Luv all..hate none

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  • kholofelo 73w

    What you must know

    Don't let heartbreak stop you from searching for love
    Pay no attention to people who don't believe in you
    Don't hold back when it comes to love
    To love is to forgive reach out to someone
    who needs your love
    If you continually will continually have
    Don't cave in to the pressure of being perfect
    Don't let others be careless with your heart❤
    just follow your heart
    The onlu approval you should seek is your own
    Be the best thing..that's ever happened to someone
    You are only young once but you can be immature forever
    We don't choose families but we choose whom to become in life
    Indecision can give you the gift of flexibility
    Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do
    You make the worldbetter just by being in it
    Sit less move more
    Proper planning is keytoting healthily
    Friends are family choose for yourself
    Don't be afraid to say how you feel
    Don't wait until the last moment
    Just do it and see what happens
    We all learn from our mistakes
    Your wildest dreams will come true

  • kholofelo 74w

    #The truth only

    Don't change yourself just to impresss
    To make someone love you
    Just be your self and let the right one to fall for you☺

    Virginity is like a balloon once pricked it's all gone forever.
    Sex is like a pack of chipsonce you start eating you cannot stop
    Exam paper is like a dick when its get hard you are fucked.
    Education is like a prostitute it needs both ur money n hard
    Succes is like masturbating..only your own hands can let you archive it

  • kholofelo 75w

    How you must be

    Be like a sun,keep on shining
    And let the worldburn
    Allow yourself to make mistakes
    And if you make a mistake,be quick to admit
    It but don't do the same mistake twice
    You must not force things ,you must only have space
    And energy for what is meant for you
    Accept what you have and you will get what you want
    Be strongenough to fight alone and be wise enough to wait for your turn
    You must prefer to read the bible than a word of mouth
    Accept the flaws and starts loving yourself ❤
    The most beautiful curve of a person is their smileYour smile is your signature,happiness is a choice❤
    It's better to lose a pride for the one you love than to
    Lose the one you love because of pride
    Live your own because u only live once Honestly must be your middle name ,sometimes change
    is what we need

  • kholofelo 76w


    Smiles are contagious,be a carrier
    Be a good listener,your ears
    will never get u into trouble
    Standing tall has nothing to do with height
    Strong people don't put others down
    they lift them up
    You have two hands ,one to help yourself
    the second to help others
    It's batter to bite your tongue ..than to eat your words
    No one accomplished anything great by
    sitting down
    It's easy to stand with a it takes courage to
    stand alone
    Don't tell people your them your success

  • kholofelo 77w

    Don't think for yourself only

    If you are dating someone try and find
    how that person was raised
    A lot of people wasn't raised with love
    They were raised on survival
    That's why you see many men and women
    not being able to luv properly (hurting people )
    You'll find a lot of good looking people damaged inside because of their past and you won't realise how damaged they are until you try to luv them
    If you think a person's past doesnt affect how they see life then u are sadly mistaken

  • kholofelo 77w


    Love is an irresistible desire to be desired
    Love needs no guards it depends only on the heart
    When your heart feel life
    Love has no can overcome all life
    Love and intimacy are not the same thing
    If you laugh reigns
    Love all..hate none
    Love is light
    Weight is heavy