Lost in the words of realm

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  • khush_hanj 58w

    By unknown writer

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    Waqt se jude hai woh yaarane,
    Jise hum na samaj paye
    Gawah hai woh yaarane,
    Jise zindagi ke gum jude hai

  • khush_hanj 98w

    I am sitting here thinking
    It hasn't been easy,
    But it was worth losing you
    than losing me.

  • khush_hanj 98w

    Dil mera kismat ka mara
    Jane kyu mushkil hai tuje samjana
    Khud ko milane me ulja dil mera
    Kho gaya tu kaha..

  • khush_hanj 106w

    By unknown writer

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    I spilled my glass of wine
    And said, "sorry i will clean it up",
    But what about the mess you made..

  • khush_hanj 108w

    I try not to think about them
    But all i do is write about them,
    Thought it might make a difference..

  • khush_hanj 109w

    Agar zindagi ko samajhna aasan hota Toh zindagi se jawab insan nahi mangte

  • khush_hanj 112w

    I waited for the time to pass,
    But how blue does it get before it passes away?

  • khush_hanj 113w

    Leave me for dead,
    Until my mind exhausts itself into silence
    - Switch the lights

  • khush_hanj 119w

    Raat rangeen thi jab muje pata chala,
    Maut mere samne thi jab muje ehsas hua
    Khoobsurat thi woh koshish jeene ki
    Jab ek pal ke lia gum door kar gaya ..

  • khush_hanj 123w

    Have you ever felt it,
    Running into nothingness
    Must be dark, scary with just me in it

    Feels like hitting rock bottom,

    There are wounds all over my body
    which i don't remember of,
    A desire to stop, but don't know where to?

    Feels like i hit rock bottom,

    Funny, how i keep wanting to run away
    from the wilderness,
    And what if i do ?
    What then ?
    Will it be any different ?
    I felt it running into nothingness
    And yet i never knew what i was
    running for..