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  • kashyapraj3010 1d

    Self-acceptance is the true key to happiness,
    An exuberant face is always a charming face.

    People with a dusky face having a courteous heart,
    Are more beautiful than people with fair faces having a dire heart.

    Being dusky doesn't mean you are faded and dark,
    Don't forget lord Krishna and his almighty spark.
    Being dusky doesn't mean you committed a crime,
    All the society dogs bark on them who are kind hearted and prime.

    No one is born Dusky or Fair from his mother’s womb,
    These cruel & fake people divided our souls in two parts.
    As, “Milky bar is good but Dairy milk is everyone’s favorite”.

    Remember that hypocritical girl who advertises whitening creams,
    Well for me, a cute smile is the most precious ornament a girl can wear.
    People loves dark color, black dresses & black cars,
    But finds it difficult to accept these dark beautiful souls.

    Pure hypocrisy!!!!!!

    Dear boys & girls, stop searching for a fairer match on a matrimonial site,
    Instead, find someone who loves our aptness and soul not your color.
    Stop asking for extreme dowry in the name of your dusky daughter in law,
    Don’t be ashamed of her complexion, don’t forget Draupadi – a true feminist.

    They face colorism at works and jobs,
    The color of the lead hero is fairer & at the same
    Time dusky in case of villains, wow such a hypocrisy!!
    Generally dusky people are forbidden to drink tea,
    b/c people assume this will make them darker……

    But who knows that “Dark is the only light”?

    Being dusky or fairer, these are just 2 colors of nature,
    Don’t discriminate b/w these, as God doesn’t who is the ultimate creator.
    #Racism #Poetry #Duskypeople

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    Dark Is The Only Light


  • kashyapraj3010 4d

    Someone: “Your Bra Strap is visible”
    You: hmm Yaa, but your IQ isn’t visible why?

    My bra straps feel like your standard,
    Right now, it keeps falling.
    Well boys with heavy chests gets hit in movies,
    But if my bra strap is sneak peaks, then I’m a slut.

    A man’s visible boxer is assumed as a sign of masculinity,
    But why is my visible bra strap a sign of lust & sexuality?
    Dark lipstick, short dress or visible bra strap,
    Doesn’t mean that I’m ready to get molested.

    Everything depends upon your mentality and intentions,
    B/c your mother and sisters wear a bra too,
    If a bra strap is visible it doesn’t mean,
    She’s single and looking for male attention.

    If a girls bra strap is sneaking, it doesn’t mean,
    She is validating her low self-esteem.
    Why this topic has become a taboo nowadays,
    B/c People would talk about one's act which is different from social norms.

    Did my bra straps call you?
    Then why are you here for your opinion?

    A man is allowed to roam halved naked, even topless,
    But a woman, needs to be structured according to the fancy of the society,
    B/c women exist for the society,more than for themselves

    Bra straps are not a taboo. It’s not shameful.
    It’s a basic form of clothing.

    Visible bra straps are not a shame,
    B/c, Femininity and words aren’t delicate, your mentality is.

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    Normal Piece of Clothing or State Secret....


  • kashyapraj3010 1w

    True love doesn’t just fill your heart,
    It overflows into your body and soul.

    Lucky are those people who get their first love,
    B/c lies doesn’t end relations, usually the truth does.

    I saw her in a soiree, sitting with other ladies,
    Suddenly my heart skipped a beat, as I blushed!!!!!

    I saw that beautiful bun of her hair,
    That beautiful bindi on her forehead,
    The mascara of her beautiful eyes,
    Those beautiful pink lips through which she’s laughing,
    That beautiful dark mehndi on her hands,
    Her blushing rosy cheeks having dimples on it.

    My whole world turned around when I heard her voice,
    Her lower pitched, breathy voice was so appealing.
    Well actually, I can’t feel my senses as
    I was trembling with joy while blushing.

    Her name was “Deeksha”, as I asked from a certain person,
    Well destiny bring in some boats that are not steered,
    Luckily, we mistakenly bumped into each other,
    The pallu of her saree went off leaving my face.
    That was the first time we saw each other.

    Her earring fell to the ground when we bumped,
    The girl did not notice that her earring had fallen,
    After she left, I bowed down picked up the earring,
    put it in one of my coat’s pocket.

