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  • khronicle 6w


    I think I have been inside for so long
    I have start to crave for those things
    I thought I Neva missed.
    Meetings outings, activities and functions ,
    I neva paid attention and devote my time to
    There is this wild cry from my inside,
    a rumble, fighting it's way off my mind's grips,
    so desperate to break through.
    my fantasies crying out of despair.
    This will to let go and explore,
    express my feelings and needs.
    I think I would just give in.

  • khronicle 6w


    I stayed true and calm amidst the heat
    but Locked away, closed from the stench of your lair.

    My once Innocent and still thoughts now rippled
    My fragile heart filled with promises, now aches in pains.
    With regrets imprinted on it.
    As time past I still wear at the helm, quietly,
    Slowly I still bleed.
    Beautiful parts of me rounded up and cut in bits
    Unrequited love is hopeless, with one single need.

    Time scratches anew, but scars are slow to heal.
    Trapped in your cage, restless by the hour.

    You stuck around but to watch me crumble
    Unshaken by what we share, as I break into bits
    I am now like reflection and shadows, casted up a glass.
    Love is just a word spoken, without any meaning.

    This is how I know for certain, that you don't care.
    I take my leave unoticed, silent as chill upon the air.
    ©khronicle #heartbreak #broken

  • khronicle 6w


    I want to wrap, like grab all this feeling and drop them all out.
    My friends told me change is hard.
    But I replied
    Let it rain, let me get drenched in it.
    Let it rain let it wash off all those broken memories like
    Pieces of a broken mirror still stuck to the wall.
    Let me get drenched so they all fall.

    Let me feel sane again.
    Let me get drilled in this change
    Break from the lust for isolation.
    I use to shield my self with this thick of fear
    Thinking it's self-defence.

    Surrounded by principle, preserved in self interest.
    I realized, and said to my self I am selfish.
    I had closed up all doors, shut all windows

    My computer , my phone,
    became my only eyes to this world.
    They guided my thoughts, they influenced my style.
    Making me the memory I never

    This was me before I found what I was missing: the me that was never lost being isolated in the room I never built.
    #strenght #power #illusion #depressed #heal

  • khronicle 6w


    Here I stand in the midst of crisis.
    A circle to which I am pinned in the center.
    From all conners I feel bounded by ropes of misery and
    Mysteries beyond my comprehension

    I wonder if the is cup would pass over me.
    Am I over thinking; are these all illusion
    What is good ?
    What is bad?
    What is right or wrong?
    I don't know any more, is there any difference ?

    The burden to breath excellence,
    I choke in anxiety, thinking I am still average
    And I need to be more.
    Pressure from home and peers,
    Every day I am forced to wear smiles in 4 layers
    So when you expose one I would still appear smiling.

    How do I resign from this?
    The more I think of solutions the deeper I drown.

    Khronykul (c) 2021
    #depressed #resignation