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  • keertiameta 60w

    Whatever sound,
    The Universe of my soul echoes,
    Whatever promises,
    You gave me as vows

    Whatever music,
    My little heart owns,
    Whatever care,
    My heart Dons

    Is all because of you Papa!!

  • keertiameta 61w

    जो मौत का मंज़र हमने covid के समय में देखा है, उससे भी ज्यादा हमारे समाज के चिकित्सा कर्मियों ने देखा है जो निश्चित ही उनके लिए भी आसान नहीं था। उसी व्यथा को कविता रूप में लिखने की कोशिश...

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    ईश्वर का आदेश

    संताप हृदय का कह दूँ तो मैं क्या ही कहूँ, मैं क्या ही करूँ,
    है ईश्वर का आदेश यही, मैं कर्म करूँ, अभिशप्त रहूँ

    नव जीवन का प्रणेता मैं, मैं मृत्यु देख घबराता हूँ,
    मैं यम की गति को देख- देख असहाय खडा रह जाता हूँ
    टूटी चूड़ी, बिखरे कंगन के संग सपने भी टूटे हैं,
    और उन घरों की क्या ही कहूँ कि जिनसे कान्हा रूठे हैं
    उन नन्हें से अरमानों को मैं मोल क्या माँ का समझाऊँ?
    जो मृत आँचल से हों लिपटे, उन्हें दूध की धार कहां से लाऊं
    संताप हृदय का कह दूँ ....

    सौ भार धरे जिन कंधों पर, उस भार पे भारी होता है
    बेटे का शव जब पिता पर हो, ब्रह्माण्ड पे भारी होता है
    और क्या ही कहूँ उस व्यथा को मैं, जो नित रूदन ही करती है
    जीवित शरीर में कर बंद रूधिर, जो अपनी साँसें गिनती है
    लेकिन विधि का विधान यही, यह कर्म क्षेत्र कैसे छोड़ूँ
    यह असह्य पीडा का अग्नि जाल, इसे क्या कर के मैं खुद तोड़ूँ

    फिर भी निशि-दिन, ले शस्त्र हाथ, मैं कर्म भूमि को जाता हूँ
    और यम से खुद लड़ जाऊँ, वो अभेद शक्ति ले आता हूँ
    संताप हृदय का कह दूँ ....

  • keertiameta 87w

    She was sitting alone, at the shore, the waves restlessly flowing under her feet and she was lost in her own reverie of thoughts.
    Humid warm breeze caressed her face occasionally and gave shivers to her cold, aching heart.
    Just then as her hair swayed with the wind, a what's app notification popped up on her screen...
    Definitely a spam..she thought and opened the text..
    It was a wedding invitation.. Sahil weds ..... (and the name didn't matter).
    Sahil was getting married, it conveyed and despite all her efforts, a tiny tear travelled through her cheeks... the place stopped to matter..the noise of the pop corn vendors seemed to have come from another world..and she drifted..drifted down the memory lane.
    It was her PhD viva..probably the last day of stay at Lucknow.. She had defended it well and was geared up to move to her home town the very next day...
    She had been occupied the entire day..first this viva, then the paper work, the exchange of pleasantries and then the dinner party.
    Amid all the intellectual discussions, all her heart longed for, was a stroll in the campus..with her friend and lab partner, Sahil.
    She wanted to spend the last few hours of her stay with him.. who knows when they will meet next and if at all they will..
    But being busy, she couldn't have a telephonic conversation with him, let alone meeting. She had to board her train the next morning, so she slept.
    The night came and went by. 4:30 a.m. the day of her departure.. Sahil knocked her room and she knew this would be the last time they would be together.
    In the taxi to the railway station, they spoke nothing...not a word..they just held hands..In the chilling December morning, they had warmth of their hands and a wreath of endless memories..the innumerable discussions they had in past five years, the endless arguments that were settled in the evening coffee..and the uncountable strolls they took in the campus...
    Everything was probably coming to an if it was all a motion picture..slow and abrupt at the same time...Needless to say, they were holding their tears..and an ocean of emotions along...
    "Grrrrr...grrr", her mobile vibrates. It was Mom. She took the call.."Where were you Avani? I called you thrice."
    "Nothing, Mom, I had lost something..think it's gone now."
    Just then, a wave came and took away the sand beneath her feet...
    (Sahil was gone..)

