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  • keith_kun 8w

    I am weak

    I am a flower blooming in the sunrise. I wonder when I will rise. I hear the birds singing they're chirping song. I see the water shine. I want to be as tall as a tree, I'm unique although I am weak. I pretend I am a tree standing tall, I feel it breeze as the water falls. I touch the flower that is right beside me. I worry about my strength and when I will be decreased. I cry knowing my tears will not show. I am me I am weak. I understand I will not grow as tall as the others, I say I'm strong when I am weak.. I dreamed that someday I'll make it to the team. I try my best to show that I can grow, I hope one day they will spare a rose. I am weak, I am me maybe someday I won't be weak.

  • keith_kun 17w


    I hate the distance I hate not being able to feel your welcoming warm hugs and your sweet lovely lips. Although were young and naive I still want to be near your very minute of the day. I whould wait a million days for you. Your someone I can't imagine my life with. I never thought I'd be gay, straight or pan but that all changed when I meet you. Sometimes I can barely stand how straightforward you are it's unfair but with your sweet heart and your beautiful ass smile I can't get you out my head. To the time zones and the plans we made we will make this work and one day you will be Dakota Torres.

  • keith_kun 17w


  • keith_kun 19w


    No matter what I do your always gonna be the one even if I cause problems just know your my number one. I've haven't been there I haven't been myself I wanna be there for u although I'm not my true self. I wanna be someone who is loyal the one who has a positive attitude but I can't do that when I'm with u. I have to be on my own for a bit to know my very best. You pushed me aside to lovers to strangers what have I ever done to u to be deserved like this?. I've understand my wrongs and I try to fix them but you hurt me for the millionth time. I love u alot but u push me out the way do u not love me or do you want me to stay???

  • keith_kun 48w


    roses are dead so am i. im here slowly dying because of u. The thoughts of cutting and killing myself are real. The demon speaks saying im matter how much it hurts how much i belive im not strong im just weak. Pain doesn't make me strong it makes me weak just like leaving is not curing me. When you leave it makes me think when i think i start to cut when i cut i start to cry when i cry i start to die. As much as I care put all the love in the world i dont think it loves the way I love it back. I'm sick of living and believing stuff that isn't real just kill me already so i can die with a peaceful heart.

  • keith_kun 48w


    To my future husband the one i love i understand are love isn't enough i know one day we aren't gonna last i love u it was fun while it last. I imagine my future with u everyday just wishing your in my bed. together one day in another life well live together till we die. I wish you the best and a happy life you mean everything to me your my ride or die. My love for u is more than i can say I plan to love u the whole way. I wanna fuck you and wake up with u in my bed and see your cute face and kiss you on the head ill make u breakfeast and kiss you awake ill be the best person you can ever find. I know right now your losing trust but listen baby i love you to the stars and maybe my love isnt enough but i love u with all i got. Maybe i love or feel stuff towards other people but i honestly cant imagine my future with them as much as my future with u your my favorite person i love u to death just know that cause your my best.

  • keith_kun 49w


    To all my fellow people that i call my friends. If you loved me why do i feel like This. Im startting to die and decay as im slowly becoming distant with the people i love. I understand times hard. But lately love isnt doing so well. Im taking a break from all society  im going to sleep for the next 5 years. Everyone i love doesnt want me dead but people i love they want me gone. I risk my lofe everyday just talking to yall and you got nothing to say. Im sorry if i die one day but i tried my best to make my stay. I do anything for yall any night and day but lately it seems you whouldent do the same.

    Ps. I spent all night writting poems non stop so just so yk.

  • keith_kun 54w

    Thanks giving

    The lights shines like a shooting star filling the room with comfort and delight. Everyone gathers to eat the delicious turkey as well as the pie. The aroma of fresh menudo being made with a slight smell of lemon fills the room. As the table is being prepared joyful laughs fills the air as family arrives. Everytime and every year we sit down and thank are rightful God for are food and lives. Thanks giving is truly the most thankfulness time of the year

  • keith_kun 56w

    Mr krabs

    Hi im mr.krabs

  • keith_kun 56w


    After days,weeks,months and even years past by i cant help but feel like a burnden hours past by and the sun starts to set the solitary in night starts to appear. As i stay up for hours for one single text i start to enojoy the loneliness for onece. Although its quarantine i try my best to show my love the best i can. My friends arent just friends my friends arent just people they are my family and forever they will be.