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  • jupiter1 1w

    A piece of me

    Having a piece of my heart is not something that can be taken by force or manipulation but only through my release will it be in the right hands and only in one location .

  • jupiter1 2w


    The notion of a possibility is enticing to the soul .

  • jupiter1 3w

    Something more

    I just love that we can get along !!!!'s not alot for people to ask for .lets give it a shot , let's see if we can be more !!!!

  • jupiter1 3w

    You thought

    Once I catch you trying to play me I will sit back and watch. Watch you play yourself thinking I wouldn't catch . That's just the beginning it's now my time to play ..a lesson you will learn a regret you'll have everyday for trying to play .

  • jupiter1 4w


    We all start as babies not knowing a damn thing... fresh learning . Everyone at a different level on this stage we live of good and evil . Where we complete this depends on what moves we make to be better in the end . Don't judge me I'm not perfect I'm just a man part of this evolution .

  • jupiter1 6w

    The big mystery

    It comes like the cold wind you feel on your skin . It punches you hard enough deeply within . It's mystery has had everyones attention for as long as we know , it can warm you up like the big sun in the sky or have you melt like the seasonal snow . It's not something that I can say comes around easily because I've rarely seen it come and go , but to be wrapped up by it ...a mystery it isn't to me anymore.

  • jupiter1 10w


    When life keeps handing you lemons don't make lemonade switch the oranges

  • jupiter1 17w

    Two way street

    Happiness does not consist of just one person being happy but rather that they both are with each other

  • jupiter1 20w

    Who I am

    I may have had a late start and not where people think I should be by now but a God has been working on me so have patience if my mold isn't just right yet

  • jupiter1 28w


    A Rebound is never truly sound.... nothing but a reaction to something that got you down . If you are currently that decision ... contemplate as to how easy you got chosen to be in this vision . Stand up for yourself you deserve to be choice one.....being second is something that can never be undone .