    I saw her dancing, saw her cracking jokes,
    I saw her laughing and blushing over small moments.
    That’s when I rushed looking for a pen and a paper,
    I wrote my heart out on that paper,

    I send that paper to that girl through a small child,
    Unfortunately, the child returned with the same letter,
    As he couldn’t find the girl as she left the soiree.
    I looked for her everywhere, but I failed miserably.

    23 Years have passed now,
    I still have those earning and that paper,
    I still remember the moment we bumped,
    Still miss her low-pitched voice,
    Still miss her blushing face……

    “The Guy Never Married”
    “One day They’ll surely met in heaven or hell”

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    I Love, The Girl In Saree…..


  • kashyapraj3010 1w

    Happy Dusshera

    On this holy festival of Dusshera, let us kill the devil inside us and walk on the path of peace and righteousness.
    अनुरोध है इस दशहरे एक छोटा सा काम करें
    मन में जो बैठा है रावण उसका सर्वनाश करें |

  • kashyapraj3010 2w

    The Adust Identity….

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    Anger is an acid that can do more harm to

    The vessel in which its stored than to anything on which its poured…..

    - Mark Twain(American Author)

    Though people called me a victim but I’m a survivor….
    He threw acid on my body not on my soul,
    Is b/c of everything is fair in love and war?

    I was a bright student from my childhood,
    I love to dance, loves to sing, and in love with sketching,
    Knew embroidery very well and even I can play a guitar,
    Although I love to live my life to the fullest…..

    Chemistry was used to be one of my favorite subjects,
    I love to see and read about the colorful chemicals there.
    Actually, I was the assistant incharge of the lab,
    My class mate, my best buddy was the incharge of lab,
    She used to rank IInd in the class after me….

    I used to help her in her studies regularly,
    She uses to help me back, clears her doubts regularly,

    We used to come school daily together,
    I always use to sit besides her in the class,
    We regularly share our lunch, shares our private stuff,
    We used to open the chemistry lab together in morning.

    The time has arrived when our class 11th is out,
    Usually I got the 1st Rank & my bestie got the 2nd,
    First time our has organized a felicitation program.

    I bagged the gold medal, my friend bagged the silver,
    But surprisingly she didn’t appear for the ceremony,
    I rushed and tried to find her in the class, in toilet,
    In library, unexpectedly I found her in the chemistry lab,
    Sitting in the corner, crying and hiding something….

    Before I can spoke something or understand the situation,
    She threw something on my face with a splash,
    My face started burning badly,
    I screamed!!! I screamed !!! as it was an unbearable pain,
    I fainted.

    I opened my eyes six days later in the hospital,
    I wasn’t able to see anything but having too much pain,
    Only I can feel bandages on my entire face,
    I only heard doctor saying to my parents that,
    “Now this world will be like a dark room for her.

    That girl confessed his crime in front of police and said,
    “I used to get fret seeing her coming Ist in the class, everyone started making fun of me that achieving first
    Rank is not my cup of tea, I got too pressurized & irritated”.

    Marks doesn’t matter, every life matter,
    I never thought those acids I loves in chemistry lab,
    will ever burn my life, my future,….

    “ Peer Pressure ruined another life”

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    The Adust Identity


  • kashyapraj3010 3w

    The Unwanted Childs
    -By Raj Kashyap

    Being a mother is a matter of pride for every woman.
    But, what if a mother kills her own child.
    What if she kills her own soul?

    I saw him for the first time in my coaching classes,
    He was sitting on the seat behind me,
    I blushed seeing him, he blushed seeing me,
    We used to joke, have fun, used to go for tea together,
    At a tea stall, We came so close to each other……..

    Months passed and that friendship turned into love,
    On October 30, he proposed me at the tea stall
    and I said “YES, MY LOVE”;
    we used to for long drives, on candle night dinners,
    Shopping, watching movies by bunking our classes.

    I started dreaming of my entire future with him,
    But destiny had other plans for me……

    One day, he invited me to his place for a dinner,
    I went there and we had a lot of fun together,
    After 2-3 days I missed my periods, my breasts sored,
    All I came to know about is that I’m pregnant.

    I was scared, totally scared but happy at the same time,
    Cause I know he will be there to protect me…

    But dubiety, I can’t find him at the coaching centre,
    Nor did he picked my phone calls, although he blocked me,
    I decided to go to his place, there I saw,
    My pornographic pictures were on the wall of his room,
    I was shocked!!! Deeply devastated,
    I slapped him and talked about our child.

