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  • junkyard 3d

    Love is just a decision; you made your choice.

    Past your skin, it runs deep inside.
    Should have seen the signs; but you were blinded by the sun.
    Inside shallow sheets; you overslept your summer nights.
    So when you heard the thunder you burried the seed before its time.
    Now gone are the days of young; soon just meant never.
    And if you decide to come for forensic, hope for a touch firm enough.

  • junkyard 3d

    Black on black

    They say if you go black you never go back;
    So you chose black on black so you can go back and forth.
    I saw your black heart and he loved your black hips.
    So you gave him your black innocence; and denied me a taste of you black lips.
    "Let's wait for a black dance before i undress my black pants",
    I agreed facing your hypnotic black face.

    Unknowingly your black heart was too dark for me to see your black lies.
    For when your black cravings colonised your black body.
    You forgot your black man and gave away our black harvest.
    Yes its our "black harvest" for i starved just for you to sow your black seed.
    I can't blame a fellow black man who found his way to a black whore.
    And yes i have your black heart but what is black woman if she is not whole.

  • junkyard 3w

    I gave you my heart long before I had the chance to see yours.

  • junkyard 3w

    Inspiration comes when you not looking!

    I gave away my curiosity; trusted your stick was leading me right.
    Void of any sense of will or desire.
    My every thought was the smallest measure of time;
    always hours behind reality.
    Escalators were taking me to last floor of my deepest thoughts i guess.
    But i gave away control, didn't I?
    What did i expect to find?
    Figured if i can't stand in the truth of faith, i drift in the error of facts.
    So I quit dressing myself ever since you showed me the right pants.
    With a frozen account, I sure can't shop around.
    Regardless! I'm willing to stay out of fashion on your account.

    I can't imagine how much weight I lost just by jumping into conclusions;
    Only to discover what l thought were prerequisites were just rewards.
    Why was I busy hammering when I didn't know the shape you had designed?
    You were always there making sure the right heaven match-sticks.
    So I will trust you for a spark no matter how long it takes for a burn.
    For now let the thought of tomorrow's heat melt the little ice that remains between you and me.
    And when I'm out of inspiration; I will just stop looking.
    The only difference is this time you are my eyes;
    that's why I'm confident of the walk.


  • junkyard 7w

    Don't show me pastures in which I'm not allowed to graze.

  • junkyard 11w

    I need a friend

    I'm creative but i don't need poems.
    Poems are treasure maps laymans struggle to interpret.
    These cool phrases only remind them I'm a social cripple.
    Screen time curse me with affirmations of my lack;

    And so I'm making room
    I need to have something to lose
    Love someone like they do
    Boy or girl
    A friend is a friend
    I need a friend.

  • junkyard 11w

    Introvert paradox

    I will never regret.
    I'm a certified fool.
    But i will never regret loving you.
    I'm a closed book, i can't point fingers.
    Mom gave birth to an introvert.
    An INFJ just trying to fit in a world of extroverts.
    So maybe i should have opened up;
    but for now allow me to be lonely.
    but if you really care; you know i don't mean it.
    And you would reach out.

  • junkyard 12w

    #This poem is about someone i like but shy to ask her out. Is there anything called riding it safe when it comes to those you love?

    #Mickey #Junkyard #junkypoems

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    The hug she once gave me becomes tighter by the day.
    I can't escape her grip.
    My heart wants her so i can't ask her out.
    What if she says no, then I'm left vacant.
    Thoughts of a silly mouse.

    Oh Micky; sometimes i wish i was a chipmunk.
    A little clever with girls not with the cheese.
    And if i can't have both.
    I will starve for her.

    Geez, 3 years now.
    This beyond a crush, I'm wracked.
    But with every conversation;
    piece by piece I'm assembled.

    We paint our chats yellow with emojis
    All laughs and smiles
    Amo soltanto te
    English Micky english
    ti amo ancora
    Oh Micky; again

  • junkyard 13w

    Hi guys; I wrote a book tittled:

    Relationship advise from a bachelor: What ruins the magic.

    Anyone interested in getting the book for free, drop your email on the comment section. Feel free to repost this.

  • junkyard 13w

    Hi guys; I wrote a book tittled:

    Relationship advise from a bachelor: What ruins the magic.

    Anyone interested in getting the book for free, drop your email on the comment section. In return all i want is your honesty review. Feel free to repost this.

    love you all