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  • kadyan_naveen 3w

    Story of Us

    I wish to write a story of us.

    Definitely, not a short one,
    that has two protagonists, you and me.
    The one, where we collided along the path of life as strangers with that wierd grin on our faces.
    The one, where we acted like strangers, but we were just addicted to that one gaze..
    The one, where we synched, synched like the birds chirping, synched like the instruments in an harmony..
    The one, about the live that we lived and about the lives that is to come.
    The one, in which we spare time for eachother, prioritise eachother.
    The one, that has a beginning but doesn't really end, not until the eternity.
    I don't just wish to write it, I also wish to read it loud, read it to everyone around, just because it has *you*.

    I wish to write a story of us, do you wish to be the part of this everlasting story??

  • kadyan_naveen 4w

    A Dream of US

    Last night, I saw a dream of you,
    a dream of us...

    I stood all alone in the crowd of a thousand,
    Eyes shut and heart wide open, You appeared out of nowhere.
    I dn't need my eyes to sense your presence,
    the soothing vibe declared you were here, loud and clear, You held my hand, and we synched to the Harmony.
    Eyes closed, heart wide open, pouring with love,
    We were all alone in the moment, With over a 1000 eyes onto Us.
    Then came the best part, You held me tight in your arms, and calmed my rushing heart.

    Last night , I saw a dream of you ,
    a dream of us....

  • kadyan_naveen 10w

    My Love

    i just want to hold your hand
    and count stars together..

    just want to enjoy moments together
    no matter where....

    pulling your hair
    even when it annoys you

    start with morning coffee
    up to the late night snack
    always with you..

    just be with me bcz you're the only one ,
    whom i love from moon and back ❤️❤️❤️

  • kadyan_naveen 16w

    May be

    May be,
    sometimes being friends
    are not enough

    may be,
    sometimes i just you to look
    the way lover do!


  • kadyan_naveen 16w

    Weekend mood

    All i want on Sunday's
    lazy partner like me
    we would lie on bed all long cuddle,
    eat out fav food, pizzas
    watch fav movie's
    and sleep like lazy animal's
    all d day Looking at each other
    and kissing❤️❤️


  • kadyan_naveen 16w

    Her Eyes

    I knew you are
    the one,
    When your eyes
    did to me
    What whiskey

  • kadyan_naveen 16w


    I have always been yours,
    even before we met,
    my world is preparing
    For your arrival....

  • kadyan_naveen 16w


    Your velvety hair and
    how it frames your face,
    Your amazing figure,
    Your silky skin and
    your sparkling smile❤️

    Your beauty and charm amazes me
    and everyone around you❤️

  • kadyan_naveen 16w

    Feel my soul

    I talk about you like you Adore the stars in the sky❤

    I wann wrapp my hands around you
    To hug you so tight and long to make you feel lost,
    Let my beard teases the back of your neck,
    Let my warm breath on ur ears drives u crazy,
    Let your skin shivers against my lips,
    bear my mark all over your body,
    Unless you Scream my name ....!!!

    I want to feel your scent and taste your skin,
    I want to explore your heart with my soul,
    And your body with my hand and tongue together..!
    I want to explore you and your deapths Along with the background music of your moans..!

    Close your eyes, open your heart and feel my soul❤️

  • kadyan_naveen 18w

    Obsessed With You

    Your eyes is an ocean of alcohol, every time I look into those eyes they drown me into them shot by shot.

    Your lips are LSD, every time they touch in mine, they drive me crazy.

    Your breath is puff of a joint, every time I sense your breathe, I am in seventh heaven.

    I dont really need a drug when you are beside me, you are an addiction.