"Every secret of a writer's soul"

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  • kamuwrites 5w


    U , the dream I always dreamt about
    Glimpse of which paint my faded walls
    Uh made me feel worth loving
    Where ppl doubt me worth living
    Ur luv is as sunshine in rain
    Ur care is as cure in pain
    Ur essence always beats my heart
    Ur presence return my lost part
    Damn lucky to have you in life
    Heart and brain both in doubt
    U ,the dream i always dreamt about..

  • kamuwrites 5w

    Silent buds

    Creater created utmost glimmer
    But how murdered by brutal creature
    Giggling buds gazing the dawn
    Feeling low by the waving crown
    Where to go n where to move
    Everything laiden with strange rue
    Life dreamt of fairy tales
    Lives silently back of gales
    Every yard so lonely n lorn
    Buds scared by bullet horn
    Peaks known by great shalimer
    Welter again for that glimmer...
    murdered by brutal creature..

  • kamuwrites 5w

    Crazy droplets touch my cheeks
    Kissed my lips with warm wishes
    Holding droplets in my lap
    Embracing nature with cold arms
    Hundreds of hugs from every drop
    Make me feel like the creature crop
    Down to earth with high sensations
    Wanderer, but crown of creations
    Clamoring each piece of nature
    Defending Sins like a mature
    Fancy ideas echoed the peaks
    Crazy droplets touch ma cheeks

  • kamuwrites 6w

    I live you in my fantacy
    For dreams always beguile
    the sky being our destination
    Where uh , the only moon to me
    Will dance among th stars
    sprinkle the sun with shine
    Going so far and far
    Where there is no apart
    Where there is luv nd peace
    flying with the love wings
    Above above and above ...

  • kamuwrites 7w

    #my dairy

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    Looking for engraved name on th stars
    She was beautifully carved vd th shining edges
    Glimmering at corner of sky
    She made her mesmerizing space
    Quite and elegant for the rest
    Moving through clouds yet brightest
    She holds the ultimate stratum
    Dancing in the sky of stars album

  • kamuwrites 41w


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    فرض کرو قیامت گزری ہو
    اور ہم عزاب میں ہو

  • kamuwrites 42w

    Oh heart don't chase
    Fairy tales make insane
    Puzzled paths doesn't mean
    life crosses happy phase
    Destiny decides what is mean
    Aries nor taurus makes any seen
    Not all stars form galaxies
    Some stars remain unseen
    Stop gazing the rue haze
    Ohh heart don't chase

  • kamuwrites 43w

    By unknown writer

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  • kamuwrites 44w

    #Lost me!!

    Hello can u hear me, it's me the lost one. I don't know how i reached in this darkness, can't even see myself. I am scuffling to breakout, but stucking deeper into this hustle.This misery has ruined my springtide!!. Hello I'm supposed to bloom despite fading in this blackness, walking blindly, wearing hits n wounds. Hello r u listening, plz through a torch, at least a hint is this a right direction than I'll keep walking, even will embrace these hits n wounds, but is there really a way out of here where the light willl touch my eyes, dusty hair will shine like gulliter chunks, stretch my arms like valvati Patel's n bloom. But what if I came out in Autumn!!. Nooooo I wanna live my flowering days', please get me out of here, HELLO SOMEBODY THERE...

  • kamuwrites 50w

    Don't know what my mood is about ,neither my tears are rolling down nor my heart stops crying.