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  • kareema123husain 10w

    @writersnetwork @fromwitchpen @aumshul

    These are my Hindi teacher's lines which he used as a comment , when one of my classmate slept in the classroom !!�� I liked his comment, so I thought of sharing it with you all !! ��

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    लोग कैसे जी रहे हैं ,
    आज के वातावरण में
    सूरज डूब रहा नींद में
    और रात जागरण में !

  • kareema123husain 19w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #sadness #cure

    First time this kinda post ! ��

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    Sadness is a sort of dagger stabbed into the brain , disable the system to inhale positive air rather spread poison into blood to vomit anger , hatred and frustration .
    Well, it's not a big deal to survive in this condition but the truth is nobody literally nobody wants to recover , the actual mentality is really devastating all wants their wounds to remain green until they take the revenge or prove themselves !
    In this heat many of us got depression and say 'bye' to the world but you know what the real truth is 'FORGET AND FORGIVE' is the real cure not 'REVENGE' and I really hope that we start to take this cure , otherwise psychologist would have deep pockets and cars !


  • kareema123husain 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Lost

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    Lost coz nyctophile !

  • kareema123husain 27w

    Me: My CBSE Board exams will start from 6 May ! ✍

    CBSE: Board exam's date was an April fool prank !


  • kareema123husain 30w

    Knowledge is blackhole
    Which attracts to get more !!

    ©Kareema Husain

  • kareema123husain 33w

    Smile because you have beautiful teeth !

  • kareema123husain 33w

    A friend of mine

    In this journey of life , we keep meeting people new
    But a place in our heart is found by only a few
    Whenever the knocks of life make us feel blue
    Just a few minutes spent with Vishishta revives my spirits a new
    She is perfect , She is kind
    Not like others always involved in pinky and Bryan
    She is like the 'Suzanne ' of Narnia
    Bold , bright and mysterious kind
    And always rhymes with enigmatic and arcanic type !!


  • kareema123husain 33w

    My friend !!

    True friends are really hard to find
    And like Akansha it's out of mind
    She is born with the bright light
    But the fact is she don't know the brand of light
    She is a messy girl with heart of copper
    And soul of gold
    But lacks diamond as she's always bored
    She don't like the rules of my school
    Wanna go against and say them fool
    But the fact is she is a loner among the dumbs
    So, has to remain in the state of 'monk'
    She is the blaze of doom
    Always ready to fume
    She fights with me almost everyday
    Even , then I like her friendship with no ther way !!


  • kareema123husain 44w


    जज़्बा है कुछ करने का तो कर के दिखाइए
    हौसला है लड़ने का तो लड़ के दिखाइए
    आग है तो तपिश दिखाइए
    और अगर नाम है
    तो सरहद की लकीरों के पार पहुंचआइए ।।


  • kareema123husain 46w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #sky

    Blue - blue sky above us
    Is the inspiration to chase your guts
    Like the sky , try to be so high
    that stars become your ' enyi ' !

    With each passing day , change your way
    Like the sky changes its colour
    But don't loose your inner zeal
    For the eensy - weensy life's feel !!

    So , spread your wings and fly high
    To catch the entire sky
    But always remember during your flight
    That sky is a door to universe , and you are just a small kite !!

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    Blue sky

    Blue - blue sky above us
    Is the inspiration to chase your guts
    Like the sky , try to be so high
    That stars become your 'enyi' !!