    That bastard, laughed out loud looking at me shamelessly,
    And showed some of mine obscene pictures of that dinner night,
    And blackmailed me to abort that child,
    And threatened me to upload that picture on the internet.
    The ground slipped from under my feet.
    All the memories spent by him came before my eyes.

    “I created a drama of loving you as I wanted to spent
    a night with you “that son of a bitch added;
    He forced me to have an abortion & cause of some
    Complications I can’t become a mother in future,
    I felt a piece of my soul got collapsed from inside me.

    The boy fulfilled his lust,
    girl saved her honor,
    the innocent child lost its life.

    “Abortion is the biggest sin in the world”

    “You don’t have a right to kill an innocent soul”

    - By Raj Kashyap

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    The Unwanted Child


  • kashyapraj3010 4w

    The Sold Soul

    -By Raj Kashyap

    “Perhaps, True love is that which is done with,
    one's soul and not with his/her body.”

    Probably no girl wants to be a prostitute by birth,
    But some stumbling blocks in her life force her to do so.

    I was an orphan from childhood having 2 sisters with me,
    We used to be very poor, as we could not even juggle bread for two times.

    I started to seek work everywhere but, no one wants
    To hire a young girl as a maid in their house.
    So, I started selling my soul in a House of ill fame,
    to raise to some pennies for my sisters.

    People there are used to very weird,
    Married men, young boys, old mans used to come there,

    Some use to talk about his life all night,
    Some used to come there after quarrelling with his wife,
    Some used to come their drunk,
    Some used to torture me by beating me with their belts,
    Some used to play with my pride & dignity,
    And even sometimes I was dreadfully raped.

    A part of my soul satisfies the hunger of my family,
    BUT, you see a body without a identity,
    You see a face without a destiny,
    With a smile on lips I hide my pain,
    As invisible tears rolled down my cheeks.

    I don't know why people used to enjoy seeing me suffer,
    I got hurt, I cry, I bleed and I smile too,
    I have emotions, feelings & self- respect too because,
    I’m a prostitute, but a human too.

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    The Sold Soul


  • kashyapraj3010 4w

    A Letter to My Younger Self
    - By Raj Kashyap

    Childhood days!!!!
    Surely, the finest days of everyone’s life.

    This is a letter to younger me studying in
    Class 8th who thinks getting good marks in
    Class XII will get him a good job.

    Please tell your parents that you love them,
    Please spend time with your friends,
    Please don’t get upset on small things,
    Please don’t get angry on small issues.

    If you have time, do exercise,
    Please don’t eat too much junk food,
    Maintain relations, otherwise you’ll regret,
    And please don’t compare yourself with others,
    Otherwise, it will be hurtful.

    Don’t try to fit in someone’s expectation,
    Please don’t cry over failures,
    Please don’t try to please someone,
    As in the end it will be painful.

    Don't hesitate talking to a girl because,of your dark complexion,
    Don’t be shy to answer the question in the class,
    Don't trust someone blindly,
    Don’t try to find love,
    As the right person will found you itself.

    Please don’t take any decision out of emotions,
    As one fall will never break your dreams.
    And please don’t be in a hurry to grow up,

    Listen to your inner piece,
    You’ll get the answer of all the questions
    And please be patient,
    As a long ride is about to come….

    With Love -:

    Your elderly Raj

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    A Letter To My Younger Self


  • kashyapraj3010 5w

    तुम लौट कर तो आओगे ना ?

    - राज कश्यप

    जिसको बचपन में ऊँगली पकड़ के चलना सिखाया था,
    आज उसी ने प्यार का ये सिला दिया है,
    आज जीवन के इस अंतिम सफर पर,
    न जाने क्यों मैंने खुदको अकेला पाया है |

    बेटा याद है जब तुम पैदा हुए थे और ,
    तुम्हे रोता देख, कैसे मैंने हस कर तुम्हे अपने,
    अपने दिल से लगाया था |

    बेटा याद है जब तुम पहली बार स्कूल गए थे,
    कैसे खुद को मुझसे दूर पाकर,
    तुम रोते हुए मेरी ओर दौड़े चले आये थे ,
    और मैंने तुम्हारा सिर अपनी गोद में रख लिया था |

