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  • k_lair 1w


    I really want to scream
    I want to tear at my lungs
    Dig my nails into my skin till I bleed

    I really want to scream
    Shake the earth with echoes from within
    Till my voice is free

    I really want to scream
    But patience is key
    So, I'd be quiet because
    Timing is everything


  • k_lair 4w


    Words, words, words
    Sometimes they're there
    Sometimes they're not


  • k_lair 4w

    Open, Reopen
    Figure it out, massage his heart
    Make him smile

    Wear his shoes, fill the pinch
    Get to the bottom, flip the switch
    Dry the tears, quench his fears

    Write this list so you wouldn't miss
    Don't forget to seal it with a kiss


  • k_lair 7w

    Baby Blues

    I sat next to a nursing mother today
    The ride got bumpy
    Baby got cranky
    Her mother released the piece of clothing tightly wrung above her breast
    With a swing, her lap was the nest

    Then I saw her baby's face
    I saw her curly hair as dark as night
    Chubby skin with lines
    Her lips were a pink sight
    But her eyes
    Damn, her eyes drew me in.
    They were porcelain

    Baby kept staring at me
    I stole glances at baby
    I don't know why I couldn't hold a baby's stare
    She smiled at me and
    It made my knees weak

    I chuckled under my mask
    I stole a long stare this time
    Marveling at her beauty
    I stole a glance at Mom who was cranky from the heat
    Trying not to let our eyes meet

    I looked away
    Pulling myself so sluggishly from the gaze
    In every aspect, she aced
    Jehovah dey create


  • k_lair 8w

    The Mouse in the Kitchen

    As I walked into the kitchen to do dishes,
    I heard a subtle noise.
    I pointed my torch towards the empty sink
    I saw a mouse
    The more my torch illuminated the sink
    The more frantic it was
    I got close to the sink
    I could sense it's fear now, I could almost smell it
    I watched as the mouse tried to jump out
    Because the sink was slippery, it kept falling
    It ran through every corner, trying and failing
    I stood there, watching and waiting

    I thought it'd get tired
    Accept defeat and wait for it's death
    I thought about putting an object in the sink
    So it could climb on and escape
    But I didn't want to take me eyes off it for a second

    It was intriguing to watch the little mouse fight for life
    It was small but determined
    It kept trying and trying
    And voila! One final jump and it got out!!
    It didn't wait for a "Thank God moment", it ran!
    I could hear my inner voice say, "yes!"
    I tried to follow it with my torch
    But I couldn't match it's speed
    Now all I have is a memory of a mouse who didn't give up and the sound of it's legs
    I wish I could've pat it on the back and say
    "Well done! You didn't give up"

    I learnt a lesson from a mouse in my kitchen.


  • k_lair 9w

    Sweet nothings

    I absolutely love your voice,
    But I would rather listen to the silence your breath brings
    Because with it, I feel safe and secure
    I would have conversations with you all day
    Only, without words

    Just Us
    Breathing into each other's skin
    Soft moans and sighs
    Mushy "I love yous" from here and within
    Even when you're a thousand miles away,
    I just want to marvel at
    The beauty of our sweet nothings


  • k_lair 9w

    High Voltage ⚡

    Love would move your muscles
    It'd oppress your butterflies so much, they'd hassle
    You'd have sharp pains in your chest,
    And in between your legs

    You'd feel the jolt
    Skin to Skin
    Print to Print

    The burst of energy
    The creation of electricity
    The piercy chest feeling
    The Zzzz in US

    Do you feel it?
    Cos' I feel it
    Have you felt it?
    Cos' I've felt it

    Love is the definition of all things bright
    With just sight, smell or touch,
    It'd gush through your veins

    When people say Love and Light,
    They tend to forget that Love is Light.


  • k_lair 15w


    My anxiety sits in a corner
    Smirking at me
    Staring at me
    It slides deeper into the chair
    Sighing comfortably
    Mocking me
    Beating me

    All I can do is stand and hide my face
    For I fear it's devilish gaze
    Though I fret and stare at my feet
    I see it stare right through me
    As my knees, feeble and weak
    Bend and hit the ground
    A tear drops from my cheek

    Oh anxiety!
    One day I'd sit and you'd be me


  • k_lair 15w

    If Only

    If only my body could talk
    It would tell of it's struggles
    It would speak about nights of intense contractions
    It would scream the language of monthly pain

    If only my body could talk
    It would describe the depth of the Red Sea
    It would tell of motions from within
    Forcing, Pulling, Pushing to be free

    If only my body could talk
    It would bleed
    Yes, bleed
    More blood than I'd normally see


  • k_lair 16w

    Things I left with you

    With you, I left

    My box of insecurities
    My tears in a skin bottle
    My burning rage
    The glue with which I mended my broken pieces

    With you, I left

    An unhappy ending