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  • just15 1w

    Let go of self hate…

  • just15 7w

    The world is waking up.
    Negative every turn.
    Energy pulling every what way
    Be the good
    Be the bold
    Be the color
    That we have lost
    Are you woke?

  • just15 7w

    Pages turned
    A chapter never wrote
    The beginning started
    You the pen
    Me the paper
    Corner folded
    So as not to be lost
    Twist and turns
    Love unfolds
    Souls soar
    Our story
    Is ours
    To tell
    Keep me close
    As I turn the page
    Your name in bold
    This book
    I dare not close
    Will you keep writing?

  • just15 7w

    You woke me up
    I’ve let you in
    I shall not close my eyes
    Fear of it all crumbling
    I’m in love with you
    More and more everyday
    It shows
    My soul screams for your soul
    My body craves your touch
    Energy colliding
    Vibes dancing
    Colors bright
    I’ve found home
    Possibly home found me

  • just15 9w

    Even with pain in my eyes
    I’ll still shine
    Don’t just survive

  • just15 10w

    Grab my soul
    Hold it tight
    Don’t let go
    Pain has slipped
    Healing has begun
    Lost in your dreams
    Not wanting to be found
    Faith that the river flows

  • just15 12w

    Your lips locked to mine
    Maybe we had done it before
    In a life we don’t remember
    You my prince
    Me your princess
    You my king
    Me your queen
    Hands laced tight
    Lost in the world around us
    Beating as one
    We flow like the river
    In front of us
    Dancing under the stars
    A bliss we know of not
    Don’t dare fall asleep
    Don’t give up
    Please be what so many
    Failed to be.
    My hearts huge
    And it will be yours
    If you allow.

  • just15 33w


    Lost in your eyes
    Found in your touch

  • just15 49w

    Million thoughts escaped
    A mind erased
    Body froze
    As I said no
    Forced no more
    Blood dripped
    From your nose
    A smile formed

  • just15 49w

    Blue eyes
    The devil rises
    To the north
    A Viking
    World fell apart
    He once loved