone's expectations, the fear of standing alone, recovering after giving up all hopes, but still fear of rejection gets the crap out of me. What if they reject me? Working is my passion right now, it never seems tiring. But rejection and failure, are those fears which are etched permanently like a tattoo on my soul.
    // I am not afraid of trying, I am afraid of failing //

    And no matter what is your age, you all face some fears in your Life. Some fears are etched permanently in your souls. You might be afraid of entering that abandoned house or may be afraid of any disease. You might fear oblivion. You might fear emptiness. All you gotta do is to take a deep breath and give it try! Because all you want to achieve is out there, just after your deepest fears. You gotta come out of your comfort zone and overcome your fear!
    // The horizon is full of opportunities, but it is just after your fear //

    Written by
    Khushi ❤️
    #writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

    After a longgggg time.... I am back! Stay safe my dear mirakeeans ... I missed you guys a lot! �� I am so sorry for such a long break. Studies and responsibilities! And quarratine days are finally giving me time to come back here!
    How are you all... ? ��♥️

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    F E A R

    I felt like that host plant, attached with the parasite called expectations on me. It ate me up from inside! I feared failure.
    I had experienced the darkest of nights and most helpless days in darkness where there was no ray of hope! It was the rejection from the society I had feared.
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  • khushu_ 115w

    F A K E F O R E V E R S

    So, you are planning to leave
    Great! Do you think it's so damn easy?
    You broke my Wall of Trust
    It was my mistake
    That I let you in
    Through my life's window
    And now, you made me think
    "I deserved this?"
    Now, I'll take a perfect revenge honey
    This poesy will hit you like stones
    // I knew this forever wouldn't last forever //

  • khushu_ 116w

    Aren't we?
    Today is our new year! �� i feel so glad and blessed to have you all in my life... ❤
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    I am really sorry... I won't be able to reply to your comments.. ��

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    L O S T S O U L S

    And in the end
    We're all lost souls
    Unknown to this world
    Waiting for the right person
    To guide us to a correct path.