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    The lost shore...

    (Story in caption)

  • keertiameta 87w

    For it is the ambitions of parents, which is giving rise to problems in kids, problems that never really existed in our generation. Are we making a healthy generation or transforming them into working robots.
    #transform #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @geraldine_mary @siddhant_scribbles @laughing_soul @musaafiir

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    I was anxiously waiting with my son at the child psychologist's office. After a long wait of six months, I had managed to get her appointment for my six year old son, Aarav. Aarav had been dull lately. He had lost interest in studies, always irritable. He was not able to focus on simple things. A friend of mine suggested me to take her to Dr. Namita, child psychologist at Max hospital, New Delhi.

    Finally, the psychologist came, she was a fair lady with brown eyes, that clearly showed dedication towards work and compassion towards children.

    After a formal introduction, she asked Aarav to go to the play area. I was a little confused why she did that. Turning to me, she asked, "Mrs. Agarwal, could you please tell me something about Aarav's schedule?"

    "Yes, Why not. Doctor, it is so competitive atmosphere, you see. I send my son to so many different classes. After school, when he comes back at 3 pm, I send him to dance class. From there, he straight away goes for swimming. But, that is only for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, he goes for table tennis and painting. And Sunday, only skating and chess class. But, he is very dull these days. Don't know what has happened. He behaves rudely, very dull throughout the day. And his marks, aweful, doctor, this session, his performance is deteriorating like anything. You please do something."

    Dr. Namita thought for a while and answered,
    "I am sorry but I don't treat adults. It is you need to understand that Aarav is just a little boy. Please stop transforming him into a working robot, ma'm. He is a child, and you who need to understand that this wonderful phase is never going to come back. Let him live. He can enjoy things only if he has some time for himself, when he can do things, he wants to. Please take him home. Have a conversation with him, spend time with him and get to know, what he actually likes. Stop extrapolating your ambitions upon him."

    I sat there, silent, realizing my mistake while Aarav enjoyed his play time. He looked like a chirpy bird again.

  • keertiameta 154w

    आपको भारत के खिलाफ़ लिखे शब्दों से फर्क नहीं पड़ता होगा,
    लेकिन हममें इतनी देशभक्ति है कि हम ना ही सुन सकते हैं, ना ही बर्दाश्त करेंगे
    ये देश आदिकाल से था, है और रहेगा,
    और इसके रक्षक भी रहेंगे,
    हम हौंसलों से सफ़र करते,
    रोकने के लिए चाहे बवंडर ले आओ
    writersnetwork shame on you

  • keertiameta 155w

    I am not putting copyright sign because I am not sure I read it somewhere or its borne from my mind please give your verdict @laughing_soul @monikakapur @shriradhey_apt @reetey @feelingsbywords

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    तुम ज़मीं माँग लाना,
    मैं आसमाँ बन जाऊँगा,
    बारिश में मिला करेंगे

  • keertiameta 155w

    अजीब सी कशमकश में गुज़री जि़न्दगी,
    तुम निगाहों में कुछ सवाल ले आए थे

  • keertiameta 155w

    The vast Universe echoes your words, make sure you give it a happy read...

  • keertiameta 155w

    And one day,
    You will know,
    What I wrote
    In those deleted texts...

  • keertiameta 155w

    जो गुज़रेगा, तो लकीर छोड़ जाएगा,
    वक्त़ है, आत्मा ले, शरीर छोड़ जाएगा

    तुम देखते रहना तस्वीरों को पलट कर,
    ये बिन कहे, पेशानी पे तहरीर छोड़ जाएगा

    ताने-बाने और शख्सियत में उलझो न तुम
    ये अपने मकाँ में तुम्हें फ़कीर छोड़ जाएगा