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  • just_words_ 3w

    To Be BR(OK)EN

    To stare on a polished glass
    reflecting a pale hollow face
    lips painted with a silent pain
    eyes empty and still like a pond
    glaring at a once known stranger

    To feel happiness stir a ripple
    that dwindle away in nothing
    just cracks where it seeps
    to drain out like everything
    sometimes quick, at times slowly

    To find wounds in places of scars
    bleeding for there's nothing to stop
    they should've been cared long ago
    instead of letting them hurt until
    hurt felt too precious to let go

  • just_words_ 7w

    Dear Anne Frank,

    I first saw a glimpse of you in grade 6, one afternoon in my English class, inside four pages of your diary in our textbook. Something was stirred in me that day, I was curious about a girl who confided in paper, never knowing she will be heard for ages to come.

    In grade 10, somewhere in the corner of a library, I found a maroon coloured worn out book on the cover of which I found a girl, looking at me with a smile. I felt I found a treasure that day, one that will change many things in me.

    As I met you inside those pages, a more vulnerable, scared, brave, funny you, I found a friend. Your stories warmed my heart, your fears haunted me too, and with every turning page I saw you, living, breathing, laughing, muffling your cries on a pillow, I saw you.

    Many times I imagined what those years would have been like, inside walls of a permanent fear of getting caught, holding on to that fragile piece of hope that one day war will end, and there will be sunshine on your skin , a clear sky above. I imagined you sitting in your attic, aware of all whats happening behind those blackout curtains, unaware of what your future held, with a pen in hand and a diary on your lap, writing how much you want to become a writer. How will you ever know that you became one, a special one, the one who gave voice to 6 million Jews who lost their lives for the sake of human cruelty. I imagined you peeking through the window at night, on a dead city under moonlight, and I wonder what you thought at that moment.

    You made me start journaling, for the mere reason of being able to tell, things that needs words, not people. You made me stand in bright sunlight and savour the sunbeams, to take delight in the beauty of the sky, to feel gratitude for this mundane but colourful life.
    I've read authors who were great, their words moved me too but I want to say that you Anne Frank will always hold a special place in my heart.
    With love


    Thankyou so much!!! @writersnetwork You made my day!❤️❤️❤️

    My first ever POD!!! I can't tell you how much it means to me! thankyou so much @mirakee and all the people for their love. I'm overwhelmed and so happy...❤️❤️❤️
    Love you all!!!

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  • just_words_ 9w

    Sometimes I don't want to be me. I've been around people and wished I wasn't near them, they don't tell me I am wanted, sometimes I don't want myself too. Maybe I have never truly found myself, maybe I am painted with so many layers of colours, I've forgotten what was the first one or maybe there was none like an artist's empty canvas that sacrifices its emptiness for the artist's sake, but what if the artist doesn't like what he has drawn, what if all the colours were wrong, how do you go to that emptiness again?
    Sometimes I make peace with myself, forgive my every cruel remark, whisper at night how all good stories are sad, and I see myself like a ghost, lying on bed, moist eyes, dried throat, and I feel pity. Next morning when I see smiles and laughter, I feel sad. So sometimes I go easy on myself, sing how beautiful the world is, say how its okay being your unwanted colours, that maybe emptiness might feel worse than this.

    @writersnetwork thanks for the repost!!!

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  • just_words_ 10w

    I am scared
    of a little girl
    who frowns when I smile
    but hold my trembling heart
    like she knows every beat is a miracle
    She wants to go in the sun
    but I am afraid to leave the shade
    she wants to dance on morning dew
    but I am too weak in my bones to move
    when she wants to scream
    I cover her mouth with my hand
    with as much strength
    I thought I never had
    she stares at me in silence
    like she knows one day
    I will strangle her to death
    but sometimes I wonder
    whether she is still alive
    or just a ghost of someone
    I have forgotten with time
    I am scared when she tries
    and struggles to leave
    I am sad when she falls silent
    like I am the one dead...

  • just_words_ 10w

    If I were a flower, I would dare you to love a withered me, to hold my remains in your empty hands and see beauty in my decay, to forget the petals and remember my scent, to let me die in a blanket of soil and take a part of it home, put it in a pot where one day someone else will grow.

  • just_words_ 11w

    All these lights in the city
    will die in a flicker one by one
    On these empty streets
    I will walk in utter dark
    Cold under my skin
    burns in my soul
    a sky of infinity above
    a ground of sorrow below
    With tiny steps in silence
    I'll tread this endless path alone
    making no sound of all
    that I crush with my feet
    missing all the colours
    of a living city in sleep
    Somewhere if I find a light
    an only flower in the meadow
    I'll perhaps have the heart
    to knock on that door...

  • just_words_ 11w

    How I dreamt to have just
    a little of your shadow
    holding my hand tightly
    even if every night you
    left me in complete dark
    even if your warmth didn't
    reach to put me to sleep
    I would love the faint part
    of your universe once tie
    with my lonely heart...

  • just_words_ 11w

    What is it to get and then lose
    a gone taste on your tongue
    buried in your memories like
    a death you'll mourn over
    every time a new taste
    settles above its grave

    What is it to never have touched
    the golden dream of being loved
    wanting to quench the thirst with
    the water of an oasis in a desert
    it's beauty there to only see
    for a mirage's blue can't paint
    a dream that's truly real

  • just_words_ 11w

    Oh! how I saw all the words
    on your lips that slightly parted
    in the need to spill them out
    right before you pulled the string

    how your eyes invited me to see
    all the rooms wrapped in dark
    in the hopes that a faint beam
    might fall in along with me

    how your smile in the end
    pierced through my heart
    for the curves on your face
    were lingering like ghosts

  • just_words_ 13w

    I wanted to be
    a star in your night
    enchant your sky
    with waves of silver
    wash out your wounds
    and put flowers there
    you wanted just my light
    never saw who was behind
    all the smiles that knocked
    on your door every twilight
    On your way I've lost me
    those joy thorns burn only now
    they were yours and not mine
    even if all the stars fell for you
    the sky remains yours to keep
    if the darkness was what you
    couldn't love, how can light
    change your heart
    if dark is all your eyes can see.