A shadow lurking in dark escaping it's reality and loving the light. I know my desire might burn me but I am willing to die for what I love.

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  • june_margot 5w

    The devil you know is better than the devil you don't

  • june_margot 7w

    She is scared of dogs but dogs love her.
    Much like she ain't fond of violence but mischief follows her.

  • june_margot 7w

    Hope alive, people lives
    Traumatic experience, hope leaves
    Smile arise, sadness flees
    Misfortune plays hide and seek
    Kindness lights the darkest night
    But evil stings in every bites
    Still there are saints that survive
    Giving survivers a hopeful life.

  • june_margot 7w

    Time, a sophisticated Melany ajar to magic and deprived of reality.
    Time, an exquisite creation of human fluttering their vanity
    Time, a meek calculation of mathematics to date essentials
    Time, a great ruler to enslave its own creator.
    Time, a tantamount to handcuffs that ravening wear with pride
    Time, a void to destitute and vagabond who thrive to survive

  • june_margot 8w


    Lonliness lies in its pathetic pride
    Stars collide in nostalgic nights
    Towards the cosmos, we silently stare
    Singing dreadful despair in precious prayer
    I hail to almighty, who carelessly care.

  • june_margot 8w

    It's a dialogue that I wrote in my book 'lucifer' on wattpad. I don't know if it's good enough to attract readers. Please comment and let me know your honest thoughts about it

    #write #selflove #life #art @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    When you write things, you put all your troubles in words and capture them on the page. You form rhymes and lull yourself to ease in the process. If you write what's troubling you, you'll feel light headed. That's the importance of art in life. Art makes you meet an inner you, the real you. At the same time, it is a solution to your struggle as well. When you express youself, when you release yourself, that's when you realise that you are something more than just a frustrated person. That's when you realise that you're something special. That's when you realise you're an artist and you create. Life is a blank page, fill it with your poems. Write your songs. Let the world witness your beauty and talent. Don't tame yourself anymore. Set yourself free."

  • june_margot 8w

    Cursed Night

    The dark sky is just a shadow of earth that endures night
    The cursed stars in remorse cries as they light
    The moon, oh the beautiful lover stays millions of starlight apart
    The earth floating in girths scream to meet its other part.
    Romeo, Juliet, Shakespeare everyone dictates the pain of past
    Pain, seperation, anxiety labelled me as an outcast
    Dawn falls on those who endure the blackness of twilight
    Blind is thee, who admits to be sightless to the bright.
    How much more, exactly how much more do we have to fight?
    Say a broken soul who was once the bravest knight.
    Soon, an old man replied
    Hostage to his age, on his deathbed he lied
    No season last forever, this shall pass too
    Blessed will be the stars again, when darkness turns blue.

  • june_margot 8w

    My life is so tragic that the day I die would be the best day of my lifetime

  • june_margot 8w

    Heart: Sometimes I don't feel as strong and cheerful as other days... What should I do?

    Mind : Pretend

  • june_margot 9w

    Somewhere in hate

    Thay said they hate my painting
    I lost my colours somewhere in hate
    They said they hate my singing
    I lost my voice somewhere in hate
    They said they hate my dancing
    I lost my confidence somewhere in hate
    They said they hate me playing
    I lost my freedom somewhere in hate
    They said they hate my features
    I lost my beauty somewhere in hate
    They said they hate my existence
    I lost myself somewhere in hate...