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  • katielady 96w

    The dance

    I have no sense of self
    Constantly I am seeking out others to help
    No self esteem, no empathy for me
    I seek to be seen
    For I need you to validate me
    Codependency is not what is seems
    Loving myself is nothing but a daydream
    Therefore I fear what you think of me
    Can you not see all the ways I try to please
    Do you not notice the way I feel means nothing to me
    I'm only seeking out the person you want me to be
    Oh wait, no you can't relate
    For your narcissistic traits have set the perfect bait
    You need me to validate you for all your self hate
    This is a set up, a mistake
    You see it as my job, I better not hesitate
    If I don't satisfy your needs it is I that you terminate
    It is my heart you lacerate, now opens the floodgate
    To find out this is a game you navigate
    Why, I've only been your playmate

  • katielady 96w

    Who you are

    Her beauty diminishes my pain
    My favorite place to lay and pray
    She never says a word yet nothing in my heart goes unheard
    She set me free
    Revealing the truest me
    No more fallen to my knees to a biblical God they say I must please
    See the harmony within the trees
    Allow her silence to put you at ease
    The astounding seas, the sweetest breeze
    Down to the birds and the bees
    These are the things that speak to me
    This father figure is as outdated as "thee"
    Don't accuse me that I don't believe
    I know the Divine
    It's not what you read with your eyes
    It's what you feel when you look to the skies
    Be still, the connection resides inside
    Look to the stars
    Seek your own truth of who you are

  • katielady 96w


    She fears she is unlovable
    Locked in a spell
    Her heart made untouchable
    Her traumas hide deep down , far away tucked inside
    For herself she searches but cannot find
    Alone and cold, a lost soul
    She claims love she was never shown
    She doesn't know how to possess any of her own
    Love is unknown to her
    A burden she carries from her mother deserting her
    There is no escaping the pain
    No man that can take it away
    For the lack of love is her own
    She can't break the spell
    Loving herself she does not condone
    This is her deepest secret
    She fears only her heart can bear to keep it
    Besides, someone careing for her
    No way
    The spell will never allow her to believe it