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  • keruuuu 24w

    Gone too soon!

    I know it doesn't make any sense to ask u, How are you?, Coz I know you are not fine . You are trying to be that tough person here, managing everything as always.

    This untimely demise has left all of us in uttermost shock & pain.This is too soon and too difficult to accept.
    I remember all those vivid memories you have shared with me of your childhood days with uncle. Each and every memory you shared of him with me in ukraine--- even I 've lived with u in those memories with u( in visual imaginations).
    He has been always the greatest supporter strength , pillar in those difficult times v had.
    I've always been admiring his nature such calm compose, compassionate, determined, hard work, few spoken words of weightage, the gravity he holded up can never fade. I still look upto him & will always
    I am sorry if I am making u sad by xpressing all this but I had to put all it up:
    Each &every moment I had the privilege of spending with him.,
    Those small speeches we gave respectively on his office retirement day was really emotional, remember of singing 2 lines of his evergreen favourite Bengali song ' ei poth jodi na sesh hoye' I wish it wouldn't have ended up this way.

    But the dream and desires he had out of u., You have always lived upto that. You have been the best daughter to the best father. You have always made him proud& he is still proud f u watching u & blessing u .
    Do not be sad, otherwise he will bad, coz he is watching u .
    Just let him know how special he has always been .
    Just feel him around, u 'll always feel his presence.

    Whenever u feel like sharing anything I am always here.

  • keruuuu 26w

    Crashing of our health system!

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    COVID 21 Pandemic

    National Crisis
    Covid 2021 has led to this huge national Crisis with collapsing of our health care system.
    Being a part of our health care system has never felt this helpless handicapped.
    Over burdened with COVID +ve patients, lack of needful medical resources, lack of manpower at work has led to the crashing of our health system.
    It's pathetic!
    Situation is already out of control, running out of hospital ICU beds, ventilator support and oxygen.
    Losing patients in every shifts due to lack of our resources... Never felt this hopeless before.
    Have seen patients deteriorating every second.
    Time is crucial, so is this phase.
    Finding bunch of dead patients every morning rounds, followed by afternoon-noon- evening- night and the cycle continues, so the death figures ( rising exponentially)
    Do not know how to respond to this
    Clueless, when is it going to end.
    COVID+ve is a new horrific word added to our ongoing system.

    Survival of the fittest has become the new adaptation to the pandemic

    Amidst of this pandemic still hoping for a better tomorrow. Because at last I am a human with a heart full of hopes, that things will get better.
    It has to get better

  • keruuuu 31w


    Appreciate- Its a very small gesture, but we don't actually how this small gesture of ours can beautifully impact on the other person's life until it has happened to u.
    This small piece of admiration can actually boosts up the flattened energy levels and can encourage you to do much more.
    To be very honest I feel this small act is some what lacking in our society, which means the competition and surrounding is not healthy. We are insecure to complement the other.
    This change need to be engraved in each one of us for making this society a bit more progressing.
    Let's take this initiative and appreciate for smallest things and see the change around u.

  • keruuuu 35w

    An End!!!

    There will b times in life,when things will not go your way or the way you did plan it for you. Those are the times, might be one of the biggest countable setbacks in your life. But that shouldn't stop you from doing what you are fond of.
    Failure/ setbacks/ pitfalls should never discourage you. Never let that scorching heat of disappointment, sadness, grief embrace you in the shadowed shelter of self pity.
    Let it not do it for you. No matter what, the amount of time, hardwork, dark night hours, sacrifices, tears, pain you had once put into it. All what matters @ last are the fruits, oh yes the mighty results! Visible to the physical eye ️
    But v all have that healing tendencies to overcome it and bounce back and in the process you do transform into the stronger and better version of yourself.
    But in this existing crowd there are mindsets unwilling to accept that fact& doesn't even want that grief to be their companion at all.
    They are very harsh with their own very self & criticize themselves for not reaching to their set up visionary goals and ends up committing that blunder " suicide"
    Suicide is a by-product of negative self doubt mindset.
    The very thought of it that pops out, the moment you r proven a failure in life is enough to commit it.
    One must not forget that you are leaving behind an endless suffering to your loved ones, coz it comes along with strong emotional repercussions, for its survivors.