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  • justanerdysoul 35w

    I searched and searched for love.
    I searched for it's meaning.
    I searched for the feeling.
    For years I searched.
    Then I looked at the people ,who stayed with me ,all the while I searched.

    I found I was staring at love all along.

  • justanerdysoul 35w

    It's brave to weather storms alone.
    But you can hold the hand of friend for support.
    It doesn't lessen your bravery in anyway.
    Infact ,admitting that something is overwhelming for you,needs a different kind of courage.

  • justanerdysoul 36w

    The ultimate destination.
    It seemed the perfect escape to me.
    No more hurt, no more pain, no more suffering.No issue to bother me.
    Who knows? Maybe what lies beyond might turn out to be what I had always longed for.Maybe I would even get to meet the loved ones who have already went past the curtains.
    The beauty of the curtains -lies in the fact that they keep the two worlds separate.It is the thrill and mystery of unknown which pulls us further into their grasp.
    That must be because we already know what this world has to offer us.
    So I walked on.
    One step at a time.
    And then one hand slipped from mine.
    My friend went ahead and crossed past the curtains.
    And now am at a loss.
    Wasn't death supposed to liberate me?
    Then why am I in so much pain? Why does their family suffer so?Why do our friends hide their pain behind teary eyes and smiles -which look more and more like grimaces as time passes.
    All because one person reached their final destination.

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    Dear weatherman
    You will remain in our thoughts


  • justanerdysoul 37w

    Do you know what a nightmare looks like?
    It looks like a world without books.

  • justanerdysoul 38w

    He was comfort.
    You are a risk.
    And for the first time, I dared.

    He was flaky.
    You are constant.
    And for the first time,I stayed.

    He was impulsive.
    You are calculated.
    And for the first time,I counted.

    He was doormat
    You are prideful
    And for the first time, I stood.

    He was the "maybe could have been"
    You are "let's see where this go"
    And for the first time,
    I am living, loving and laughing.

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    You and him


  • justanerdysoul 38w

    You don't need someone to make you complete.
    A partner is supposed to complement you , not fill the gaps and cracks in you.
    Only you can fill them.
    With Love.


  • justanerdysoul 38w

    Some times,
    Some things,
    Just leave open wounds
    Which no one can hide.


  • justanerdysoul 46w

    Pieces of my heart
    Still scattered
    Because I was waiting
    For someone
    To put the back together
    But I forgot
    It's my heart
    And no one will fix it
    As good as I can.

  • justanerdysoul 47w

    The most dangerous thing about love is that it makes you fearless.

  • justanerdysoul 52w

    You always have to choose
    between the mind and the heart
    People say choose the heart
    But sometimes you have
    to choose the head
    because the heart
    has been broken
    one time too many.