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  • kafka_franz 11w


    As I look into the horizon, I see the lonely sun
    He wakes up every day with a shining light, looking for someone

    No one looks at him, some search for shadows to hide
    " It hurts me", he called his friend cloud and cried

    Just like his glare, his hope dies down
    Broken and lonesome, in the sea he drowns

  • kafka_franz 12w

    When I last saw my mom's palm, it was all fine

    There was no difference, It was the same as mine

    When did it turn thin and wrinkled, have I lost track of time?

    If I could, I would sell my years to her and wouldn't even ask for a dime

    I guess life goes on and this is a cruel sign


  • kafka_franz 13w

    Let you go

    Yeah I heard your no, now it's time to let you go
    It was my feelings, I thought you should know
    It is not easy to move on ,I dreamt our love will eventually grow
    I won't accept your friendship but won't be your foe
    Now It's time to let you go

  • kafka_franz 13w

    I was right there and the moment had passed

    Unaware of the fact that I was seeing her for the last

  • kafka_franz 13w

    "Live every day like it is your last"
    this piece of advice doesn't make sense in the long run because if we have only one day to live, we wouldn't do anything other than sitting beside that one person whom we love the most and cherish every moment with them.

    If after reading this post that one person crosses your mind, you know what you have to do today.

  • kafka_franz 14w

    You tried so hard to be someone
    Did you forget who you are?

  • kafka_franz 14w


    Ever wondered why the most magnificent, the most beautiful forms of art around the world comes from devastating and painful experiences?

    It is beyond me to imagine that a person going through such emotional turmoil and excruciating pain is expressing his feelings through art.

    That's why you see paintings being sold in billions because those people have captured some of human being's purest and rarest emotions.

  • kafka_franz 14w

    A person who is a friend to everyone is mostly an enemy to himself.

  • kafka_franz 14w

    I wonder what hurts the most, break-up or moving on from a unrequited love.

  • kafka_franz 15w

    Parents feel happy and satisfied seeing their children being in their room, protected by the walls of the house.
    I wish they could hear their silent screams.