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  • katherine_pio 48w

    Black Lives Matter!

    When someone sees a "black" person shopping, they assume they're up to something
    When a "black" person is babysitting white kids, people think they're kidnapping them
    When a "black" person is holding a simple small stick, some people feel threatened...
    These all happened yet people are wondering why blacks are fighting for their freedom
    Open your eyes people, racism is still roaming the earth, and if you want the world to be better, stop being racist.

  • katherine_pio 48w

    Happy family

    Family makes you smile

  • katherine_pio 48w

    If your having a "hard" time, think of those who suffer in a worse situation than yours but on a daily basis

  • katherine_pio 48w

    WHO AM I?

    Am I the person who discovered stars
    Am I the person who discovered planets
    Am I the person who first walked the moon...
    I am me...
    I am the person who dislikes sports, what most of you love
    I am the person who is obsessed with learning, what most of you hate
    I am Katherine Pio
    The one and only on this Earth
    There are people who hate sports and love learning
    But I am unique...
    Cause I am ME...

  • katherine_pio 48w


    Sometimes it's easy
    to forgive, but it's
    never the same with
    So if you want
    me to forgive and
    forget, then you'll
    have to wait...

  • katherine_pio 48w

    Lessons I've learnt

    There's more to life
    then just
    others opinions...

    If you give up...you'll
    never reach your goal...❤️

    Nothing gets done
    without having any

    It's easy to forgive, but
    it's not the same forgetting...

    If life is hard, then
    nothing's easy, so
    never give up...

  • katherine_pio 48w

    Smile to the world...

    I am sad
    There are tears rolling down my flushed cheeks
    My body feels numb
    My heart is throbbing
    The feeling of sadness and anger
    My life sucks, but still...I smile
    I smile to make others happy
    I smile to brighten peoples day
    I smile...so others don't feel the whole through my heart
    I smile so others don't feel saddened
    My smile may sometimes be fake
    But my smile is what can change someone's fate

  • katherine_pio 48w


    White and black
    These words are meaningless
    These words don't define our identity
    These words define NOTHING
    Our color doesn't mean anything
    Black people are not dangerous
    White people are not perfect
    Our race is not our identity
    Out heart is what we should watch
    Cause our heart is what will change the world