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  • kennysal2 14w


    I think I'm doing less than my abilities.

  • kennysal2 26w


    I wish vibes can be maintained,
    Buh we lost it on the way.


  • kennysal2 44w

    Dishonest person
    Among many others,

    Practically, rebuilding self to fit others comments,
    Furnished self to be with another,
    You discovered you still didn't fit.

    Trying to satisfy everyone else
    But he is left hungry
    And no matter how much he faints and strife
    It still wouldn't be enough

    He gave them the best
    He was left empty
    They came tempting
    Putting his loyalty to test
    He was found wanting

    He love, they hate
    He care, they don't
    He give, they take

    The malady of his testament
    His struggle to fit in

    But he doesnt see it yet, doesn't understand
    That the people who matter do not care
    Just be you is all they want
    Dont overexert yourself, they say
    We love you just the way you are
    What they know is
    We are all human.


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    Titled man

    I am the bad man you called

  • kennysal2 44w

    Many atimes I want to cry so hard,
    Most times I really want the pain in my head to stop,
    Few times I blame my idleness for my bad habits,
    Just don't want to feel too alone brought me tears too,
    The company you share comes with their pains too,
    Many of those you try to find comfort with are broken ��.

    It hurt more when you play the only victim of time,
    We are all in it together just different levels,
    Let's just heal together.

    Let's learn to let go of the pain and move.
    In your pain you can still be nice,
    In your pain someone can get healing,
    In your pain someone can find comfort and peace,
    Don't allow your pain be the determinate to your personality.


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    Alone in the dark

    I am messed up too,
    Just couldn't hold it together sometimes you know,
    Because we laugh together everyday,
    Just because we play too differently,
    Or somethings don't get to me easily.

    I cry too,
    I got sad,
    Failure broke me,
    Friends pushes all sides,

    We all go through something,
    Because I try to play strong,
    I am not.

    Still working to figure things out,
    Just hold on,
    Keep the spirit.

  • kennysal2 45w

    Keep doing that stuff,
    Keeping working,

    Pay day cometh soon.

  • kennysal2 45w

    Many don't know this and will still not understand this;
    "The truth is what you convince yourself to be true"


  • kennysal2 46w

    By unknown writer

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    Life itself is a MIRACLE

    Use it well.

  • kennysal2 46w

    Morning prayer

    We all fight to be better by the day buh forces keep pushing back.

    As we go today God will give us strength to win today's battle against the forces.


  • kennysal2 47w


    I was going to tell the world am ready,
    Then I realise how unprepared I was.

    We going no where with fear,
    Procrastination is the bed rock of difficulty.

    Working hard, your sweat will birth greatness.
    Faith with work bring you peace.


  • kennysal2 47w

    Flakes on dough

    New stuffs,
    Ts so different,
    Ts difficult.

    Ts called creation.