    बेटा याद है जब वो बड़े बच्चे सोसाइटी में
    तुम्हे परेशान किया करते थे, और तुमको चिढ़ाते थे
    तो कैसे मैंने उनकी मार लगायी थी |

    बेटा याद है जब हमारे घर में एक ही रोटी बनती थी,
    कैसे वो मैं तुम्हे खिला कर खुद पानी पी सो जाया करती थी,
    बेटा तुमको याद तो होगा ही कैसे मैंने दिन रात लोगों के घर,
    झाड़ू-पोछा करके पैसे कमाकर तुम्हारा पेट भरा है |

    याद है जब तुम दस साल के थे ,
    और तुम्हे तेज़ बुखार हुआ था,
    कैसे मैंने दिन रात जग कर
    तुम्हारा ख्याल रखा था |

    याद है जब बारवीं की परीक्षा में ,
    तुम्हारे कम अंख आने पर कैसे मैंने तुम्हे दांत दिया था ,
    और कैसे तुम गुस्से में घर से भाग गए थे ,
    फिर कैसे में तुम्हे मना कर दोबारा घर लायी थी |
    याद है जब तुम ज़िद करके आगे की पढाई के लिए हॉस्टल चले गए थे,
    और वह से तुम्हारा एक भी पत्र नहीं आता था,
    शायद तुम ये भूल गए होंगे की
    “ मेरे बिना माँ कितनी अकेली पड़ गयी होगी” |

    फिर एक दिन तुम्हारी नौकरी लग जाना और
    तुम्हारा मुझको यहां वृद्धाश्रम छोड़ कर विदेश चले जाना, और मेरे से कहना
    " की माँ तुम मेरा यही इंतज़ार करना में जल्दी लौट कर आऊंगा " |
    और फिर तुम्हारा कभी लौट कर न आना |

    बेटा कब लौट कर आओगे तुम ,
    १८ साल हो चुके है मुझे तुम्हारी राह देखते हुए,
    ये बूढ़ी आँखें तुम्हे देखने को तरस रही है,

    बेटा गलती कहीं ना कहीं मेरी ही थी,
    जो मैं तुम्हे रिश्तों का मोल नहीं समझा सकी |
    अगर समझा सकती तो शायद ये दिन न देखना पढता,
    और शायद तुम अपनी माँ के दूध का क़र्ज़ अदा पाते |

    समय धीरे धीरे निकलता गया
    लेकिन उनका बेटा कभी लौट कर नहीं आया........

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    तुम आओगे ना ?


  • kashyapraj3010 6w

    The Holy Blood

    - By Raj Kashyap

    It used to come once/twice a month,
    People generally used to call it menstruation/Periods.

    Ok Let’s start from the beginning….

    When I was a young girl about 14 years of age,
    I used to be a shy girl, having no friends at all,
    I Used to talk very less in the class and,
    Never used to go out of my house unnecessarily,
    Actually, I was an introvert.

    One day, I was sitting in my room alone and studying,
    I was late night.
    Suddenly my lower belly starts aching,
    I started feeling tired, my breasts started soring,
    I can see the patches of blood on my clothes.
    I can feel my whole body is cramping and I vomited.

    It was an unbearable pain and I cried !!!!!
    I cried, cried for my mother as I got very scared.

    My mother held me in her arms and asked “What happened”?
    As my father and no other family member want to talk about it
    I told her the whole scenario and I cried !!!!
    I got too much scared as I was feeling that I was going to die.
    My mother smiled as I wondered why she was smiling?
    She replied and said,
    “My Angel now you transformed into woman”

    The next seven days was very tough for me,
    As I was restricted from going to school,
    Restricting from going to kitchen,
    Restricted from bathing/ washing my hairs,
    Restricted from worshiping of God in temple,
    I was given a separate room where I have to
    Handle that unbearable pain and that bleeding alone.

    On the eighth day I came out the room still feeling tired,
    Having darks pits under my eyes as I couldn’t slept well,
    Having a bunch of questions which is needed to be answered,
    But somehow, I gathered myself and went to school,
    Suddenly everyone in the class started staring at me
    And started calling me “impure bitch” repeatedly.

    I ran out of my class, actually ran out of school,
    Went to my home running and crying,
    I saw my mother, I hugged her tightly and
    She smiled and said “Fall seven times, Stand up Eight “

    “Well menstruation isn’t a women problem,
    Actually it is the gift of god……"

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    The Holy Blood