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  • kajalsingh__ 61w

    Sbki zarooraton me main
    Meri zaroort me kaun?
    Sbko muskan baatu mai
    Meri muskan kaun?

  • kajalsingh__ 61w

    Pain changes everyone


  • kajalsingh__ 68w


    After hiding pain
    I went to sleep finally.
    Ohh!! What happened?
    Why i cant sleep,
    Why I'm full of tears
    I'm questioning myself
    My soul said...
    Cry .....
    Exhale all your pain
    My pillow said....
    I'm there for you, I'll take all of your tears
    My heart said
    I'm leaving all your pain in the form of tears
    And I realized that...there is someone for me always.
    Thats ME

  • kajalsingh__ 68w

    I'm happy

    I wear mask of happiness everyday,
    I lie to people that I'm happy,
    I'm happy because my closed one's leave me,
    I say, I don't care.
    I take off my mask,
    Looked into the mirror,
    My eyes are red ,
    Its full of tears and anger inside me.

  • kajalsingh__ 69w


    My soul is aching
    My eyes are full of tears
    I'm afraid of nobody is there .
    I'm trying to walk through these painful paths
    I'm trying to match everyone walking with me
    But slowly they are leaving me behind
    I'm crying ,i Wanted to catch them but I failed
    And they disappear.
    I'm alone ,
    I'm scared of being failed,
    I'm scared of those who are better than me
    I'm scared to face the world .

  • kajalsingh__ 69w


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    School memories

    People have good memories with school. They miss school so much, but in my case i cried every next day at school...they used to bully me...they make fun of me. they hate me...without any reason. They never tried to understand me...just because i was ugly not good in studies they talk to me..properly.
    Okay i understand . Maybe they like me .
    But there was still something which breaks me every minute in school.They were my teachers. Yes they also laugh at me when...I'm not able to speak properly in front of whole class...they called me fat(moti) . They punished me,slapped me. And this is how they never relalised which kind forever pain they were giving me.when teacher punished me....all students laugh and laugh everyday. Even till now...i don't have enough courage to face people.
    Maybe you will not able to that person again

  • kajalsingh__ 70w

    He abused me for the first time...
    Is that starting of the end of my love life

  • kajalsingh__ 71w

    He said you are so arrogant and short tampered....but he never noticed that all i want is his little attention and love

  • kajalsingh__ 71w

    Every life matters

    I'm watching some people posting on social media that black lives matter , we want equality blah blah....they are those people who used to bully their own classmates because of thier color their looks....they make fun of them each and every time without even realizing how much they are affecting their mental health.
    They can never realise how it feels , how much it hurts. When someone laugh at you because of your body shape , color , face . You can't change other's until you change yourself.
    Yes you are the racist .


  • kajalsingh__ 73w

    As I'm growing up...i realised that no one is going to praise you until you did anything big.