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  • karenallen284 3d

    My sense of worth is not dependent on how much or little you choose to reciprocate. I do not have to convince the people who matter how much I'm worth. I have no one to convince but myself.

  • karenallen284 5d

    Remember this:it's the ones who keep giving you nothing that tire you out the most, that make your heart break often, that suck the life out of your loving soul.

  • karenallen284 5d

    My Chelsea

    Today, you were given two options for afternoon tea - a handful of chips or two biscuits. You chose the chips and began eating. My father then said to you "but here, try the bikkies". You shook your head while muttering no. He responded with "fine, don't eat them, it means you don't love me. I'll just give it to your cousin". Before I could think twice, I felt the urge to validate your choice. I could sense you feeling safer the moment I told you "you can choose from these options. No one is going to love you any less no matter what you choose to eat".

    In healing my own inner child, I can't help protecting yours.

  • karenallen284 1w

    Little Me

    Little me is screaming
    loudly on the inside,
    Little me is hoping,
    someone would stop by.

    Little me is confused,
    the world is so discontent,
    Little me is fixated,
    on all her flaws and dents.

    Little me just wants,
    to speak and to be heard.
    Little me is always hushed,
    her needs are quite absurd.

    But I'm here now to hold,
    her delicate and tiny hand.
    To tell her she's important
    I listen and understand.

  • karenallen284 1w

    Round and Round the Garden

    It is a privilege for you to have me in your life. I am a loyal, trustworthy person who is a good listener. I am helpful and kind. But I refuse to be your 'filler person'. I will only give as much to our relationship as you are willing to. I know there will be times when we give or take a little more and I'm okay with that. But I am also tired of chasing wild butterflies. The garden does neither of us any good when all I do is chase you around the pretty flowers and green trees. I deserve more than the momentary stops when no one else visits your garden.

  • karenallen284 1w

    Irreplaceable Guest

    No longer a lead priority,
    What good am I now?
    You've used me well so let's pretend,
    this is my final bow.

    Surrounded by your people now,
    they fulfil your wants and needs,
    I really should be comfortable with,
    the way my naive heart bleeds.

    But I am so very weak,
    and in no way, is this resent,
    for I will always be your sounding board,
    when you need a trusted vent.

    Your words and deeds no longer match,
    perhaps they never did.
    I really think I stopped myself,
    from seeing through all you hid.

    Thank you so very much,
    I wish you only the best.
    My heart and home are always open,
    for you,

  • karenallen284 1w

    Bruised Ego

    Stirring the pot,
    day after day.
    Causing us grief,
    enjoying our dismay

    Bruising our ego,
    encouraging mistrust,
    treating us badly,
    then calling it just.

    With no real purpose,
    with no real cause,
    causing us anxiety
    only because....

    These endless power trips,
    cause feelings of shame.
    Making us feel small
    is his favourite game.

  • karenallen284 2w

    If it's a true connection, pouring your heart out never ruins it.

  • karenallen284 2w

    Nourishing November

    It's okay to outgrow people,
    It's okay to start saving you,
    It's okay to put your happiness first,
    It's okay if you don't follow through.

    It's okay if you stumble when learning,
    just how important you truly are.
    It's okay to look straight ahead but
    remember you've come so very far.

    It's okay to give yourself,
    all the love you've given away,
    And to gently forgive yourself
    for the mistakes of yesterday.

  • karenallen284 3w

    "You are a selfish little girl"

    "You are sly"

    "You are so naughty"

    "You are weak"

    "You are terrible"

    Every ounce of my being hates the way your words are imprinted on my heart. I curse the effect it still has on my life.